Memo Format Asking for Charity

Memo Format Asking for Charity

Memo Format Asking for Charity


To: All Staff Members.

Subject: Contribution for Flood Victims.

From: Administration/Management.

Date: xx-xx-xx.


Dear Staff Members,

I am writing to let you people know about the campaign started in our organization/institution regarding the recent disaster in order to contribute for helping the flood victims. It has been nearly a week since the destructive rain and flood made a lot of damage in various areas of our country. The gale force water ripped the roofs off of homes, uprooted trees and brought down power lines in our hometown.


People are homeless and helpless. The villages have been totally destroyed and people are residing under the sky, and asking for help. The total cost to the local economy is still being calculated and many experts suspect that the total impact will run into the many billion (amount of mony). The foundations of houses were critically damaged from the rising waters. The entire area was flooded with a storm surge.


We are thankful for the many organizations/institutions from and across the country have pledged their support to our community. Being humans it is our duty to be right there when our people are in need. Kindly, make generous contributions in this regard.


Many Thanks.