The two inseparable – a story about two teenagers

The two inseparable – a story about two teenagers

The two inseparable – a story about two teenagers

This is a story about two teenagers who were direct opposites but were inseparable.

No one could really fathom how Mack and Zack could be such good friends. They were direct opposites in every way — from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. They were labeled the inseparable by their mutual friends.

They first met when they were in Form One. It was not one of those thunderbolt meetings but ordinary and mundane. Both were eyeing the second seat in the middle row in the classroom. Both rushed for the chair but a bumbling giant of classmate plumped himself into it. So they looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders nonchalantly, and placed themselves on either side of the giant. However, the class teacher summarily rearranged their seating positions. As fate would have it. Mack and Zack found themselves seated beside each other.

Physically, Mack was thin and lanky. He looked undernourished but actually he could eat. On the other hand, Zack was plump and stout and ate like a bird.

Mack was a bookworm and a star student whereas Zack was an easy-going student who managed to scrape through his schoolwork. Mack enjoyed tutoring Zack and Zack found himself responding well to Mack’s tutoring.

Mack was a dreamer and was quiet and reserved, unlike Zack who was boisterous and outgoing. Mack listened while Zack chattered. Mack could be seen laughing quietly with Zack clowning around and the life and soul of any gathering.

Despite their differences, there was an invisible rapport between them. How did it happen that between these two teenagers there was a silent unspoken understanding?

It happened that while they were both in Form I, a bully of a classmate made Zack’s life a misery. While everyone steered clear of this big bully, Mack was the one who made mincemeat of him. Though thin and lanky, he packed a powerful punch and the bully stayed well out of his fists. Zack adored Mack and they were inseparable since the day Zack was “saved” from being pulverized to a pulp by the bully and his like-minded friends.

Soon news of Mack’s fighting spirit spread like wildfire and many wanted to be his buddies. But, Mack stayed a true friend to Zack. They continued to be friends even when Mack chose to be in the science stream while Mack decided to be practical and opted for the arts. Not being in the same class did not prevent the two inseparable to continue to be inseparable.

It was a friendship where looks, interests, abilities, and distance could not put asunder.


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