Brac Bank : Questionnaire

Brac Bank : Questionnaire

BRAC Bank Limited, with institutional shareholding by BRAC, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Shorecap International, has been the fastest growing Bank for last three years. At the year end of 2005, BRAC Bank had recorded a 103 percent growth in assets, and a 65 percent growth in liabilities, with an operating profit of 84 percent over the previous year 2004.

As a fully operational commercial Bank, BRAC Bank dealing with all the corporate products including non-funded facilities to medium size enterprise where the requirement range varies from BDT 3.00 million to BDT 20.00 million. In the last four years of operations, the Bank has distributed over BDT 1200 crore in loans to nearly 32,000 small and medium entrepreneurs. The management of the Bank believes that this sector of the economy can contribute the most to the rapid generation of employment in Bangladesh.

Q: User can’t login. Message shows “User already logged in”
A: Contact Banking Application Team

Q: User can’t login: Message shows: “User Profile Deleted”
A: Contact Banking Application Team

Q: Please enhance the Limit for (Specific) purpose
A: Contact Banking Application Team after getting approval

Q: User “A” is going on a leave from Date1 to Date2. So, please give the authority of User “A” to User “B”
A: Arrange to take approval from Corresponding Cluster Manager and contact Banking Application Team

Q: Please create new Finacle Id for User “A”
A: Arrange to take approval from MD and contact Banking Application Team

2. CASA Related:

Q: Customer didn’t get interest in Savings Account
A: To be eligible to get interest for a month the following conditions need to be fulfilled:
Any withdrawal amount cannot exceed 10% of the balance
Total withdrawals cannot exceed 8 times in a month
Average balance of Tk. 5000 needs to be maintained all throughout the month
Account balance cannot be zero in a month

Q: Please mention the reason for lien of BDT “Y” amount in Account “X”
A: Go to ACI. Put ‘I’ in Function and Put A/c Id. Then Put ‘T’ in Option and look for the reason of the lien with giving Ctrl + E in the respective lien
If the lien is due to loan, then contact with AOD to manage the lien

3. FDR Related:

Q: Why the FDR A/c “X” is not renewed??
A: Reasons are stated below:
If there exists a lien in FDR A/c which is greater than Principle Amount
If there occurs any manual transaction in FDR A/c
If Auto-Renewal Flag is “N”
If there exists any Authorization Pending for FDR A/c
Amortization didn’t happen properly (Only for IFFD)
To know the above-mentioned reasons, go to ACI menu and go to respective option

Q: The interest for FDR A/c “X” is not given to Link A/c “X1”
A: Reasons are stated below:
Int. Cr. A/c Id is not inputted (Except IFFD) ( Go to HACMTD or ACM menu for any kind of Modification)
FDR is not renewed

4. DPS Related:

Q: Installment is not collected for DPS A/c “X”
A: Reasons are stated below:
Insufficient available balance in Link A/c
Standing Instruction is not created properly
If “SKIP” is selected for Holiday in SI Freq field
Suspended Till should be blank
Debit and Credit A/c or Debit and Credit amount is inputted properly
If there exists any Authorization Pending for DPS A/c
Go to HSSIM menu for any kind of Modification of Standing Instruction

Q: Wrongly Amount “X” is credited in DPS A/c
A: In reverse transaction, need to follow the below procedure:
In Debit leg, put ‘A’ in Specify Option
Put ‘NI’ (Installment Inflow) in Flow Code instead of ‘TO’ (Total Outflow)

5. Loan Related:

Q: How can I see Demand generation & Demand satisfaction in loan A/c?
A: To check if the loan A/C is deducting the installment properly we visit
ACLI menu then then <A/C id> .
Then enter for repayment schedule. Here we see the schedule.
If there is more than one schedule we may see the previous schedule by pressing +E.
To see the demands we press +

Q: How can i see loan overdue amount for Loan A/c?
A: Go to LAOPI or HLAOPI. Over Due can also available at Repayment schedule menu.

Q: How can we see a Loan A/c in ONS?

Q: How can i see the repayment schedule of Loan A/c?
A: To see the repayment schedule we enter menu to generate the repayment schedule.