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Assignment on HRM Practices of HSBC in Bangladesh

Assignment on HRM Practices of HSBC in Bangladesh


HSBC is one of the oldest banking groups in the modern world. The bank is known locally in the expatriate community simply as The Bank or as “Hong Kong Bank. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, based in Hong Kong, are a wholly owned subsidiary and the founding member of the HSBC Group, which is traded on several stock exchanges as HSBC Holdings plc. The business ranges from the traditional High Street roles of personal finance and commercial banking, to corporate and investment banking, and private banking. It is the largest bank in Hong Kong and has offices in Asia Pacific region. HSBC Private Bank is the group’s private banking operation, providing private banking and trustee services to wealthy individuals and their families worldwide. The Private Bank has in excess of 60 offices worldwide, with the major centers being Miami, New York, London, Geneva and Hong Kong.

HSBC was founded by one man’s inspiration during the late 19th century. A Scottish man named ‘Thomas Sunderland’, who worked in Hong Kong – during the late 19th century at the Hong Kong Superintendent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation
company, and from those many years of work, this one man soon came to realize the considerable demand that there was for local banking facilities, within Hong Kong and Chinese territories, and since these difficult periods of time, this man helped ‘as I said’ establish HSBC of which at that time it was named and known as: “The Hong Kong and
Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited”, and both the headquarters and the first branch opened, in the year of 1865.

As of 2010, it is both the world’s largest banking and financial services group and the world’s 8th largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine. Hong Kong served as the bank’s headquarters until 1992 when it moved to London as a condition of completing the acquisition of Midland Bank and as the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty approached. Today, whilst no single geographical area dominates the group’s earnings; Hong Kong still continues to be a significant source of its income. Recent acquisitions and expansion in China are returning HSBC to part of its roots.


HSBC is the most/first largest financial institute within the United Kingdom, not only to mention that this organization is the world’s most second largest banking and financial service provider in the world! With a well-established business throughout the world,
providing a wide variety of services, to those who seek help; financially, such services include: personal financial services (which include current and savings account, mortgages, insurance, credit, cards, loans, pensions and investments), consumer finance (credit cards, consumer loans, vehicle finance, etc), commercial banking (this
is aimed at small or medium-size enterprises), corporate, investment banking and markets and private banking, is all part of the lines of business HSBC operates in.


General Background
• Opened first Bangladesh branch in December 1996
• Network of 11 offices
• 802 employees as of 23 April 2009

• Key business areas:

Personal Financial Services
Commercial banking
Corporate and institutional banking

HSBC’s operations in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, the HSBC Group’s history dates back to 1996 when The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Ltd opened its first branch. Today, the HSBC Group offers a comprehensive range of financial services in Bangladesh including commercial banking, consumer banking, payments and cash management, trade services, treasury, and custody and clearing.

Personal Banking:

With 11 offices, 29 ATMs and 7 Customer Service Centres in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet and Business Development offices in Dhaka and Chittagong Export processing Zones. HSBC offers a full range of personal banking and related financial services including current and savings accounts, personal loans, time deposits, travellers cheques and inward and outward remittances.

Commercial banking:

Commercial banking is a traditional strength of the HSBC Group .In Bangladesh, HSBC is a popular choice for customers because of the Group’s international reach and a wide range of financial services and products HSBC has an offshore banking unit (OBU) licence and can therefore also provide foreign currency financing to qualifying customers. In addition, we are the only major financial institution with a presence in 5 major EPZ areas including Dhaka, Chittagong, Adamjee, Mongla and Comilla.

Corporate and institutional banking:

Corporate and institutional banking provides dedicated relationship management services to HSBC’s clients in major corporate and financial institutions. The Bank’s focus is on fostering long-term relationship based on its international connections and extensive knowledge of Asia and Asian business.


HSBCnet, a proprietary computer-based software package, provides customer with an instant link into the HSBC Group’s international computer network, allowing them to perform transactions and obtain a diverse range of up-to-date information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Trade & Supply Chains:

Trade finance and related services are a long-standing core business of HSBC based on the depth and spread of its corporate customer base, highly automated trade processing systems and extensive geographic reach.

Payments and cash management:

HSBC is one of the leading providers of payments and related services to financial institutions, corporate and personal customers in Bangladesh.

Underpinned by the Group’s extensive network of offices and capabilities, payments and cash management assists companies in efficient cash management through the provision of payments, collections, liquidity and account services.