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Concept of Job Analysis

Concept of Job Analysis

Concept of Job Analysis

Job analysis is understood as the analysis of job-related activities in the organization. It is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. Job analysis collects and analyses the information related to jobs and various aspects of jobs. It is performed upon ongoing jobs only which contain job contents and the skill required to perform the specific task. It allows units to identify paths of job progression for employees interested in improving their opportunities for career advancement and increased compensation.

The purpose of Job Analysis is to establish and document the ‘job relatedness’ of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal. It is a process of gathering or collecting information relating to the job description and job satisfaction. It is the systematic process of gathering and organizing the information relating to various aspects of the job, which describes the job contents and minimum job requirements in terms of skills, efforts, responsibilities, and working conditions.

Job analysis attempts to provide information related to the following questions:

  • Where does the work come from?
  • What kind of machines are to be used in performing the job?
  • What knowledge, skills and abilities are needed to do the specific task?
  • How much supervision is necessary?
  • What is the current working condition and what it should be?
  • What are the performance expectations for the jobs?

Therefore, it can be concluded that job analysis is an analytical study of job-related information which provides a basis for defining duties, responsibilities and accountability of each job. It helps to prepare job description and job specification statements. It is a part of overall work planning which involves analysis, measurement, control, design, and redesign of different jobs.


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