What are the Functions of Leasing Companies

What are the Functions of Leasing Companies

Functions Of Leasing Companies:

The functions of a lease business include lease financing, short-term financing, house building financing, and merchant banking and corporate financing. In this last group of functions, the leasing business in Bangladesh moved away from regular leasing activities and is now involved in stock-market related activities such as issue management, underwriting, trust management, private placement, portfolio management, and mutual fund operation. Broad capital market operations of the lease financing institutions include bridge financing, corporate counseling, mergers and acquisition, capital restructuring, financial engineering, and lease syndication. Prominent among the sectors of the economy that now receive lease financing services are textiles, apparels and accessories, transport, construction and engineering, paper and printing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, agro-based industries, telecommunications, and leather and leather products.

1. Lease Financing,

2. Short-term Financing,

3. House building financing,

4. Merchant Banking

5. Corporate Financing.

6. Issue Management

7. Underwriting

8. Trust Management.

9. Private Placement

10. Portfolio Management.

11. Mutual Fund Operation.

12.Bridge Financing,

13. Corporate Counseling

14. Mergers and Acquisition,

15. Capital Restructuring,

16. Financial Engineering,

17. Lease Syndication.