Letter Format of Termination

Letter Format of Termination

Letter Format of Termination



(Company/Organization Name)

Subject:  Employee Termination Letter

Dear (Name),

We regret to inform you that your employment with our company/organization is terminated from (Date). In our termination meeting you were informed about this and this is an official letter for your acknowledgement. You have work with our company/organization for less than a year and due to your poor and incompatible behavior.

Before this notification, warning letters were issued to you, copies of which are present in your personal file. Major cause of this decision was your poor performance and careless behavior. It effected your intellectual skills.

As stated in your final warning letter that strict actions will be taken in case of poor performance, which can even lead to your job termination. Your failure to do so has brought us to our final verdict. Your office keys and company given laptop has been taken from you in the meeting. Officially, from (dd-mm-yy) you are not an employee of our company/organization. We had a good time with you (Name) for any assistance and information you can contact accounts manager.

Wish you good luck for your future.


HR Management


Date: xx-xx-xx