Should wild animals be kept in zoos – an open Speech

Should wild animals be kept in zoos – an open Speech

Should wild animals be kept in zoos – an open Speech

Going to the zoo is an all-time favorite activity for children and families. However, there are some who argue against keeping wild animals in zoos for a number of reasons. In order to make a decision, we must consider the arguments for and against keeping wild animals in zoos.

One benefit of zoos is that they are useful for educating people about animals. We can observe animals at close range and learn more about them than we can from books and the TV. It also provides an opportunity to promote the conservation of endangered species. In addition, zoos allow scientists to study animal behavior more easily. This helps them to come up with better ways of protecting animals from harm in their natural habitat. For example, a number of Chinese zoos have successfully carried out research on the breeding habits of the giant panda which has increased the survival rate of this species.

On the other hand, keeping animals in captivity is similar to a prison sentence. Many zoos do not have large enough enclosures to keep animals comfortable. The animals have limited freedom to move about.

We often see even the ferocious lions lying passively in their enclosures just waiting for their next meal to be served. They suffer from stress and boredom. This in turn causes animals to live shorter lives. For example, Asian elephants live an average of 19 years in zoos but live about 42 years in the wild. This is a very big difference. We have also heard about animals being neglected and mistreated because their caregivers lack the skill and knowledge to care for them properly. This is cruel.

Another thing we need to take into consideration is the cost of maintaining a zoo. A lot of funds are needed to run a zoo. Money is needed to stock the zoo with all kinds of animals. Staff must be hired and trained to take care of each species of animal. The animals need food and medical care. Special spaces need to be built to house each type of animal. More staff are needed to clean and maintain the zoo grounds. Even with all the money and effort spent to keep animals in a zoo, these animals are still not getting the best. The money and effort are better channeled to conservation programs.

In conclusion, while zoos do have some advantages in the areas of education and conservation, it is cruel and selfish to keep animals in an unnatural prison. If you want to see animals, I advise you to go on a safari. For conservation and research, set up sanctuaries like the Sepilok orangutan sanctuary in Sabah. It is kinder to leave the animals in their natural home – the wild.