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Laboratory Training

Laboratory Training

Laboratory training is conducted for groups by skilled trainers. It usually is conducted at a neutral site and is used by upper- and middle management trainees to develop a spirit of teamwork and an increased ability to deal with management and peers. It can be costly and usually is offered by larger small businesses.

The Laboratory Training Manual is designed to complement the theoretical instruction provided in the President’s DNA Initiative – DNA Analyst Training (PDI) project. It is also a standalone resource for use by laboratories with an established training program. Structured to provide flexibility in operation and application, the manual offers core examples of DNA analysis methods used in forensic laboratories. It is not intended to cover all methods.

Unlike the theory aspect of the PDI initiative, the Laboratory Training Manual is not suitable for self-directed learning; it is based upon a partnership between the trainee and a nominated trainer. The laboratory DNA Technical Leader has responsibilities under the National Quality Assurance Standards for DNA Testing and must be closely involved in the training program.

Laboratory training