Our Favorite Wireless Earbuds

Our Favorite Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds should be simple to evaluate. There are not as many variables here as there are in the numerous other product categories we examine on a daily basis. Do those sound appealing? How long does the battery last? How do they go together? That last component, more than the others, is, of course, exceedingly subjective. It also highlights one of the most significant problems with product reviews. These objects that we routinely wear for extended periods, placed on our ears while working, traveling, exercising, and even sleeping, as though the music we listen to on them is a very personal affair.

As I have previously stated, I have never seen the consumer electronics sector expand as rapidly as Bluetooth earphones, which went from curiosity to commonplace in what seems like an instant. The fact is that the majority of them are rather competent. I usually advise clients to get a pair from the same brand that created their phone; there something to say about a product duo that is purposefully designed to function together. Certainly, that is a wonderful place to start. However, there are a number of other factors to consider when purchasing earbuds for you or as a present this holiday season. Here, sound, pricing, comfort, design, and size are all important factors to consider.

I have tested more wireless earphones than any other product category in the last year (by a wide margin). There is not, and probably never will be, a one-size-fits-all answer among them. The following are a few of my personal favorites in this developing and thriving field. With any of them, you cannot go wrong.

Our Favorite Wireless Earbuds

Apple’s pro-level buds are getting on in years, having just celebrated their third anniversary. They are, however, still the ones to beat in terms of the entire package. Sure, the firm just released the third generation of basic buds, which included additional capabilities that blurred the line between models, but the Pros remain superior in almost every regard. Unless you are allergic to silicone tips, that is. They sound amazing, are comfortable, offer outstanding noise cancellation, and operate with iOS devices flawlessly.

Until recently, if someone asked me for a nice pair of exercise headphones, I would always recommend the Powerbeats Pro. While the Fit Pro does not completely replace that product, they have risen to the top of my ranking for the category. 

I am surprised with what Beats was able to do in such a tiny category as someone who has recently resumed jogging. After evaluating several hard and unpleasant models in the past, I developed an allergy to stability wings, but the makers got it right this time.

OnePlus got a lot more things right with the Pros than they did with their initial set of buds. They will not set the world on fire with their technological innovations, but they are a strong and well-rounded duo that will not require a second mortgage. The Pros feature superb noise cancellation, are comfortable, and, as a bonus, with a press of the stems, pour contemplative white noise into your ears.