Sample Appointment Letter with Probation Period

Sample Appointment Letter with Probation Period

Sample Appointment Letter with Probation Period

[This a Sample Letter of Job Appointment for a sales manager, accounts, management trainee or any other post.  This letter is very simple which includes the name, date of appointment, terms, and conditions for the position/job, monthly salary, allowance and other terms required for the job or by the company.]


Candidate name…


Contact no…

Sub: Appointment Letter

Dear (Name),

With effect from (Date) we are happy to offer you the position of (Job Designation, e.g., Accounts Manager) with the following terms and conditions:

  • Your probation period will be for three/six months starting from the date of your joining. However, this period can be cut short or extended based on the individual’s performance and at the discretion of the management.
  • Your pay during the probation period will be (Amount of money) per month
  • You will be entitled to travel reimbursement (Amount of money) based on your actual traveling related to your assignment.
  • You are not entitled to any leaves with pay during the probation period.
  • You might be placed in any project as and when required by the management.
  • Either party can nullify this contract by giving a notice of 20 days.
  • After the probation period, you will be given a proper letter of appointment with the terms and conditions for permanent employment.

Best regards,


Job Designation…

N.B: Kindly submit the following documents with the signed copy of this letter:

  1. Your I.D. Card copies (2)
  2. References (3) with I.D. Card copies [draft enclosed]
  3. Biodata Form [draft enclosed]