Road Safety – an Open Speech

Road Safety – an Open Speech

You attended a talk on road safety for cyclists and motorcyclists at the Road Transport department. The teacher in charge of the Safety Cub asked you to give a talk to members of the club. New, here is write out a speech.

Good morning to Puan Hamidah, teacher-in-charge and friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk on road safety for cyclists and motorcyclists. As you know, I attended a talk of the topic last Friday at the Road Transport Department. So I hope I can pass on the message about road safety to all of you.

Cyclists and motorcyclists are the main victims in road accidents. You are more exposed to dangers than car drivers. So, it is important that you take precautions and observe road safety.

Let’s start with the cyclists. First, allow me to tell you what you should do before you go off on your bicycle. Wear crash helmets and knee pads to protect your head and your knees. Fasten them properly for if you don’t they might come off and your head or knees will be exposed in case of an accident. Wear proper shoes instead of slippers as the latter can get entangled with the pedals and your feet may slip as you cycle along.

The same advice goes to motorcyclists. Your crash helmet is your first defence against head injuries. Make sure you buy the approved crash helmets. Unlike cyclists, motorcyclist are more likely to travel a longer distance and so face more potential dangers. Wear appropriate attire like gloves and proper shoes. When you place your feet on the ground to stop at a junction, compared to slippers, the shoes can give you better protection from the heat. If you are wearing a jacket, button up properly as you do not want your jacket to flap in the wind or be caught in any passing vehicle.

Both cyclist and motorcyclist should check their vehicles before leaving the house. Check the back light, tyres and brakes to make sure they are in good working condition. Motorcyclists should check their engines and fuel to make sure they have enough fuel for their journey. All motorcyclists should switch on their headlights the minute they start their journey.

Finally, don’t speed on the road. Speed kills. Don’t overtake recklessly. Make sure the road is clear if you want to overtake. Cyclists should not cycle two or three abreast. This applies to motorcyclists too. Have both hands on the bicycle or motorcycle and don’t use any handphone while on the road. Motorcyclists should use the motorcycle lanes along the major highways. Observe all traffic rules and regulations.

I sincerely hope I have convinced you to be careful while cycling or motorcycling on the road. Your life and that of other road users are too valuable for you to be careless.

Thank you for your attention and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.