Internet Heavily Invested In Woman’s Quest to Unstick Her Bowls

Internet Heavily Invested In Woman’s Quest to Unstick Her Bowls

Twitter has been extremely involved in solving a little scientific problem in the previous several days: how to get one woman’s bowls unstuck. While doing the dishes, Chi Nguyn placed two bowls, which were trapped together. She turned to twitter for help with the challenge of removing the smaller bowl without crushing both into bits after two days of attempting to unstick them.

Other than raw strength, there are a few physics tactics you may try to separate bowls or glasses that have been stuck together. The easiest method is to fill the top bowl with cold liquid while warming the lower one. The upper bowl will constrict as the water cools, while the bottom bowl will expand as the water warms. Extremes in temperature, such as very cold water or ice, or very hot liquid, can cause the bowls or glasses to shatter. It is typically enough to be able to peel separate the glasses or bowls once they have cooled or heated up sufficiently. 

Chi attempted almost every “trick” available on the Internet, including WD-40, oil, forceful shaking, and passive-aggressive comments directed towards both bowls. The bowls remain trapped, defying all physics. There are just a few possibilities remaining, such putting a drinking straw between the two bowls and blowing forcefully, or picking the favored bowl and hammering the other one. Chi has been silent since the last update, but the internet is still quite involved in the outcome, which at this point seems to imply that the two bowls are permanently joined.

To fight off evil spirits, bowls containing magical inscriptions were buried beneath the flooring of ancient Mesopotamian homes. In the unusual chance that this succeeded, the advantages appear to have worn off over the decades, as a significant collection of these bowls has now been discovered, and the holder faces accusations that might result in long prison sentences. The excavation also included ancient coins, glassware, and weaponry.

Recovering ancient relics is a difficult task. Rare and attractive artifacts can command a great price, and many purchasers are unconcerned about buying them from their lawful owners. Indeed, the subject of who those owners are is frequently contested, as seen by many countries’ protracted struggle to reclaim the contents of their museums from previous colonial powers.