South Korea’s Parliament Delays Final Vote on ‘anti-Google Law’

  • Headspace + Ginger: Today broke the news that meditation service headspace and mental-health-focused startup Ginger Headspace are coming together to create health. The combined entity will be worth billions of dollars and will have 800 employees. Headspace has long been another huge player in the meditation market competing with Calm.
  • OnlyFans will allow backtrack, adult content: so much for all that. After igniting an online fire, it announced that it would stop supporting and selling most adult content, only the fans changed. Now it will not block the material. To learn more about the topic, there are notes from the Equity Podcast crew.
  • Warby Parker is going public: After a short period of summer, we may be ready for another IPO cycle. This time the lead-off heater could be D2C glasses filter Warby Parker. We’ve all heard of the company, so TechCrunch was thrilled to be able to enter its numbers. Take us? It’s a very neat company, though it has an interesting time defending a final personal-market valuation.

Before we dive into several thematic pairs from Startup News, Kanye West, came up with a gadget called “Stem Player”, which, according to TechCrunch, was designed to distinguish “certain elements like stalks – vocals, lightning, specimens and drums” from musical tracks. This is a somewhat clear idea. The work that Kanye is doing should be provided with some marketing growth.

South Korea’s Parliament Delays Final Vote on ‘anti-Google Law’
  • Shares have raised $10 million to build a European consumer stock trading service with a social twist. Of course, there are already consumer stock trading services targeting the European market, but private market capital is betting that there is room for one more. The world will need more active investors if all startups expected to serve them survive.
  • Flink raises another $57 million to create Latin American Robinhood: Flink raised $12 million earlier this year in the series. Trying to score a part of Akin, the next Robinhood, is also a big business for how each VC wants to fund the next Coinbase.

From the field of supplies this afternoon, two stories that can give you hope for the future where bringing low-carbon footprints to your home and possibly a cheap price point:

  • And Coco raised $ 36 million for super-cute delivery robots: somewhere there was a committee meeting that I missed where it was decided that all delivery robots had to be beautiful. I don’t know why. Coco’s delivery robot is adorable, of course. And now thanks to a very good financing of capital from a Series a led by Y Combinator fame Sam Altman.
  • Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Business Scale: This is down news. As recently announced, Alphabet’s drone delivery company Wing has reached 100,000 deliveries. The service is currently live in Logan, Australia, where about 300,000 people live. Alphabet, please bring it to Providence, Rhode Island.