Reading Campaign – an Open Speech

Reading Campaign – an Open Speech

Reading Campaign – an Open Speech

The School Library is holding a Reading Campaign for a month. As the Head Librarian, give a speech to the students during the launch of the Reading Campaign. In your speech, talk about the objectives, benefits of reading, the various competitions and activities to promote reading as a hobby.

Good morning, The Principal, Teachers, and friends.

Today, I stand here to talk about the Reading Campaign which is to be launched officially today by our Principal. The campaign is for a whole month. The first of September is the start and the thirtieth is the end where the winners of our various competitions will receive their prizes.

As the Head Librarian, I find my role very challenging. Today, I wish to state the objectives of the campaign.

The Board of Librarians would like the library to be the resource center for all forms of reading and research. Our first objective is to gender interest in the library as the nerve center of learning. When interest has been planted, our second objective is to promote the reference materials and the non-reference materials especially the fiction section [as in graphic novels] to the students. Then when students come to know the titles of both reference and fiction texts, the third objective is to make the reading activity of knowledge and entertainment. Our objectives are three-pronged.

What are the benefits of reading? There are many but for this moment, reading is a source of knowledge for all ages, be it for studies or work. Then reading exposes you to the wonders of this earth. Your thirst for knowledge grows when you are assailed by facts and figures of events in this world. In addition, reading entertains you. Reading is entertainment in that through the printed form, your thoughts are magically transported to unknown realms. Reading can develop into a family tradition which leads to bonding. Make it your hobby! Even surfing on the net requires reading, so read, you must!

Now I come to the part which would interest all. We are conducting a few competitions to get you interested in reading fiction works. The library is presently stocked with the latest editions of bestsellers.

The first competition is Marathon Reading where the winner has to read as many books as he could. The three winners would be interviewed by a panel of judges who would ask them questions on the plot, characters, and author of any books.

The second competition is the Book Review. Pick any book you have read and written a review. This competition is divided into 4 Languages with 3 winners per language.

The third competition is Suggestions and Ideas on how to make the Library Your Second Home. The suggestions and ideas must be accompanied by concrete examples and viable applications. Again, there would be 3 winners.

The fourth competition is Writing Slogans. Write a slogan to catch a reader’s attention. In this case, there would be ten winners.

The fifth and last competition is a class effort. In this competition, the class works as a team to select 30 fiction books. They would then have to write the plot summary and put forward reasons why the book is a good read.

All prizes are sponsored by Popular Book Store. Book vouchers would be presented to the winners and purchases can be made storewide. Prizes range from $100 to $1,000.00.

Besides the competitions, there would be activities, too. Theatre personalities are invited to present storytelling sessions, drama presentations, impersonations of cartoon characters. Local authors would be invited to talk about their books and sign autographs.

Check the Librarians’ website for more information on competitions, prizes, and activities. Flyers would be distributed to advertise our competitions and activities after this talk.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any senior librarian.

Thank you.