Sample Experience Letter format for Driver

Sample Experience Letter format for Driver

Sample Experience Letter format for Driver

[These are sample Experience Letter format for Driver of a car, taxi, loader, truck, bus, heavy vehicle or rail with licenses. These samples are helpful for company/organization or institute. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Experience Certificate For Driver

To whom it may concern

Dear concerned,

It is hereby written to certify that holder of this document has experience as Driver for five years (More/less) in this company (Name). He is very proficient and professional in his work. (Briefly describe about experience and performance).

The driver has an updated license. He has experience of driving heavy loaders and light commuter vehicles. He drives very safe and follows the regulations on the road. He is also very well-mannered. He is reliable and trusts worthy. During his stay at our company, he had never given us a chance to complain about him.

He is recommended to anyone who is looking for a safe, reliable and well-mannered driver.


Your name…

Job Designation…

Company name…


Another Format,

Driving Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

It is to inform you that (Driver name) has worked at (Company/Institute name) from (Date) to (date) as a driver. During his stay at this firm, his conduct has been found good. He has been punctual and regular. He was on work agreement of 12 hours a day. (Briefly describe experience and performance). He has served (Company/Institute name)well throughout his stay. We wish him luck in best in his upcoming future.

Best regards,

Your name…

Human Resource Manager (Job Designation…)

Company/Institute name…