Get A Complete Crash Course in Computer Science for Under $40

Get A Complete Crash Course in Computer Science for Under $40

Computer science is rarely a sealed subject. The role of both new and traditional therapists across the industry requires these important skills, from AI to programming to engineering to electrical products. There is no easy feat for deep understanding of complex principles and techniques, but it is possible for anyone to turn to computer science. 

After all, you do not need a college degree in computer science to master the most popular and useful concept. When it is time to get up in class, you can do it in your leisure and on your budget. The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle is a convenient course pack to suit your needs and is now available for only $39 (98% off regular price).

Do not underestimate this high-rated bundle; you will take 11 courses under 1200 lessons. The content covers things that come close to home, such as creating voice-activated personal assistants that are compatible with everyone’s virtual friend Amazon Alexa. Go to JavaScript Developer bootcamp, grab the ultimate Google Go coding skill set and learn code in the popular programming language Python 3. 

When it comes to coding, you will also learn scalable, high-scalable programming languages ​​with 65 hands-on examples. Get a strong foundation in software testing principles, and learn to use JUnit, Selenium, and Sikuli to solve real-world problems. Dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) with lessons from the Arduino IoT Cloud Platform with the opportunity to create your own projects.

More than 2,800 students already enrolled and there are reasons why computer science degrees are becoming more popular than ever before (although there is a gender disparity that requires a lot more work).

 Now, you can get a comprehensive education in computer science without falling into debt. Imagine what you learned in 174 hours, especially if you started today. Right now, you can get the full Computer Science Master Class bundle for $39, down 98% from the original MSRP.