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Methods of Internal Recruitment

Methods of Internal Recruitment

Internal sources of recruitment involve motivating the employees of the organization to apply for the openings within the organization. It refers to recruiting employees from within the organization. There are many different mechanisms, some formal and some informal, that can be used to identify quality internal candidates. Internal recruiting also offers some distinct benefits over recruiting from the outside, but it also has its critics.

Methods of Internal Recruitment

There are two methods of recruiting qualified candidates under internal recruitment. They are as follows:

  1. Job Posting

A job posting is an open invitation to all employees in an organization to apply for the vacant position. It provides an equal opportunity to all employees currently working in the organization. Many employers offer a job posting system as a way to encourage employees to identify internal promotional opportunities and to respond to those for which they have skills and interest.

Today it has become a very common practice in many organizations across the world. Under this, vacancy announcement is made through bulletin boards or in lists available to all employees. Interested employees, then apply for the post being advertised. In this way, it has become one of the cost-saving techniques of recruitment.

  1. Employee Referrals

Employee referral is recruiting new people based on the reference of the current employee. One of the most effective methods to attract loyal, productive employees is to rely on employees to spread the word to their friends, former co-workers and family members about job openings available. Under this method, a candidate is appointed on the recommendation of some currently working employees.

Usually, this is nomination by supervisors. It is effective generally particularly to find the critically skilled candidate for an organization. It has been a major source of new hires at many levels including professionals. It can be a good method of internal recruitment when employees recommend a successful candidate. However, it may be influenced by the tendency of developing good prospects for their families and friends in the organization.

  1. Nominations

Some companies have a more closed approach to internal recruitment and may ask managers to nominate high-performing individuals as candidates for internal roles. This tends to be an informal system, yet it may be highly effective in smaller organizations in which individuals are familiar with the work of employees in other departments. Such employees become familiar with the organizational structure, style, culture, and system. They possess required skills and experience. So, rehiring becomes a more appropriate source of recruitment.

However, this approach may appear or in fact involve favoritism or unlawful discrimination. The consequences of any of these may offset any benefits the employer may gain by promoting from within.


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