Misuse of Mobile Phone

Misuse of Mobile Phone

Misuse of Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is one of the wonderful inventions of science. In the fast pace of the 21st century, technology is part of everyone’s life. Things have become much more convenient. In the past, people faced many problems to perform simple calculations and day to day task but with the invention of the mobile phone, everything is just one tap away. This incredible technology has made our life easy. But the negative use of mobile phones may bring many troubles to our life. Mobile phones have many uses and misuses.

Mobile phones have transformed the lives of people across the globe. The world has turned into a global village, anyone can communicate with each other, even if they live poles apart. They are once easily available to help in case of emergency. Mobile phones have brought people closer and made things easy. And it is great source of entertainment. Another important aspect is its use in the field of education, now the students have access to numerous amounts of websites where they can easily gather information regarding their subjects.

Mobile phones have their own pros and cons. The biggest misuse of the phone is for social media which has become very popular in our youth. Now our teenagers are prone to use the Internet on mobile for downloading adult songs and videos. You can find almost anyone on different social media platforms where young people are indulged in competing with each other for material things. Scammers, sophisticated criminals, and thieves are known to indulge in criminal activities with the help of mobile phones. Parents need to strengthen family ties and teach moral values to their children.

Excessive usage of mobile phones has adverse effects on the health of people. Children at a very young age are affected by weak eyesight. While sleeping at night people keep their phones close to them and the harmful rays of the mobile phone radiations affect their brain, as a result, brain tumors or brain cancer is becoming more common in the population. Eye cancer, sleeplessness which causes chronic fatigue during the day, and infertility related to Wi-Fi connectivity are among the worries. It is not only an annoyance but also a frustrating happening.

It can isolate you from family and people around you. Apart from health, mobile phones are also affecting relationships. In the past people used to meet and greet each other on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year’s, eid festive, etc but now all they do is send a message through their mobile phones, due to which physical contact is lost as a result when people are in dire need no one really approaches them. Additionally, if a teenager or a partner is too much into their mobile phone, this can hurt their relationship with the family or partner respectively.

The secret of the development and fall of nations lies in their social and general behavior. Excess of everything is bad; if it is used in a correct manner we can enjoy our life as well as stabilize our relationships for a healthy future. If used judiciously, wisely and with the observance of public etiquettes, mobiles could be of great use.