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Job Rotation: Purpose, Advantages and Disadvantages

Job Rotation: Purpose, Advantages and Disadvantages

Job rotation is the most popular method of job design in which employees working in one responsibility or job will be transferred to other jobs. It involves an employee changing positions within the same organization and eventually returning to the original position. This means, under this method, jobs are created in such a way that employee should work all the responsibility one after another at a certain interval of time. But level or position of employees remains same.

The main purpose of this method is to remove monotony or boredom due to repetitive jobs of employees. It involves the movement of employees through a range of jobs in order to increase interest and motivation. This method provides the opportunity to work in different jobs of the similar job description at a different working station with different people. It may offer the advantage of making it easier to cover for absent colleagues, but it may also reduce’ productivity as workers are initially unfamiliar with a new task. Employees can handle their job with the same skills, knowledge, and experience.

Merits of Job Rotation Method:

  • It reduces monotony and boredom among workers.
  • It provides an opportunity to work in different situations so that employees can enhance their social relationship.
  • Employees can handle varieties of tasks without adding new knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  • It helps to fulfill the vacancies at different places through an internal source.
  • It helps to handle employee grievances.
  • In every organization especially banks, job rotation is taken so that employees will not be involved in any kind of fraud activities.

Demerits of Job Rotation method:

  • The tendency of seeking transfer because of personal reason can be increased.
  • Employees need to time to adjust to a new environment which may interrupt the regular performance.
  • Orientation, socialization and training cost will be increased.
  • Convincing the employees for job rotation can often be a little time-consuming.
  • A common disadvantage that comes with job rotation is that individuals tend to take up a lot of time to get acquainted with the new process.


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