Overall Business Policy of Pubali Construction Company Limited

Overall Business Policy of Pubali Construction Company Limited

Overall Business Policy of Pubali Construction Company Limited

Pubali Construction Company Limited (PCCL) is altering the features of the civil construction industry by amalgamating years of experience with a singular passion for outstanding work. Pubali was originally created through the combined efforts of two young entrepreneurs in the year 1974 with a similar background in terms of industry.

Today Pubali is a single, solid organization participating in light and heavy civil construction projects, with focus on Civil and Building, Road & Bridges construction, Environmental Remediation & Maintenance Project i.e. earthworks, excavation, site infrastructure, sewers, drainage schemes, specialist buildings, culverts, roadwork’s, environmental improvements, steel framed structures, toll operations and maintenance. Our adaptable professional teams bring benefit to our clients’ businesses through their expertise and knowledge.

Pubali has successfully completed World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Department For International Development (DFID) financed several Road & Bridges Projects. We have also finished several projects having joint venture with Samwhan – Corporation Korea, Obayashi Corporation Japan, Ansal Engineering, India etc.

The company gradually more invested in people, technology and premises as its business grew in relation to the country’s thriving economy. At present, the company has one Corporate Office in Dhaka & Two Branch Office in U.A.E (DUBAI). Extensive knowledge of the market and essential expertise in a wide range of construction services underline the company’s strength to build business opportunities for corporate and institutional clients at home and abroad. Continuous upgrading of human resource and control systems has enabled the company to best competitiveness. Pubali is very much concerned about the employees, because good employees can ensure good services. In addition, for that every company needs to establish good HR practice

Pubali Construction in Bangladesh:

Pubali International (PI) was established in 1986 at Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide a channel for the organized outflow of Bangladeshi manpower to the Middle East, East Asian mainly Malaysia, Singapore, European and African continent. The sudden upsurge in the economic activity of Middle East and East Asian countries through discovery of oil and subsequent development of commerce and industry gave further boost of the Pubali’s philosophy.

Since the foundation of the company, our essential ingredient of overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary providers of competitive, efficient and reliable human resource solutions. The high record in which we are held today bears testimony to the measure of success, we have been able to achieve.


Present Situation of Pubali Construction:

At present Pubali Construction has covered:-

  • A network of over 5 offices in 3 countries.
  • A staff of about 30,000 people managing assets of around $5120, 280 million.
  • Pubali also maintains correspondent’s relationship with over 60 Company in 15 countries around the world.
  • It has 3 branches and 1 Head Office in Bangladesh



Employer’s Responsibilities

  • Arrange timely receiving of the workers at the airport.
  • Inform Pubali International upon receiving the workers at the destination.
  • Advance payment of an amount to each worker on arrival in the country of work, which will be deducted from the monthly salary.
  • Arrange furnished housing accommodation suitable to workers according to the country labor law.
  • Ensure full security of the workers in the accommodation and working places, especially in the cases of female workers.
  • Employer must ensure the payment of salary at the end of each month.
  • Inform Pubali International about the renewal of the contract between the employer and the workers after expiry of the initial contract.
  • Employer must provide medical treatment for all the workers during the period of employment.
  • Follow terms of agreement signed between the employers and the workers.

Pubali’s Responsibilities:

  • Obtain recruitment permission from the government agencies.
  • Advertise for the vacancies in the reputed daily newspaper, if necessary.
  • Collection of application.
  • Primary selection by our experts.
  • Conduct final interview by employer’s representatives.
  • Obtain passport for the selected candidates.
  • Medical examination of the candidates.
  • Obtain police clearance.
  • Stamping of visa from the respective embassy.
  • Obtain emigration clearance from the government agency.
  • Ravel arrangement including confirmation of seats with the airlines.
  • Constant contact with the employer informing about the development of the total arrangement.
  • Attend in the airport to ensure smooth boarding of the passengers.
  • Inform employer over fax/ telephone.

The Organizational Structure of Pubali Construction

The company is divided into several divisions and business units, which are also further sub-divided. The divisions are mainly based on some service lines designed for and provided to targeted customers, other divisions and units are there to support the business activities of the major service based divisions. The organ gram of Pubali construction in Bangladesh is given below followed by a detailed discussion on the list of the divisions.

The structure of Pubali construction involves quite a lot of hierarchy. Starting from the bottom of the hierarchy, this is how information is communicated through the hierarchical ladder Safety manager, Construction Manager, Planning Manager, Administration Manager have to report to the senior Project Manager.

These managers in turn have to report to their Superior. Each of them  to report to their respective immediate heads. The unit heads have to report to the heads of each department which include the following departments:

  • Corporate and International Project
  • Corporate and External Affairs
  • Information Technology
  • Treasury
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Human Resource

The head of each of these departments finally report to the Senior Project Manager.  Pubali Construction believes that efficient human resource is the key to success. A timely qualitative contribution of the human resource can increase the competitive performance of the organization. Therefore, Pubali construction put emphasis on the improvement of the human resources through training and development. Selecting the pool of potential employee and provide them necessary training is one of the main concerns of the Human Resource Department of the organization. Pubali construction always tries to recruit the high caliber youth who are energetic and risk taker along with outgoing and friendly attitude. Pubali selects those candidates who have the good educational background. The contribution of the quality training and high potential targeted human resource should be turn to be the source of power of the organization.

The overall policy of the Human Resource Department of Pubali Construction:

  • Build up effective and efficient human resource through training.
  • Selecting the appropriate candidate who fit the culture.
  • Retain the talented employee within the organization.
  • Create such an atmosphere so that employee can contribute fully.
  • Motivate the employees so that they can give their best effort, another method of retaining the talented and efficient employees.
  • Train the employees and develop the employees for the future job.
  • Build smooth career for the brilliant employee to retain them.
  • Maintain the efficient human resource inventory.
  • Provide sufficient feedback of the employee for their effort.
  • Provide attractive Incentive package both monetary and non-monetary for brilliant effort as well as to layoff those who do not fit the culture and norm, also those who are unable to perform according to the requirement.



Demand for workers

  • Categorize the trades
  • Obtain government approval
  • Recruitment advertisement
  • Advertise in the local news paper and other media
  • Advertise through our own cannel
  • Collect the applications
  • Verify the applications
  • Short list the applications
  • Call for an interview
  • Explain them the salary
  • Select the candidates


Select the candidates by grading them A +, A, B, B +, B, C

  • The candidates that been graded for B,C,D has to go for a training ranging from 2 to 4 weeks
  • Company gave intense training on the health & safety rules
  • Last two weeks of training company send them to their real life projects where they gain in hand experiences
  • From that live project demonstration company take a test and categorize them again but grading them A+, A, B+, B, C
  • Process medical checkup only for category A+, A, B
  • Apply for the employment visa
  • 5 days compulsory training
  • Take a test on this 5 days session
  • Manpower clearance and arrange the flights
  • Brief idea regarding the whole process
  • Dispatch the candidates from Bangladesh


Pubali Construction for Int. Projects and other departments is concerned with attempts to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of their Construction sector. Development refers to those learning opportunities design to help employees grow. Efforts towards development often depend on personal drive and ambition.

Employee Development Methods in Pubali Construction for Int. Projects:

Some development of individual’s ability can take place on the job. Pubali Construction for Int. Projects follows several methods of development. These are discussed below:

Job rotation:

Job rotation is one of the most popular on the job technique to develop construction personnel. Job rotation can be either horizontal or vertical. Pubali Construction for Int. Projects generally follows horizontal job rotation method at the early stage of service life. Pubali construction cannot follow job rotation technique to those people who are specialized in any particular job.

Assistant to positions:

Assist to positions is another good technique to develop employees of Pubali Construction for Int. Projects. Employees with demonstrated potential are given the opportunity to work under an experienced or successful employee. In this process an individual, perform many duties under the watchful eye of experienced person. In doing so, these employees are groomed for assuring the duties of the next higher level.


Seminar is a traditional form to develop employees it is widely practiced by Pubali Construction for Int. Projects. This offers an opportunity for individuals to acquire knowledge and develop their conceptual and analytical abilities.

Lecture courses:

Lecture is verbal presentation of information by an instructor to a large audience. The lecture is presumed to possess a considerable depth of the subject at hand. A virtual of this method is that it can be used for very large groups, and hence the cost per trainee is low. Pubali Construction for Int. Projects uses this method to develop and instructor or experience persons provide related information and activities of all departments.


In case of mentoring, a senior employee takes an active role in guiding another individual, Mentoring is a helpful device to develop employees and it is widely followed to develop new employees to Pubali Construction.