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Contents of Job Specification Statement

Contents of Job Specification Statement

Contents of Job Specification Statement

A job specification defines the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to perform a job in an organization. It is a document or statement which spells out the minimum levels of qualification, skills, physical and other abilities, experience, judgment and attributes required to perform them efficiently and effectively. It helps in the recruitment and selection process, evaluating the performance of employees and in their appraisal and promotion.

The importance and purpose of job specification are a thoroughly understand the specific details of a job.

Contents of Job Specification Statement

There are many parameters which are considered while giving the job specification for a certain profile.

  1. Required Education

Required level of education for each post that an incumbent is supposed to hold is listed in job specification statement. This parameter gives an insight into how qualified a certain individual is. It also helps to determine the level or category of job in terms of rank. It covers their basic school education, graduation, master’s degree, other certifications etc

  1. Health and Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and health is a crucial aspect of good performance. Hence, body structure, physical ability and other aspects of health and fitness is a must in order to perform well in the organization.

  1. Appearance

Appearance refers to an outlook of an employee, which must be attractive and good looking. The cleanliness and neatness of an individual show his/her appearance. Hence, job specification statement defines the employee’s appearance.

  1. Mental and Other Abilities

The employee must be mentally fit to perform the desired task. If not, the problems may arise on the work floor. Mental fitness is associated with the ability of decision making, managing emotions, and sorrows, dealing with different kinds of people etc.

  1. Experience

Job specification clearly highlights the experience required in a particular domain for completing a specific job. Under it, the required level of experience in doing a particular task is explained, if necessary. It includes work experience which can be from a specific industry, position, duration or in a particular domain. An experienced employee will be preferable in comparison to the fresh candidate. Managerial experience in handling and managing a team can also be a job specification criteria required for a particular position

  1. Skills & Knowledge

This is an important parameter in job specification especially with knowledge and skill-based profiles. The higher the position in a company, the more niche the skills become and more is the knowledge required to perform the job.

  1. Personality traits and characteristics

The way in which a person behaves in a particular situation handles complex problems, generic behavior etc are all covered in the characteristics of a job description. It also covers the emotional intelligence of a person i.e how strong or weak a person is emotionally


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