Recommendation Letter Format for Colleague Template

Recommendation Letter Format for Colleague Template


Date: dd-mm-yy



(Company/Organization Name)

To Whom It May Concern

I come to know that (Name: XYZ) applied in your company/organization for employment in the capacity of (Designation/Position).

He/She worked with us as an insurance agent for two years. During his/her stay with us, he/she always did his/her work carefully and sufficiently. He/She is honest and direct in his/her dealings. He/She has impressive personality and pleasing habits and ways. He/She has always cooperated with other staff members.

He/She is leaving our company/organization him/herself to get a better chance in future, better job with yours. I feel pleased to recommend him/her to you as his/her working skills are compatible with the job requirements. He/She definitely will prove him/herself as a competent person.

Yours faithfully,

Name: ZZZ


Company/Organization Name: