Happiness – an Open Speech

Happiness – an Open Speech

Happiness – an Open Speech

The shiny big car stopped beside Ahmid’s stall. A man dressed in designer clothes and shoes got out and ordered a bowl of cendol. Ahmed expertly shaved some ice into a plastic bowl and poured syrup and coconut milk over it. He handed it to the customer with a cheerful smile and thanked him for the payment. After finishing the dessert, the man asked Ahmed, ‘How’s business?’ Ahmed replied that business was slow because it was the rainy season. ‘Then why are you so happy?’ asked the man.

With a wide smile, Ahmed said, `I’m happy because I’m alive and well.’

‘But you might earn very little money today. How can you smile like that?’

Ahmed’s smile widened, ‘It’s all right. When I think of my family waiting for me, I’m happy.’

The rich man replied sadly, ‘I wish I could find happiness like you.’ With a sigh, he got into his car and drove away.

Like the rich man, everyone seems to be searching for happiness. They try to find it through their achievements, material possessions, friends, and entertainment. Some look for it by taking drugs and getting involved in crime. But truly, the secret to happiness lies in the cendol seller’s reply.

If you enjoy each moment and each day as it comes, you will be happy. Focus on the present. The past is over, so do not dwell on what might have been. Tomorrow is yet to be so there is no point worrying ahead of time. You are alive. Be thankful and enjoy the day. Smile often.

Ahmed the cendol seller did not have much money but he was contented with what he had. If he compared himself to his customer who dressed so well and drove a luxury car, he would be unhappy. So another secret to happiness is not to make money your goal in life if you want happiness. Those who think that having more money will make them happy will find that money is never enough. They look at what they have and they desire more. They focus all their time and energy on gathering wealth and they never enjoy what they have. How can they be happy then?

The other secret to happiness Ahmed shared with his customer is to treasure relationships. Knowing that you are important to someone will make you feel happy. You should invest time to build and strengthen relationships with family members and close friends if you want happiness. If you neglect the people in your life, you will end up sad and lonely even if you were to become a great success.

Happiness is not as difficult to find as some people think. All you need to do is to be thankful for and to enjoy the present, to avoid making money the top priority in life, and to treasure relationships.