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Advantages of Job Enrichment

Advantages of Job Enrichment

Job enrichment gives lot of freedom to the employee but at the same time increases the responsibility. Some workers are power and responsibility hungry. Job enrichment satisfies the needs of the employees. Job enrichment makes the job more meaningful, enjoyable and satisfying. It gives the workers more autonomy for planning and controlling the job. It also gives the workers more responsibility. Job enrichment gives the workers opportunities for achievement, recognition, advancement and growth. The Advantages of job enrichment are:

Interesting and challenging job :-

When a certain amount of power is given to employees it makes the job more challenging for them, we can say that job enrichment is a method of employee empowerment.

Improves decision making :

Through job enrichment we can improve the decision making ability of the employee by asking him to decide on factory layout, method and style of working.

Identifies future managerial caliber :-

When we provide decision making opportunities to employees, we can identify which employee is better that other in decision making and mark employees for future promotion.   

Identifies higher order needs of employees :-

This method identifies higher order needs of the employee.    Abraham maslow’s theory of motivation speaks of these higher    order needs e.g. ego and esteemed needs, self actualization etc. These needs can be achieved through job enrichment.

Reduces work load of superiors :-

Job enrichment reduces the work load of senior staff. When decisions are taken by juniors the seniors work load is reduced.

Advantages of Job Enrichment