Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Format

[The staff meeting agenda is always written to the management of the company or institution from where the staff has decided to schedule the meeting. The management must be motivated to provide the staff the time requested because it will be beneficial for all concerned. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

Points to consider while drafting Staff Meeting Agendas –

  • The date, time and location of the meeting should be mentioned on the agenda.
  • The management must be requested to provide a certain timeframe for every subject to be discussed.
  • The language used in the staff meeting agenda must be formal.
  • The staff meeting agenda should be a method of initiating a dialogue without making any attempt to instil fear in the minds of the management.
Sample Staff Meeting Agenda –

Home And School Federation Brainstorming Session (Agenda Topic)

[Date: DD/MM/YY]

[Location: Area name…]

Draft Agenda.

6:30 PM — Welcome & help yourself to refreshments.

6:45 PM — the process of introductions.

6:55 PM — brainstorming – generation of issues, topics & ideas.

7:20 PM — vote – coloured dots.

7:30 PM — a discussion on the above subjects.

8:15 PM — wrap up – actions.

8:30 PM — thank you for coming

Notes: A record of the discussion recorded on a flip chart will be circulated. The introduction to the brainstorming will also be provided.]


Another Example of Staff Meeting Agenda –

HR Staff Meeting Agenda — Quality Leadership Meeting Agenda.

UH, Staff Morale Survey by [name of the individual].

Group activity by [name of the individual]

Administrative and finance updates by [names of the individuals].

Progress card by [name of the presenter]

What Is Driving Staff Attitudes?

Obstacles To Performance Top Five –

  1. Interruptions by other people.
  2. Rules and procedures.
  3. Other employees.
  4. Conflicting demands on the job.
  5. Inadequate assistance from others.

[Note: The HR department often conducts meetings to understand the progress made by new and existing employees or to decide whether they should begin the hiring process for the benefit of the organization.]