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Concept of Recruitment

Concept of Recruitment

Concept of Recruitment

Recruitment is a process of identifying and preparing potential candidates to fill the application form. It is an initial phase of the employment process. Recruitment inspires the potential candidates to fill the application form for employment. It is the process of bringing together those who are offering jobs and those who are seeking jobs. After estimating the need and requirement of human resource in an organization, the HR manager proceeds with the identification of sources of HR, which is termed as recruitment. A recruitment strategy starts with clearly understanding your company’s values in order to best define and understand the employee behaviors you want to attract.

The process of recruitment:

  1. Firstly it identifies the different sources of employee supply
  2. To check their validity
  • Selecting the most suitable source
  1. Inviting the applications from the prospective candidate for the vacancy.

Recruitment may be defined as a process of bringing right people for the right position, at the right time to perform organizational activities in order to achieve the objectives. A recruitment strategy also clearly articulates a company’s purpose or vision for the future. A well-executed recruitment strategy will also align employees with the specific behaviors that are encouraged in the company. It is concerned with identifying and attracting a pool of candidates to fill the organizational vacancies. Recruitment generates applications or applicants for specific positions to be filled in the organization. In other words, it is a process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. Recruitment is a positive process where a pool of prospective employees is created and management select the right person for the right job from this pool. It provides a base for the selection process. Hence, theoretically recruitment process ends with the receipt of applications. It is regarded as a positive process as it attracts a large number of qualified applicants who will take the job if it is offered.

It is concluded that recruitment is a process of searching for and securing applicants for the specific position to be filled. It specifies HR requirements through the generation of a pool of candidates for organizational vacancies. It identifies different sources of manpower. Recruitment process identifies the following:

  1. Recruitment process identifies different sources of manpower supply,
  2. Recruitment assesses their validity,
  3. Recruitment process choose the most suitable source and
  4. Recruitment process invites applications from prospective candidates.

Recruitment process begins after preparing HR planning and conducting the job analysis. Therefore, it keeps a relationship with other human resource activities.


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