Termination Letter Format of Contract

Termination Letter Format of Contract

Termination Letter Format of Contract

Date: xx-xx-xx




Subject: Termination of Contract

You are offered a job as (Designation/Position) on contract basis with the terms and conditions that if you will fail to complete you assignment/target, your contract will be terminated due to periodical performance. You were assigned different targets during the period of five months.

After evaluation of your performance, it was found that you have been failed to get your assigned targets. You were warned many times by the coordination officer during the meeting held with you, but you did not even bothered to meet the basic requirements of the duties assigned to you. You mostly remained busy in your private affairs just marking your presence in the attendance register and did not perform your duties well and have found inefficient. You were lethargic and you failed to follow the instructions issued to you from time to time. Resultantly, this office has faced shortage in 100% target achievement.

To meet the Chairman, You are called on dated (dd-mm-yy) for personal hearing with proof of performance with assigned target, but you failed to satisfy this office in this regard. You were given another chance to improve your progress. Now you were once again called on dated (dd-mm-yy) for personal hearing for review of physical progress, but your progress was found nil and you also admitted that you could not carry on the job and are not eligible to perform the duty properly as due to hard nature job.

Your contract agreement is hereby terminated today on account of your poor performance, inefficiency and misconduct under the contract agreement. You are also directed to return all the store items and get your clearance certificate from this office and clear you salary bills payable.

HR Manager,