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Objectives of Job Analysis

Objectives of Job Analysis

A job is defined as a collection of duties and responsibilities which are given together to an individual employee. Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job. It is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job. The aims of Job analysis is to always ascertain and record the job-related information of the employment measures like training, selection, payment, and performance assessment.

Objectives of Job Analysis

Job analysis is a process which determines the duties and skill requirements of a job. Hence, it indicates what activities and accountability the job entails. Following are the main objectives or purposes of job analysis:

  1. Job Description

A job description is a job profile which describes the contents, environment, and condition of jobs. It is prepared on the basis of data collected through job analysis. It provides information relating to activities and duties to be performed in a job. It differentiates one job from another by introducing unique characteristics of each job.

  1. Job Specification

Job analysis provides the information related to the job and this data can be used to make the process or job simple. Job specification is another notable objective of job analysis. It includes the information relating to the requirements of skills and abilities to perform a specific task. It states the minimum acceptable qualifications that an incumbent must possess to perform the assigned duty successfully. Work simplification means dividing the job into small parts i.e. different operations in a product line or process which can improve the production or job performance. The job specification statement identifies the knowledge, skills, abilities needed to perform that task effectively.

  1. Job Evaluation

Job analysis also provides required information which is necessary for evaluating the worthiness of jobs. After the preparation of job description and job specification statements, it assists for the evaluation of actual performance against the predetermined standard. Then the deviation (if any) is found out that has taken place during the course of action. Moreover, job evaluation helps to establish the value of different jobs in a hierarchical order which allows comparing jobs one from another.

  1. Setting up of standards

Standard means minimum acceptable qualities or results or performance or rewards regarding a particular job. Job analysis provides the information about the job and standard of each can be established using this information


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