What Challenges Do You Face When Choosing a Career?

What Challenges Do You Face When Choosing a Career?

Finding a job route that is perfect for you is critical to your long-term career success, however many people struggle with picking a meaningful career path. It is not only high school seniors or those just beginning a job training program who struggle to choose a career. Even employed individuals find themselves torn between employment options.

Many factors influence high school students’ professional choices. Identifying these characteristics would provide parents, educators, and businesses with a better understanding of where students spend the majority of their faith in the job choosing process. It would also allow students to study the methods individuals employ to choose a vocation.

I’ll soon be one of the hundreds of school leavers entering the adult world. Childhood seems to have lasted so little time, and I wish it could have lasted longer, but it can not. The next stage of my life will necessitate that I choose a vocation, or at the very least some type of employment, in order to become a valuable member of society. This offers several complications.

I am not really interested in any particular vocation. Some of my pals know exactly what they want to do in the future, but the majority of us do not. I have no notion what kind of job I want to do. To me, any work would suffice. However, I have to consider my parents and I try not to displease them.

They want me to be a doctor or a lawyer at the very least. Those are probably the hopes of most parents. A doctor or lawyer is well-respected and well-paid. As a result, these are many young people’s aspirations. I have to be realistic, though, because I am not in the scientific class, I cannot become a doctor. As a result, being a doctor is no longer an option. I could study to be a lawyer, but I have no interest in the law. As a result, becoming a lawyer seemed improbable.

What more could I possibly do? I have to write down the possibilities: teacher, banker, businessman, soldier, cop, politician, artist, writer, journalist, sailor, interior decorator, farmer, race driver – the list is seemingly limitless. Unfortunately, the hippies seem to have faded from the scene. It would be an experience if I could join them for a year or two. That would make my father’s blood pressure shoot up for sure. Come to think of it, my father grew up during the time when the hippies were a rage, so he might not mind.

In any case, hippies and boondocking are not appropriate. To survive, I need to make some money. When I reduce my options, I discover that journalism, writing, and being a commercial artist offer the most opportunities. These are the three things I would not mind doing for a living. There are far too many aspects of the other professions that I dislike. Unless, of course. If I didn’t have a choice, I probably wouldn’t do them.

To become a writer or an artist, I will need to take a course in these fields. I’ll have to start looking into what kinds of classes are offered in my area. I’m not going to be able to do them unless I travel to another country. My parents will not be able to afford it. So immediately after leaving school I will have to make efforts to see whether these possibilities can be realized. If not then I will have to look for other possibilities.

Anyhow, I feel better now after having some idea of what I can do in the future. It is still not definite what career I will take up. At least I know where to begin.