Define and Describe Account Opening in a Bank

Define and Describe Account Opening in a Bank

Account Opening

It is a customer service section. Here three employees of the bank are always ready to serve their customers. In this section people come to open different kinds of accounts, and schemes.. They are very friendly and cordial to their clients. Here the employees also issue new checkbooks, help customer to open various types of a/c, and help customers about various types of d deposit scheme etc. They also use computer for posting purposes below is list of who can open different types of account:

  • Individual
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership Firm
  • Private/Public limited companies
  • Clubs
  • Societies

Necessities of Opening Bank Account

Safety preservations

  • Creation of savings attitude
  • Facilities of risk less income
  • Formation of national capital
  • Economic development
  • Establishment of social securities

Types of Account

A.  Savings Accounts.

  • Individual A/C
  • Joint NC
  • Non trading concern.

B.  Current Accounts

  • Individual A/C
  • Proprietorship A/C
  • Partnership NC
  • Limited Company NC

C.  Fixed Term Deposit (FDR)

D.  Short Term Deposit (STD)

E.  Special Savings Deposit Scheme (SSS)

F.  Special Deposit Scheme (SDS)

Saving Account

Savings account is meant for those who want to save a certain amount of their income and earn interest on that for future needs. All features are more or less like that of CD a/c except for some restriction that is imposed by the bank. Number of withdrawals over a period of time is limited. The withdrawing amount is not to exceed 25% of the total balance.

Current Account

Individuals, sole proprietorship firm, partnership firm, limited companies be it private or public, clubs, societies etc may open current deposits accounts. Current accounts are most suitable for all types of organizations since frequent withdrawals do not result in a penalty. There is no interest earned from current deposit account.

Short Term Deposit

Short-term deposits accounts are special notice account, which are kept under short term deposit ledger. The rate of interest on STD is subject to change from time to lime. Any

With drawls from this account require seven-day prior notice.

Fixed Term Deposit

Deposit for a fixed period specified in advance. The banks not maintain cash reserves against this deposit. The bank offers higher rates of interest on FDR. Minimum deposit is Tk 10,000/-.

Special Saving Scheme (SSS):

A SSS customer has to deposit fixed amount of money each month for a definite period of time, normally for 5 to 10 years. A depositor can open a SSS account for deposit of Tk., 500/-, Tk.1000/-, Tk. 2,500/-, Tk. 5,000/-, Tk.10, 000/- etc in each month.