How to face an important examination day?

How to face an important examination day? – an Open Speech.

Exams are an important type of assessment almost all students will need to undertake. The best way to study is not to cram it all in hours or minutes before an exam. After so many months of preparation and studies, it is time to face the examination. Exam stress affects most students in varying ways. It is important to manage this stress and find little ways of helping to eliminate the risk of burnout.

How do you face such an important day? If you have not been able to study the complete syllabus till now; don’t aspire to finish it all. Firstly, prepare a test kit for the duration of your examination. In your bag, collect all your supplies such as pencils, several pens and other important stationery, a calculator, your geometry set, the important identity card, and your examination slip. Put the bag and everything else that you might need, including some notebooks, in one place. This will help to reduce your worries in the morning.

Many students find difficulty sleeping especially if they are facing their first examination. Allow your body to get back to its normal cycle at least a week before the examination if you have been staying up late. In fact, research has proven that a person who studies and then gets some rest does better on a test than someone who crams for twice as long and then goes straight to the exam. Try to relax and remember to set your alarm clock. Scientists believe that one function of sleep is to give your brain time to consolidate what you have learned during the day.

When you arrive at the hall, surround yourself with friends who are supportive or just go through your notes quietly. Always make it a point to study the subjects which you find easier to learn, first. If you do not know the answer to any topic, do not go round asking frantically for the answer. This will just upset you and send you into panic mode.

When you are in the examination hall, follow these steps. Before the examination starts, make sure your question paper is complete. Read the instructions carefully. Do not worry if you cannot answer the very first question or if your mind goes blank. Tackle the easy questions first. Divide your time carefully for each question and move on to the next question even if you have not finished the first.

Finally, after each paper, go home and rest. Do not worry about what you could have done or did not do. Some students avoid discussing their feelings about their preparation – this is not a healthy habit. Try not to discuss the answers with your friends. You should not allow anything to upset the rest of the examination.


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