Should your company be using a flexible pricing model?

Should your company be using a flexible pricing model?

The top article this week is about the intersection between growth marketing and software development. As firms of all sizes automate their operations, usage-based pricing (UBP) for SaaS services is becoming increasingly common. One major outcome of the trend is that companies who use UBP receive a return on their client acquisition expenditures far sooner than their competitors.

Articles on Battery Venture’s State of the OpenCloud study, developers can get the most of iOS 15.0 upgrades, and an interview with Appetiser, who we discovered through our TechCrunch Experts poll, is among this week’s software development news. In terms of growth marketing, I contacted various marketers we have previously interviewed to find out how they are planning for the Christmas season this year.

We are only touching the surface of cloud computing’s potential: Ron Miller and Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch take a deep dive into Battery Ventures’ State of the OpenCloud study. “Battery estimates that the cloud industry might someday be worth $1 trillion,” Ron and Alex write. 

When you consider that the great bulk of labor, development, and computing will be done in the cloud at some time, the investment group’s round-number forecast may turn out to be conservative.”

Make the most of the App Store enhancements in iOS 15: AppFollow’s head of ASO, Ilia Kukharev, explains how software developers may take advantage of iOS 15.0 upgrades. 

“If an internal event (for example, a live broadcast) is scheduled in the app, it is now feasible to promote it via App Store Connect any time before the event,” Kukharev notes. The event card will appear in search results as well as on the app page after review clearance.”

Anna got the opportunity to interview Appetiser co-founders Jamie Shostak and Michael MacRae on creating client relationships and getting to MVP. They talked about how Appetiser came to be, how they work with customers to help them expand, and more. 

“When we construct your team at Appetiser, it will be your team!” adds MacRae. Participate in standups, brainstorm with your team, address difficulties, and even meet one-on-one. We took the framework of successful businesses with in-house teams and reconstructed it in the shape of an agency.”

Why are more SaaS businesses moving to usage-based pricing? Anna discussed OpenView’s 2021 State of Usage-Based Pricing Report with OpenView’s operational partner, Kyle Poyar, and shares the highlights of their chat with us. “The poll also looks into how firms that use flexible pricing models perform in comparison to their peers, as well as how it affects them more widely,” Anna notes.

The shopping season for the holidays is approaching: How are growth marketers getting ready? Miranda Halpern spoke with a number of marketers we have met through our TechCrunch Experts initiative about how they are planning for Christmas marketing this year while dealing with the pandemic, supply chain challenges, and other issues. 

“Dick said her business moved forward campaign start dates by 2-3 weeks to maximize order flow and satisfy consumer expectations, and aims to rely more heavily on SMS and email marketing than in the past.”