Internship Experience at Fiber @ Home Limited

Internship Experience at Fiber @ Home Limited

Internship Experience at Fiber @ Home Limited

Fiber @ Home Ltd. Limited, a Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) Operator, who has been awarded the license by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on 9 January 2009 and has completed its fourth year roll-out obligation by extending its underground optical fiber network across the country. They provide Transmission Services to ANS Operators (ISP, Cable TV, Telco, etc.), ICX, IGW, IIG and Government Organizations. To support their clients they provide different type of services and solutions through their robust and secured network to ensure best quality. They also are carrying the International Terrestrial Cable to provide a backup and safe path for international internet communication.


To reduce the wastage of national resources and to ensure the growth of communication sector in all areas, BTRC issued the Infrastructure Sharing Guideline. With a view to optimum utilization of existing network, not allowing duplication of network in the same route and to reach all upazilas of the country, Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) License was obligatory at that time. Under such context a group of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs formed a company, Fiber @ Home Ltd. which acquired the NTTN license on the 7th of January 2009.

This is a project entirely financed by local investors without involving any foreign shareholders. Fiber @ Home Ltd. dreams about a tomorrow where the whole country is connected with one single thread and everyone has his share of the information super highway. Those moments are not far. They are developing a completely Secured & Robust optical fiber backbone network nationwide. They are destined to build a network up to the Upazilas of the country. Working towards that goal Fiber @ Home Ltd. has built Underground Metro Ethernet Network in multiple Metropolitans.

Fiber @ Home Ltd. plays a major part in the communications sector in Bangladesh in providing better services, especially Telecommunications. They build, develop, operate and maintain a nationwide optical fiber based Transmission Backbone to enable a common connectivity platform for different service providers like mobile operators, cable TV operators, ISPs etc. and thus helping to create a Digital Bangladesh. This common infrastructure will use national resources optimally in the growing need of Information & Communication Technology and Telecommunication sector.

Fiber @ Home Ltd. has undertaken a project to cover Bangladesh by laying out optical fiber network with a view to facilitate country‟s ever-expanding TELCO, ISP, PSTN, BWA (WiMax), and cable TV etc sector. Fiber @ Home Ltd. applied and was duly awarded the NTTN (Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network) License from the BTRC on 7 January 2009. It is the first ever company to receive such a license in Bangladesh. Fiber@ Home Ltd. also awarded with ITC (International Terrestrial Cable) License on 5th January, 2012 and IIG (International Internet Gateway) license on 12th April, 2012.



  • Building a neutral network allowing all Access Network Service (ANS) operators to provide their services through the network.
  • To enable Nationwide affordable Value Added Services (VAS) platform for the end users.
  • To reach all the Upazila headquarters with a Robust, Secured and Faster Transmission Backbone Network to enable connectivity to multiple Government and Non-Government entities.


To Build, Develop, Operate and Maintain a Nationwide Optical Fiber based Transmission Backbone to enable a common connectivity platform for a Digital Bangladesh. This common infrastructure will use national resources optimally in the growing need of information technology and telecommunication sector.


Objective of Fiber @ Home Ltd.

To develop their network they follow step by step process to keep their quality and standard of work. All works are properly QC by their expert engineers and they deliver their client quality service with updated devices from Brand Vendors.




Fiber @ Home Ltd. is offering multiple services to clients from their very first day. Service diversification will make the organization to be a leader in NTTN operation of this sector in the industry. The organization is currently providing multiple categorized services to the clients to meet their demands. The services are given below-


Dark Core

It is dark core point to point lease service from one location to another where there is no involvement of active equipment‟s of Fiber @ Home. Client lease the fiber core and light-up the fiber through their own active equipment‟s.


It is MPLS based IP/Ethernet Service. The Ethernet service is provisioning through IP/MPLS network where Fiber @ Home is offering MPLS based L2VPN and L3VPN based service. Client has choice to make their network topology under p2p, p2m or m2m manner through the transmission lease line. Clients can ask for 1Mbps to 10Gbps lease line transmission service nationwide. Presently Fiber @ Home has 10Gbps network and it will be upgraded to 100Gbps within 2014.


It is provisioning through the SDH network. We are maintaining separate overlay network for SDH to serve the clients. Fiber @ Home Ltd. is offering 1E1 to STM-16 lease line transmission service nationwide.


It is provisioning through the SDH network. We are maintaining separate overlay network for SDH to serve the clients. Fiber @ Home Ltd. is offering 1E1 to STM-16 lease line transmission service nationwide.


Fiber @ Home Ltd. has huge GPON based FTTX network at Dhaka Metro standardized for home broadband services by the ITU. The GPON based FTTx network would enable the ISPs to provide seamless and value-added IP services to the retail broadband users. It would also enable the CATV service providers to provision digital video broadcasting and IP multicasting services for the SD TV as well as HD TV services.

Co-Location Service

Fiber @ Home Ltd. is providing collocation service to the ANS operators in pops owned by it and also in other places shared with Mobile network operators. ANS operators can co-locate their aggregation/pre-aggregation router and distribution switch at our different. Fiber @ Home Ltd. will facilitate necessary power, rack space, grounding and 24×7 accesses for the service.


Business of Fiber @ Home Ltd. depends on healthy relationships with customers, business partners, and suppliers. They build and nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial, making sure that they deeply understand the people they deal with, so that they can anticipate their (partner‟s) needs and always aim to exceed their expectations. Everyone in their organization contributes to the quality of the relationships they build and they actively seek feedback.

They are proud of their reputation, built over these years, which depends on their consistently doing the right thing. Integrity is their cornerstone and character is as important as ability. They build trust and act with honesty. They comply with their Business Ethics Policy, management system and all local rules and regulations. Fiber @ Home Ltd. fosters a culture of transparency and responsibility.

Fiber @ Home Ltd. divided their partners in 3 measures –

  1. Clients
  2. Financial Partners &
  3. Service Partners

INTERNSHIP Job Experiance

Internship report is an essential approach for all the students in the BBA program. I am doing my internship in Fiber @ Home Ltd. in the in the HR department and is looking after and learning from recruitment activities that will provide the idea about how the HR department of Fiber @ Home Ltd. is conducting the Recruitment process by storing all the information through Data Conversion from storing only the hardcopy of CVs to storing all the information of the CVs in HRIS as well as datasheet for the organization‟s further development and enrichment. There will be details of working methods and procedure in this report.

My Experience In Fiber @ Home Ltd.

Fiber @ Home Ltd. does not treat its interns as apprentices or less important part of the organization but the organization treats its interns as important parts as well as employees of this firm. The interns are provided the opportunity to explore the real business & professional world. It also offers learning by doing culture for interns. So, as an intern of Fiber @ Home Ltd. of recruitment division in the HR department I used do jobs that are usually done by in this function. Overall, my experience working in the organization is really good. I have got a supervisor who gives task and make it in easy to understand, a bunch of colleagues who are very helpful.

My Job Responsibilities in Fiber @ Home Ltd.

My basic job is collecting CVs from different sources and maintain a datasheet in excel file for keeping proper track of the CVs. The resumes that come daily by post or in reference of some other employee or even collected from different other sources like BD Jobs. I put a reference number/ serial number for further tracing and mark out for which position the CV has arrived and then archive them.

Secondly, I help my colleague to screen the suitable CVs that arrived for a particular post and send them to respected department for departmental feedback. After the CV gets evaluated from the department then I make a possible list for interview session for the position. Once a date is scheduled for the interview, I then call the shortlisted candidates for and inform them about the practical test/written test/interview session (as per department and position).

After the interview held, my task was to create a candidate/examinee assessment sheet including the feedback given by the interview panel. I have to update those data‟s in the assessment sheet.

Apart from these responsibilities, I also translated various forms in Bangla as a number of employees like technicians, drivers, peons, and security guards are not highly educated to understand and fill up the forms and other notices that are provided to the employees.

Another of my task was to check that all the employees working all over Bangladesh had their proper signed job description or not. If yes, keep them in a supplementary file (for each department a single file) and update the checklist.

Moreover, I was given to make Transfer Policy for the organization as an assignment including transfer allowance. I took time to finish the task, as it was completely new experience for me.

In addition keeping softcopy records of different policies and other important documents falls under my work.

Learning Outcome

Being a part of HR the most important thing I learnt is the way of dealing with various kinds of people. Sometimes handling situation with smile, sometimes need to be a bit tough but most essentially need to be very much patient.

Besides, I learnt the entire process of recruitment, from manpower requisition to selection. I get to know the complete procedure of joining on the job after selection for a post. From submitting resignation letter to exit interview, clearance from the departments, till the resignation effective day.

I got knowledge about an office environment be like. How it feels working from 9 am to 6 pm, arriving in the organization on time in other words is being punctual is mandatory for every employee. As the organization has a punch card system, every entry and exit is traced and is saved as a record for the organization. After a working month ends, list of people who entered late and left the office earlier before their work hour finishes are made by the authority and send them notices. In some aspects the authority takes necessary steps against the employees who enters in the office late and leaves the office early.

Personal Overview

My personal overview about the organization is that it has a very friendly ambience and people working here are very cooperative and concerned. At the beginning colleagues from HR department taught me few necessary things that are needed in everyday corporate life. Being a bit nervous I did mistakes quite some time but with patience they taught me again and again. They made me feel completely at home. They are really fun loving and enjoy our working times. Though my supervisor is a very good, cooperative, helpful person, I personally am a bit scared of him. But everytime we meet he tries to make me at ease and make me understand my new responsibilities.


  • The only solution of concentration problem and reference number problem faced while data conversion is paying proper attention towards the work itself. No other alternative for this challenge is available.
  • There is no substitute of stopping repetition of the CVs from various people. The only outcome to this challenge is finding the CVs manually if it seems familiar and then put the entry.
  • To overcome the same information challenge, it would beneficiary to avoid auto correction suggested by the datasheet and do the task as it is being done usually.
  • Technical difficulties may arrive anytime; the possible way to avoid the outcome is to keep proper backups (sometimes it might not work as well).
  • Possible solution for problems in understanding data‟s written in hand is to take help from other colleagues. If anyone is not available at that time, mark the place, skip the information for that particular period and move to next information
  • Incase of lack of proper information and format problem there is no other alternative rather than skipping the required part.


Recruitment, one of the most important function of HR department. To keep regular update of the resumes that are arriving, the necessary data are being collaged together in a spreadsheet to keep proper record of them. This task is important because, it would help to figure out necessary data‟s in emergency period though there is no hardcopy CV along.

As Fiber @ Home is a growing company and it is expanding its business throughout the country, a huge number of manpower supports is needed. It is not always helpful to keep records in papers at the present time. In time of crisis finding a simple CV in hardcopy is very much time consuming whereas, when they are stored in datasheet it is very easy to find required information in few minutes including attachment.

The challenges/difficulties that are faced during the data conversion period are-

  • Conversion From Hardcopy to Softcopy
  • Maintain The Reference Number/Serial Number
  • Repetition Of CVs
  • People Having Same Information
  • Technical Difficulties
  • Trouble To Understand
  • Lack of Information
  • Not Maintaining Proper Format
  • Keeping Softcopy
  • Update Every Information‟s Regularly

In order to overcome the challenges faced while data conversion in HRIS some steps could be helpful. They measured steps are-

  • Paying proper attention while entering data‟s
  • Searching manually helps in some cases of repetition
  • Avoid auto correction in some special cases
  • Backup is an alternative suggested for recovery from technical difficulties
  • Taking help for coworkers/colleagues to understand hand written information is a recommended substitute.
  • In some cases skipping information‟s for time being might help.

To conclude, I would mention that without facing challenges nothing can established properly. So, by trying to overcome again and again one can be successful in any manner no matter how hard the job is. As Fiber @ Home Ltd. is trying to maintain their CV bank in a completely new format in spreadsheet, it will be easier to keep record as the time passes.