Trump Sues Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for ‘Censorship’

Former President Donald Trump has said he is suing Google’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as their respective CEOs, for allegedly “illegal censorship” of Americans. Trump said Wednesday that he would lead a classified action against CEOs Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Pretty Pichai, as well as their Big Tech platform. “We urge the U.S. District Court in the South American district of Florida to immediately order the social media companies to stop illegal and shameful censorship of the American people,” he added, adding that he also asked the court to impose penalties.

“This will be a fundamental fight to defend the First Amendment. Trump said and in the end I am sure that Americans will achieve a historic victory for freedom and at the same time freedom of speech January on Capitol Hill.6. Following its attack, Twitter permanently banned Trump from its platform, citing repeated violations of its prevention policies and the risk he could use to incite further violence.

Trump Sues Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for ‘Censorship’

Facebook has banned Trump for at least two years for the same reason, with Google’s YouTube suspending his account indefinitely. The move deprives the former president of the keynote speech that he compulsorily preached to millions of his supporters, criticized his enemies, praised his allies and repeated unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud by his democratic opponents during the 2020 election. Throughout his presidency, Trump and many of his Republican allies argued that Big Tech’s platforms were biased against conservatives, while left-wing critics of the platform said they had not done enough to control hate speech. .

The legal effort announced Wednesday is backed by the First Policy Institute of America, a nonprofit organization that promotes policies; Trump said the lawsuit is “a crucial game changer for our country.” 

Since the social media ban, Trump has fought to create a similar effect elsewhere online. In May, he started his own blog site from Donald J. Trump’s desk, only to close it less than a month later, apparently frustrated by the lack of readers. He is also exploring to create his own social media platform. A Twitter spokesman declined to comment on the case. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.