Sample Conference Agenda Format

Sample Conference Agenda Format

Sample Conference Agenda Format

[An agenda for a conference can be forwarded to various people who could be representing companies, organizations, parents of children and groups of people that are interested in a particular subject. Here briefly focus on Sample Conference Agenda Format. Conferences of all types may be held by organizers who could be representing organizations, companies or even schools and may decide to hold a conference for various reasons.]

Points to consider while drafting Conference Agendas –

  • The date, time and location of the conference must receive a mention at the beginning of the agenda.
  • The reason the organizers intend to hold the conference is also a necessity.
  • Opening and closing salutations cannot be ignored.
  • Subjects which will be discussed during the conference must be mentioned.
  • The duration of the conference [hours, day] may also be provided.

Example of Conference Agenda –


Parent/TeacherTeacher Conference Agenda

[From The XYZ School],

[Name of The Principal Of the School],

[To The Parents of Students Of XYZ School],

Thank you for trusting this school to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child to develop and mature.

The purpose of this conference is to share information with each other which can provide us with information about how we can work together to meet the requirements of your child. The agenda for the conference is as follows:

(1) Exchange of Information.

  • General attitude about the school.
  • Temperament and personality.
  • Favourites.
  • Influential family members and friends.
  • Discipline and behaviour.
  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Other information.

(2) Questions and concerns.

(3) Goals and objectives.

(4) Establishing a link between the home and school.

We believe that our interactions can prove beneficial for helping us understand the needs of your child better and therefore anticipate your wholehearted participation in the conference.


[signature of the principal],

[name of the principal].


Example of Conference Agenda –

Annual Sales Conference


[From Name of the Organization and Full Contact Details]

[Venue: Name of the Venue Of the Sales Conference]

Registration Form.

Please complete the form and return the same to the contact details of the organization mentioned above.


Job title.

Name of the company.


Telephone numbers.

Agenda of the conference.

  • Monday [date] technical training school — day 1
  • Tuesday [date] technical training school — day 2
  • Wednesday [date] sales conference of the organization.
  • Thursday [date] sales conference and a cocktail reception organized by the company.

Attendees can contact the following hotels [name of the hotel’s along with contact numbers] for reserving accommodation for the days mentioned for the conference. The accommodation will be provided free of charge by the organization. Arrangements have also been made to satisfy any dietary requirements that attendees may have during their stay at the hotel. Attendees that require special arrangements because disabilities are also welcome to attend.

We look forward to meeting you all during the annual sales conference.


[signature of the authorized individual],

[name of the authorized individual].