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Recruitment Sources

Recruitment Sources

Recruitment is to provide a group of candidates which is large enough to let managers select the qualified employees from that they require. Job analysis, job description and hiring specification are the steps in the recruitment process. First and foremost step of recruitment is collecting CVs from sources. There are two sources of recruitment:

  • Internal source (within the organization)
  • The external job market.


Internal Sources

For encouraging the internal candidate, job vacancies in ROBI may be advertised through internal notices to all Axiata (Bangladesh) Ltd (ROBI) employees. Recruitment from the internal source may be through Promotion or delegating individuals with new assignments.

In the case of internal sourcing, HR along with the concerned Division/Department will identify prospective candidates on the basis of Individual Capability matching with Competency/Role Profile and will conduct appropriate tests to select the most suited person.


In internal source ROBI consider mainly three types of employees:

  • Contractual
  • Part-Time
  • Interns

Contractual employees are those who are working in a contact of six months or one year. And part-time employees are those who work in Call Center. And also interns, after completing their internship and completing their graduation can apply for job.

External Sources

In short external sources mean collecting CVs from outside. ROBI collect a lot of CVs from outside. Recruitment from external sources will be through

  • Executive search – for Senior Managers and Above Positions.
  • Advertisements   – for managers and below positions.

The CVs are collect by following ways:

  • HR CV Box
  • Advertisement
  • Internet Job Sites
  • Employee Reference
  • Universities
  • Career Fair or Job Fair
  • Other

Recruitment Sources