Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development Practices of Pubali Bank Limited

Human Resource Development Practices of Pubali Bank Limited


Early banking system served  mainly as depositors for funds, while the more modern system has considered the supplying of credit their main purpose. A bank not only accepts money or deposits, but also lends money and creates its own credit; Crowther (2009, Bank Foundation, 5th edition) has defined a bank as “a dealer in debts- his own and of other people.

Banks are financial institutions or financial intermediary that collect fund from people as deposit and lend this fund as loans and advances to the borrowers in different sectors of the economy against interest for certain period. Banks play a very important role in both national and international trade.

In Bangladesh, there are government Banks, Private Banks and foreign Banks. The Pubali Bank Limited is one of the leading private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh.

Statement of the Problem

This report is an internship report prepared as a requirement  for the conclusion of the BBA Program. As per requirement of BBA program of International Islamic University of Chittagong, Dhaka Campus of department of Business Administration, after completion of 131 credits a student has to complete a 12 weeks internship program. The primary goal of internship is to provide an on the job exposure to the students and an opportunity for translation of theoretical conceptions in real life situation. After the completion of BBA program,  I was placed in Pubali Bank Limited for the internship program under the guidance of my faculty advisor Afroza Bulbul. For successful finishing of my BBA program, I needed to submit this report, which would include an overview of the organization I was attached with and elaboration of the project I was supposed to conduct during the internship period. I was placed in the Shatmosjid Road Branch, under the direct supervision of Md. Shahajad Hossain, Assistant General Manager of Pubali Bank Limited.

 Objectives of the report

The main objective of this report is to find out the practices of HRD in Pubali Bank Limited. To achieve the main objective other supportive objectives are as follows:

  1. To asses the recruitment and selection procedure of the bank.
  2. To asses the training and development procedure of the bank.
  3. To know the compensation and benefit procedure of the bank.
  4. To learn the maintenance procedure of the bank.


Data Collection Technique:

The report has been prepared on the basis of the experience gained during the one third period of the internship. The important features of the report are the use of mainly primary data. The data was collected from sources:

Primary Source

  1. Personal observation.
  2. Interview with the employees of HR Department through questionnaires.

Secondary source:

1        Salary statements of The Pubali Bank Limited.

2        Website of the bank.

Scope of the Study

The report will mainly focus on the basis of the steps taken by “The Pubali Bank Limited” for its Human Resource Development. It will also focus on their employee perception of their organizations.

After studying that whole report anyone can learn and get understand about “The Pubali Bank Limited” HR development level. And how they can help further their employee development.

Limitation of the Study:

The study has suffered from a number of barriers:

  1. Time was major limitation or factor while preparing the report. The report had to be prepared in three weeks of the internship period.
  2. Most of the employees are not very willing to give the answers of the questionnaire. They take it as threat for their job.
  3. The employees were afraid of providing the correct answer due to the lack of confidentiality.
  4. Some of the respondents copied the answers from the other respondents.


PUBALI BANK LIMITED is the largest Commercial Bank in Private Sector in Bangladesh. It provides mass banking services to the customers through its branch network all over the country. This Bank has been playing a vital role in socio-economic, industrial and agricultural development as well as in the overall economic development of the country since its inception through savings mobilization and investment of funds. During the last 5 years the growth rate of bank’s earnings is more than 25% on average.

The making of Pubali Bank Limited

The Bank was initially emerged in the Banking scenario of the then East Pakistan as Eastern Mercantile Bank Limited at the initiative of some Bangalee entrepreneurs in the year 1959 under Bank Companies Act 1913 . After independence of Bangladesh in 1972 this Bank was nationalized as per policy of the Government and renamed as Pubali Bank. Subsequently due to changed circumstances this Bank was denationalized in the year 1983 as a private bank and renamed as Pubali Bank Limited. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh handed over all assets and liabilities of the then Pubali Bank to the Pubali Bank Limited. Since then Pubali Bank Limited has been rendering all sorts of Commercial Banking services as the largest bank in private sector through its branch network all over the country.

Corporate Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

  • To constantly seek to better serve our Customers.
  • Be pro-active in fulfilling our Social Responsibilities
  • To review all business lines regularly and develop the Best Practices in the industry
  • Working environment to be supportive of Teamwork, enabling the Employees to perform to the very best of their abilities.

Vision Statement

Economic advancement in traditional way.



Board of Directors

Managing Director

Additional Managing Director

Deputy Managing Directors

General Manager

Deputy General Manager

Assistant General Manager

Senior Principle Officer

Principle Officer

Senior Officer


Junior Officer

 Corporate Information

Board of Directors:

Mr. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder MP
Mr. Habibur Rahman
Mr. Moniruddin Ahmed
Mr. SK. Wahidur Rahman
Mr. Monzurur Rahman
Mr. Syed Moazzem Hussain
Mr. Mohammed Yaqub
Mr. Ahmed Shafi Choudhury
Mr. Muhammad Faizur Rahman
Mr. Fahim Ahmed Faruk Chowdhury
Mrs. Rumana Sharif
Mr. Mustafa Shahriar Ahmed
Mr. Musa Ahmed
Mr. Khurshid-ul-Alam
Mr. Helal Ahmed Chowdhury

Division of Head office

  •     Establishment Division
  •       Law Division
  •       International Division
  •       Credit Division
  •       Credit Monitoring & Recovery Division
  •       Consumers Credit Division
  •       Audit Division
  •       Central Accounts Division
  •       Information Technology Division
  •       Lease Financing Division
  •       Internal Control & Compliance Division
  •       General Services and Development Division

Service of the Professional Personal

The officers of Pubali Bank limited have to their credit, decades of banking experience with national / international banks at home and abroad. They are suitably equipped to meet customer expectations and are available at all times to provide a single-window customized and confidential service.

A State-Of-The-Art Technology Banking

The Bank will provide a state-of-the-art technology banking such as Any Branch Banking, ATM Services, Home-Banking, Tele-Banking, Mobile-Banking etc.

Retail Banking

Bank limited offers individuals the best services, including the following, to provide complete customer satisfaction:

  • Deposit services.
  • Current Account in both Taka and major foreign currencies.
  • Convertible Taka Accounts.
  • Local and foreign currency remittances.
  • Various types of financing to cater to the banking requirements of multinational clients.

Institutional Banking
Pubali Bank Limited will offer various services to foreign missions, NGOs and voluntary organizations, consultants, airlines, shipping lines, contractors, schools, colleges and universities. The services include mainly the following:

  • Deposit services.
  • Current Account in both Taka and major foreign currencies.
  • Convertible Taka Accounts.
  • Local and foreign currency remittances.
  • Various types of financing to cater to the banking requirements of multinational clients.

Corporate Banking

Pubali Bank Limited caters to the needs of the corporate clients and provides a comprehensive range of financial services, which include:

  • Corporate Deposit Accounts.
  • Project & Infrastructure Development Finance, Syndicated Finance, Linkage Finance, Investment Business Counseling, Working Capital and other finances.
  • Bonds and Guarantees.

Commercial Banking

Being a commercial bank, Pubali Bank Limited provides comprehensive banking services to all types of commercial concerns. Some of the services are:

  • Trade Finance.
  • Commodity Finance.
  • Issuance of Import L/Cs.
  • Advising and confirming Export L/Cs. – Bonds and Guarantees.
  • Investment advice.

Online Banking

Pubali Bank limited offers ‘Any branch’ banking service (to limited scale) that facilitates its customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds through the counters of any of its branches within the country.

Islamic Banking Services

Pubali Bank Limited will open Islamic Banking Window as first initiation to serve the customers who are interested in banking based on Islamic Shariah.

Farm and Off-Farm Credits (Rural)

Out of Bank’s social commitment towards the population at the grass-root level, it will participate in farm and off-farm credit programmers in rural Bangladesh to bring in economic buoyancy in the periphery.

Other Services

  • Remit funds from one place to another through DD, TT and MT etc.
  • Conduct all kinds of foreign exchange business including issance of L/C, Traveller’s Cheque etc
  • Collect Cheques, Bills, Dividends, Interest on Securities and issue Pay Orders, etc.
  • Act as referee for customers.
  • Locker facility for safe keeping of valuables and documents.

 Consumer Banking

The Bank continued to offer loans under Consumer Credit Scheme to the fixed income group to enable borrowers to acquire consumer products such as household appliances, office equipment, motor vehicles, mobile phone etc.  With the expansion of the branch network, both in Urban and Rural areas, the Bank is now better positioned to create and deliver new services and products to its retail customers.

Branch Network

The Bank has established a wide network of branches in urban and rural areas totaling 410. Pubali Bank Limited is the largest Commercial Bank in Private Sector in Bangladesh. It provides mass banking services to the customers through its branch network all over the country.


Satmosjid Road Branch situated at Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It is an avijat area. so the importance of the branch is vital.

All types of services what pubali bank ltd produces are given from the branch. various types of deposit accounts like as saving account, STD, FDR, PSP, SSP ETC. For businessman the current account is very much useful. Various types of loans and advances are given from here. Cash credit, car loan, house building loan, doctor’s loan, Probashi loan and more other types of CLS are given from here. The loan section of the branch is very active and qualified, so classified loan is to the zero level in the branch. All types of utility bills are taken here.

The deposit and loans is satisfactory of the branch. The manager and other officials are prompt to satisfy the target given by management. The customers are also satisfied having the quality service from the branch. Source:



  • Conducting job analysis(determining the nature of each job)
  • Planning staff needs & recruiting
  • Selecting job candidates
  • Orienting & training new employees
  • Compensating employees
  • Providing incentives & benefits
  • Appraising performance(interviewing, counseling, disciplining)
  • Developing employees
  • Building employee commitment


             Job analysis produces information used for writing job description (a list of what    the job entails) and job specification (what kind of people to hire for the job).


  • Work activities    : collect information on job’s actual work activities, such as account opening, dealing with cash etc. This may include how, why and when the employee performs each activity.
  • Human behaviors: Collect information about human behavior like sensing, communicating and deciding and about job demands such as punctual, efficient in calculation.
  • Performance standards: Information about job’s performance standards in terms of quality levels.
  • Job context: Information about work schedule, the number of people with whom the employee would interact.
  • Human requirements: Include information regarding job related knowledge or skills like education, work experience, personality, interests etc.


There are various ways to collect information. In practice one can use any of them or can combine the techniques that best fit.

 Conducting job analysis usually involves a joint effort by an HR specialist ,the employee & immediate senior .

Interviews, questionnaires, observations and diary logs are the most popular methods for gathering job analysis data. They all provide realistic information about incumbent.

Pubali Bank Limited often follows interviews and observation methods for their job analysis.



Pubali Bank Limited has about four hundred ten branches in Bangladesh. And about five thousand employee works there. Every year the bank gives about one hundred and fifty people employment. This number varies from year to year. The bank takes all kind of recruiting tests through BIBA and IBA. After job analysis Pubali Bank plans for recruiting. They circular forms and after completing the forms, candidates have to give examination in BIBA or IBA. After written test most applicants will be screen out. Managers of different levels and experienced specialists take interview to make final choice. The interviewers may take many types of tests.

An interview is a procedure designed to obtain information from a person through oral responses to oral inquiries. The interview is by far the most widely used personnel selection procedure. Interviewing is an indispensable management tool. Experts have criticized the interview for its low validity. However, recent reviews have been more favorable, and an interview –at least one done properly –can be a much better predictor of performance then previously thought and is comparable with many other selection techniques. Pubali bank makes both structured and unstructured questionnaires. Here employees are tested and selected so that the bank can hire the right people. Preliminary the candidate is selected for one year which is known as probationary period. After one year if the candidate is able to satisfy the authority then they will select him/her permanently.


Bangladesh Bank, being empowered by section 120 of Banking Companies Act, 1991 (Act No. 14 of 1991), formulated and promulgated following Rule for the fulfillment of section 15(5) of the same act. The Rule may be called “Appointment of Directors from the Depositors of the Banking Companies, Rule, 2008. While appointing directors from the depositors of banking companies under section 15(5) of Banking Companies Act, 1991 by Bangladesh Bank, procedures as stated bellow should be followed:

1. Fit and Proper:-

(a) Person concerned must be a depositor of the bank company. During the time of holding the post of director, he must maintain his deposit with the concerned bank.

(b) He must at least have a bachelor degree from any recognized university. He must be prominent in his profession. Depositors having higher educational qualification in Economics, Trade, Business Administration, etc. or having professional experience in Industrial Business shall be given priority at the time of appointing as director.

(c) He shall not be a director, officer/staff or advisor of any bank company, financial institution, insurance company or stock exchange.

(d) He, himself or including his family members, shall not hold share more than 1% of paid-up capital of the concerned bank company.

(e) He shall not have any business or any pecuniary relationship with the concerned bank company except maintaining deposit or holding of share not more than 1% of paid up capital of the bank.

(f) The person who was salaried staff or held an office of profit or was a director of the bank shall not be selected as director from depositors. Law advisors and external auditors of the bank also shall not be selected as director from depositors.

(g) He shall not be a member of the family of any director of the concerned bank or shall not have any involvement with the organization owned/conducted by the director of the bank any directors’ owned/executed organization

(h) He shall not be engaged with any political party.

(i) He shall not be a loan, tax or bill defaulter.



Orientation is a procedure for providing new employees with basic background information about the firm. Recruiting and selecting high potential employees doesn’t mean that they will perform effectively. Without basic information employees may make time consuming and dangerous errors.

 Pubali Bank’s Orientation holds seven days long program. Bank’s high executives provide basic information through their lecture. Usually they perform the first part of the orientation, by explaining basic matters like working hours and vacations. Then the new employees are introduced to their colleagues, familiarizing with the workplace and get help to reduce first day jitters. The orientation typically includes information on employee benefits, personnel policies, daily routine, company organization and operations, and safety measures and regulations. Orientation makes the new employees feel welcome and at ease.


  • In the starting point provide a bird’s eye view of the material to show the overall picture.
  • Use a variety of familiar examples.
  • Use organized information in logical and meaningful units.
  • Use familiar terms and concepts.
  • Use as many visual aids as possible.
  • Provide adequate practice. Because people learn best by doing at their own pace.
  • Identify each features of the steps of  process.
  • Maximize the similarity between training situation and work situation.
  • The schedule is very important. Because full day training is not as effective as half day.

     At every level of the job employees get training. The high officials and specialists run the training program in the training institute.



All forms of  pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment is employee compensation. It has two main components,

Direct financial payments: pay in the forms of wages, salaries , incentives, commissions, and bonuses.

Indirect financial payments: pay in the form of financial benefits such as loan.

A salary survey aimed at determining prevailing wage rates. A good salary survey provides specific wage rates for specific jobs. The fundamental compensable elements of a job are skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions.

An evaluation committee performs these tasks of identifying key jobs and selecting compensable factors.

Pubali Bank’s employers’ salary increment increases after every specific period of time.

The Board of Directors in its 779th meeting on 27 July 2010 has approved the pay scale -2010 for regular employees of the the bank as under:

             Name of posts                                      Pay scales
General manager53560-3500-106260
Deputy General Manager40320-2100-71820
Assistant General Manager30000-1350-50250
Senior Principle Officer22,800-1,000-37800
Principle Officer18,000-800-30000
Senior Officer13,200-700-23,700
Junior Officer8700-500-16,200
Head Cashier cum Sub-Account8,400-450-12,900
Senior Cashier7,800-375-11,550


There is nothing new about using incentives to motivate employers. Indirect financial benefits are included in incentives and benefits. That means indirect financial and non-financial payments employees receive for continuing their employment with the organization. Receiving these benefits depends upon the working condition of the employee. Pubali Bank gives scholarship opportunity, loans, medical facilities, etc. Incentives and benefits offered by Pubali Bank:

  • An employee welfare fund to give financial support  to the employees at their argent need.
  • Scholarship for spouse or children on brilliant result.
  • Housebuilding loan, loan for  vehicles or any other reason.
  • Medical allowances for employee and his family members.
  • Mandatory  leave of 15 days in a year.
  • Well furnished office room with AC, clean toilets.
  • Publication of private matters.


Evaluating an employee’s current and past performance relative to his or her performance standards. All companies have some formal or informal means of appraising their employees’ performance. Performance appraisal assumes that the employee understood what his or her performance standards are and the supervisor also provides the employee with the feedback, development and incentives required to help the person to continue above .

In Pubali Bank performance appraisal is done yearly by Annual Confidential Report. Employees have to fill up a form and the manager will give score on the performance of each employee. Branch manager and regional manager will also give complements about the employees. All these reports goes to the Head Office, Human Resource Division. Decisions of promotion and annual increment depend upon this ACR.


Employee relations include ethics and fair treatment at work, HR role in fostering improved workplace ethics, employee discipline and privacy and managing dismissals. The manner in which managers conduct their interpersonal dealings with employees. Ethics, fair treatment and justice should be there in the organization. Managing human resource need to hire or fire one, promote or demote one, pay one more or one less and settle ones grievances, so management has to be carefull about this matters.

Pubali Bank’s HR Management also takes those matters carefully. They have employee privacy , discpline without punishment, manage dismssals by rules.

Discipline without punishment:

  • Issue an oral reminder for indisciplinary actions
  • Increment is stopped for specific time
  • In bigger cases employee will be sued and
  • Charge sheet will be given.

Ground of dismissal:

  • Unauthorized absenteeism
  • In any incident of rule breaking
  • Any incident of theft, with proves
  • Flat out disobedience
  • Disregard of reasonable instructions


Employees are oriented, trained and commited not to leave the bank before five years. They sign a bond by promising this.


Human resources management involves several processes. Together they are supposed to achieve the above mentioned goals. These processes can be performed in an HR Department. When effectively integrated they provide significant economic benefit to the company.

  • Work force planning
  • Recruitment
  • Induction and orientation
  • Skill management
  • Training and development
  • Personnel administration
  • Compensation
  • Time management
  • Performance appraisal

The benefits of employee training:

  • How training benefits the organization
  • Leads to improved profitability
  • Improve the moral of the work force
  • Fosters authenticity, openness and trust
  • Aids in organizational development
  • Helps prepare guidelines for work
  • Organization gets more effective decision making and problem  solving skills
  • Develops the employees sense of responsibility to the organization
  • Eliminates suboptimal behavior
  • Aids in improving organizational communication

Weaknesses of HRM

Pay is a key element in the management of people. Pubali bank should have to be more conscious about the compensation and allowances. It seems that the employees are very dissatisfied with their salary and other allowances.

Pubali Bank also should give attention to the official decoration, which should be always up to date. Employees are motivated to be more attentive in their works by a good official environment.

Recommendation & Conclusion


Consumer banking industry has been treated as a prospective financial sector in Bangladesh. More and more banks and non bank financial companies are entering in the industry. The industry became so attractive that bank like Pubali Bank Limited has entered the market and wants to lead the market. However, the entrance has brought revolutionary changes in banking services. They are helping people to get loans and investing money into diversified portfolios. Sophisticated services like ATM, phone banking etc. has been brought by this new generation banking.

Pubali Bank is such an organized bank that there are very few things to recommend them. There are a number of renowned bankers in every division who are consciously working to improve the service quality. Nevertheless, some of the recommendations for better performance the bank:

  • Should modify official decoration
  • Should emphasize on increase compensation
  • Should increase allowances
  • Should be more concentrate on job analysis
  • Should make more effective the Performance appraisal procedure


Now a day business does not mean just selling and purchasing the products or services. This is very important to conduct the business in an organized and effective manner. Now questions arise that how we can make this business process effective. Advertising can be a bigger solution in this sector. More than that maintaining a satisfactory level of customer satisfaction might make the whole selling process a lot more progressive. As we all know in the business world things move on the will of impression. Pubali Bank Limited is one of the best leading banks and it is the duty of this bank to hold that same image and continue with the business. To enrich and maintain a better reputation is the only solution to make a business more progressive. Pubali Bank Limited definitely satisfies their customers and to maintain this scenario in a more efficient and prospective manner the bank can surely accept this project in a cordial manner.


  • A text book on Human Resource Management,

Author: Gary Desslermissal?

Pubali Bank Limited