KELT-1 – an F-type Main-sequence Star

KELT-1 – an F-type Main-sequence Star

KELT-1 is a main-sequence star of the F class. The temperature on its surface is 6518±50 K. It has a similar proportion of heavy metals to the Sun, with a metallicity Fe/H index of 0.008±0.073, but is much younger at 1.75±0.25 billion years. The star is quickly spinning.

The star KELT-1 islocated about 758.5 light-years (232.6 pc) away from our Solar System. It has apparent magnitude of 10.7, with absolute magnitude of 3.9. It is 1.3 times more massive and 1.5 times bigger compared with our Sun. The surface temperature is 6516 with its spectral types of F5. In 2012, a red dwarf star partner with an estimated separation of 154±8 AU was discovered alongside a planetary companion.

Planetary system

In 2012, it was discovered that the star was being orbited by a low-mass brown dwarf or massive planet.

The equilibrium temperature of the brown dwarf/planet KELT-1b is 2422+32-26 K, yet there is a significant difference between recorded dayside and nightside temperatures. The daytime temperature appears to be 3340±110 K, while the nighttime temperature appears to be 1173+175-130 K. The high dayside temperature could be due to highly reflective (dayside albedo approaching 0.5, which is rare for hot planets and brown dwarfs) rock-vapor clouds. In addition, the brightest band is 18.3±7.4° east of the subsolar point.

The density of KELT-1b, 22.1+5.62-9.16 g/cm3, is the greatest among well-characterized planets. The gas giant exoplanet KELT-1 b orbits an F-type star. It has a mass of 27.23 Jupiters, takes 1.2 days to complete one orbit around its star, and is 0.02466 AU away from it. It was discovered in 2012 and was announced.

KELT-1 b is an exoplanet that orbits the star KELT-1, which is 758.5 light-years (232.6 pc) from our Solar System. Its discovery was made public in 2012. The host star, KELT-1, has an apparent brightness of 10.7 and an absolute magnitude of 3.9, making it 1.3 times more massive and 1.5 times larger than our Sun. The surface temperature is 6516 degrees Fahrenheit, and the spectral type is F5.

In this planetary system, the extrasolar planet KELT-1 b orbits around the star KELT-1 every 1.2 days with its orbital distance of 0.02 AU.

The planetary orbit is well aligned with the equatorial plane of the star, with the misalignment angle equal to 2±16°. Despite the short orbital period, orbital decay of KELT-1b has not been detected as of 2018.