Customer Satisfaction of City Bank Limited

Customer Satisfaction of City Bank Limited

The principle objective of this report is to analysis Customer Satisfaction of The City Bank Limited. General objectives of this reports are to get an overall idea of banking from banker’s point of view, to review the techniques used by the bank to make it lucrative, an exposure of practices of different banking activities in The City Bank Ltd, relevant rules, regulations, theories and practices for banking and to have a clear concept on departmentalization and the authority entrusted on different officials. Finally this report make swot analysis Customer Satisfaction of The City Bank Limited.


Objective of the Study

The prime objective of the report is to get practical exposure to organizational environment as well as to understand the system and methodology adopted in conducting day to day banking by The City Bank Ltd. Besides this report has been composed to obtain the following objectives:

  • To get an overall idea of banking from banker’s point of view.
  • To review the techniques used by the bank to make it lucrative.
  • An exposure of practices of different banking activities in The City Bank Ltd.
  • Relevant rules, regulations, theories and practices for banking.
  • To have a clear concept on departmentalization and the authority entrusted on different officials.
  • Determining the drawbacks of the existing level of customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluation of the present performance of the Bank regarding Customer Satisfaction. Recommending some guidelines to improve the effectiveness and effectiveness of customer satisfaction.


Organization Review

The City Bank Limited

City Bank is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country which started their operations in 1983. The Bank started its journey on 27th March 1983 through opening its first branch at B. B. Avenue Branch in the capital, Dhaka city. It was the visionary entrepreneurship of around 13 local businessmen who braved the immense uncertainties and risks with courage and zeal that made the establishment & forward march of the bank possible. Those sponsor directors commenced the journey with only Taka 3.4 core worth of Capital, which now is a respectable Taka 330.77 core as capital & reserve.

City Bank is among the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Instead the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 4 distinct business divisions namely:

  1. Corporate & Investment Banking;
  2. Retail Banking (including Cards);
  3. SME Banking; &
  4. Treasury & Market Risks.

Under a real-time online banking platform, these 4 business divisions are supported at the back by a robust service delivery or operations setup and also a smart IT Backbone. Such centralized business segment based business & operating model ensure specialized treatment and services to the bank’s different customer segments.

The bank currently has 83 online branches spread across the length & breadth of the country that include a full fledged Banking branch. Besides these traditional delivery points, the bank is also very active in the alternative delivery area. It currently has 26 ATMs of its own; and ATM sharing arrangement with a partner bank that has 225 ATMs in place; SMS Banking; Interest Banking and so on. Soon its Customer Call Center is going to start operation. The bank has a plan to end the current year with 50 own ATMs.

City Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to have issued Dual Currency Credit Card. The bank is a principal member of VISA international and it issues both Local Currency (Taka) & Foreign Currency (US Dollar) card limits in a single plastic. VISA Debit Card is another popular product which the bank is pushing hard in order to ease out the queues at the branch created by its astounding base of some 400,000 retail customers. The launch of VISA Prepaid Card for the travel sector is currently underway.

City Bank prides itself in offering a very personalized and friendly customer service. It has in place a customized service excellence model called GAP (Graceful-Appropriate-Pleasing) that focuses on ensuring happy customers through setting benchmarks for the bank’s employees’ attitude, behavior, readiness level, accuracy and timelines of service quality.

City Bank is one of the largest corporate banks in the country with a current business model that heavily encourages and supports the growth of the bank in Retail and SME Banking. The bank is very much on its way to opening many independent SME centers across the country within a short time. The bank is also very active in the workers’ foreign remittance business. It has strong tie-ups with major exchange companies in the Middle East, Europe, Far East & USA, from where thousands of individual remittances come to the country every month for disbursements through the bank’s large network of 83 online branches.

The current senior management leaders of the bank consist of mostly people form the multinational banks with superior management skills and knowledge in their respective “specialized” areas. The bank this year, is celebrating its 25th year of journey with the clear ambition of becoming the no.1 private commercial bank in the country in 3 years time. The newly launched logo and the pay-off line of the bank are just one initial step towards reaching that point.

Departments of the bank

If the jobs are not organized considering their interrelationship and are not allocated in a particular department it would be very difficult to control the system effectively. If the departments are not fitted for the particular works there would be haphazard situation and the performance of a particular department would not be measured. The City Bank Limited does this work very well. There are

  • Human Resources Division
  • Finance Division
  • Audit and Inspection Division
  • Internal Control & Compliance
  • Marketing Division
  • Corporate Banking Division
  • Consumer Banking Division
  • Treasury Division
  • Trade Service & Correspondent Banking Division
  • Logistic and support division
  • Information Technology Division
  • Credit Division
  • SME Division
  • Credit Admin and Monitoring Division
  • Corporate Affairs Division
  • Card Division
  • Recovery & Legal Division.


Organization  division of the bank


One of the most remarkable success stories of last 50 years’ banking industry globally has been the conceptualization and innovative execution of banking with individual customers, their friends & families. The industry has termed it as Retail Banking or Personal Banking or Consumer Banking; and it has now – at a very rapid pace – become the major revenue line for most of the top banks in the world.

City Bank, too, recently has started its journey in Retail Banking. “City Retail – add a little city to your life” is the new brand-mantra, the pay-off line for City Retail. Our aim is clear. The City Bank Ltd want City Bank to become the most preferred bank to all individual clientele of the country, at least of the cities and towns where the City Bank Ltd operate. The City Bank Ltd wants to provide our customers the best-in-class services, innovative products and financial solutions from smart outlets – all with a big smile that conveys and generates happiness all the way!

The major retail banking products of the City Bank Limited are:

  • Deposit Service
  • Loan service
  • NRB (Banking facilities for Non Residential Bangladeshis)
  • Debit and Credit Card

City Shomridhdhi is an exceptional DPS product that is distinctly more attractive than the prevalent DPS products in the market. You receive a hefty sum at the end of the term against your monthly deposit of small installments. It’s a perfect way to secure your financial future! City Projonmo is a unique monthly deposit scheme that you open for your kids to safeguard their future against all uncertainties and risks. As a guardian of the child you can open this account which builds great & unmatchable savings for you over the years. By the time your child is past his or her school age, there is this sufficient cash in your hand to take care of his / herhigher education, marriage or other such large expenses.

City Ichchapuron allows you to earn interest and enjoy interest every month that accrues in your fixed deposit account, no matter what the term of the deposit is. It helps make your financial planning more disciplined, and your life more organized. While your fixed deposit remains untouched and well-kept for future, you keep on getting the profit on a monthly basis. What better way to take care of your monthly recurring expenses like children’s education or school fees, house tutor’s remuneration, utility bill payments, saving money in some DPS scheme?

City Drive is a tailor made Auto Loan facility. City Solution is life-style loan including vacation, education, wedding, house renovation and medical financing. City Bank currently has 9,000 Debit Cards and 8,000 Credit Cards including dual currency cards first of its kind in circulation. 50 new ATMs are projected to be launched in 2008-09 to facilitate reach and convenience and thereby help to increase its customer base significantly. Already 11 ATMs are in operation and City Bank’s customers can use Dutch Bangla Bank’s large ATM Fleet.



City Bank offers a wide variety of deposit products to meet your financial needs. From current and savings accounts to Fixed Deposits and Pension Schemes each account is designed to give you the best value for your money. Please take a closer look at all the deposit products of City Bank has to offer and then visit any of our branches close to your location.

Deposit Products:

  • Current account
  • Savings account
  • City Onayash
  • City Shomridhdhi
  • City Projonmo
  • City Ichchapurun
  • Fixed Deposit

Loan service:

City Bank offers three types of lone service. The loan products are:

  • City Drive
  • City Solution
  • City Express

City Drive:

Owning a car is no longer a luxury. Car for your family is now a matter of fulfilling a necessity. Appreciating that basic need, City Bank introduces City Drive, a tailor-made auto loan scheme for individuals.


  • Loan amount ranging from Tk. 300,000 to Tk. 20,00,000
  • Car financing up to 90% of reconditioned or new vehicle price
  • Lower interest rate & up to 100% financing for loan against cash security
  • Loan tenor 12 to 60 months
  • No hidden charges
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Loan processing fee 1% of loan amount


  • Age: 22 to 60 years
  • Experience: Salaried executive total 1 year including 6 months with current employer
  • Experience: Business person/paraprofessional 1 year
  • Monthly income: Minimum Tk. 30,000

City Solution:

Whatever the occasion or requirement may be, City Solution – any personal loan from City Bank – is there to solve all your problems and to fulfill all your dreams. You can access this facility from our selected branches across the country.


  • Loan amount ranging from Tk. 50,000 to Tk. 1000,000
  • Loan tenor 12 to 60 months
  • No guarantor required for the loan amount up to Tk. 3 lac
  • No hidden charges
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Processing fee 1.5%


  • Age: 22 to 60 years
  • Experience: Salaried executive total 1 year including 6 months with current employer
  • Experience: Business person 2 years
  • Experience: Professional 1 year
  • Minimum monthly income: Salaried executive Tk. 15,000, self employed Tk. 25,000 and business person Tk. 30,000

Loan Takeover plan:

An exclusive offer for other bank’s credit worthy customers who can now transfer their personal loan outstanding to City Solution with a preferential interest rate and waiver on processing fee.


  • Minimum 6 loan EMI repayment with existing bank.
  • A minimum take over loan amount is Tk. 100,000 and maximum Tk. 950,000.


  • No processing fee.
  • No extra cost for loan takeover.
  • No processing fee for additional loan.
  • 1% reduced from City Solution interest rate.


Debit and Credit Card

Debit Card:

CITY Visa Electron Debit Card – By your side, round the clock.Now comes the Visa Debit Card from City Bank. Your life, therefore, becomes hassle-free and safe; and it is Visa Electron branded, which makes you the proud owner of a meaningful plastic.


  • Cash withdrawal from 500+ Visa ATMs 24/7/365 all over the country
  • Shop and dine at hundreds of merchant Visa outlets all over the country
  • Balance enquiry
  • PIN Change
  • Mini statement
  • Cash withdrawal @ Taka 12 per transaction at 583 DBBL ATMs
  • Cash withdrawal @ Taka 10 per transaction at 110 Q-cash network ATMs


If you are an individual and have a savings, current or STD account in CBL, you are eligible avail this card. Just drop in any nearby CBL branch, collect an application form and submit duly filled up form. Within shortest time you will get the card delivered at your mailing address or at your designated branch.

Credit Card:

City Bank is the first bank to issue Dual Currency Credit Card in Bangladesh. This card enables you simultaneous usage of your card both in home and in abroad. You do not need to carry two different cards for the same purpose.


  • Variable Interest Rate
  • EMI Plan
  • Balance Transfer
  • Round the clock cash withdrawal facility at any Visa branded ATM throughout the world
  • Round the clock purchasing power for goods and services at any Visa branded POS outlet
  • 24% interest on Cash Advance
  • No cash Advance fee at CITY ATMs
  • Lowest Annual/Renewal Fee
  • International Roaming facility
  • Internet Transaction
  • Convenient Repayment option
  • E-statement
  • Limited Lost Card Liability
  • Secured with your Photo – Photo Card
  • 24 hours customer service help desk


  • Bangladeshi Nationals
  • Age range for primary card holder is 18 years to 60 years
  • Age range for supplementary card holder is 18 year to 60 years
  • Age bar can be relaxed for secured cards
  • Minimum Gross Monthly Income(GMI) for silver card Tk 15,000
  • Minimum Gross Monthly Income(GMI) for gold card Tk 30,000

City Credit Cards:

  • Visa Local Classic
  • Visa Classic Dual
  • Visa Gold Local
  • Visa Gold Dual



City Bank is a major player in Bangladesh wholesale banking industry to offer the full scope of innovative, customized solutions and services. The City Bank Ltd offers service at the highest level. Our focus is not on short-term profit, but on building long-term relationships and standing by our clients whenever they need us.

The City Bank Ltd has a unique business focus on enabling project financing, trade, investment and supply chain financing for clients. The City Bank Ltd aims to be a one-stop gateway for corporate and financial institutions looking to extend their business. And the City Bank Ltd are committed to using our country wide network to facilitate our clients’ growing trade and investment flows and supply chain financing needs across our business footprint.

The Corporate & Investment Relationship teams have taken the blue chip customers like Grameen Phone, Epylion Group, Banglalink, Ericsson, Meghna Group, Esquire Group, and Nandan etc. Structured Finance team has recently closed a Tk. 1100 million preference share transaction for Khulna Power Company Ltd. As mandated facilitator and agent.

The City Bank Ltd focuses exclusively on corporate and institutional clients domiciled or conducting business in our footprint, offering clients access to our extensive branch network and award winning suite of state of the art services. It fully understands the importance of time, convenience and efficiency to the success of your business. The City Bank Ltd makes easy the complex financial world for you and helps you maximize every opportunity.

Following are the Corporate Banking Products of the City Bank Limited:

  • Working capital finance
  • Trade finance
  • Short / Mid-term finance
  • Project finance
  • Islamic finance
  • Structured finance
  • Cash management
  • Investment banking




SME Banking of City Bank is assuming a new and modern dimension. It is entering in to a wider horizon. The philosophy of extending banking services to SME’s of the country is to meaningfully push every one of them up to the next level of respective business operations. The upward push would be meaningful as they would be business wise competitive for a sustainable future. It is therefore would be turning in to an abode of SME’s to grow to the next level. Hence, the bank has named it City Business – for taking SME’s to the next level. For the first time in the history of City Bank, SME Banking business processes are going to be driven thru a centralized platform model. This is a fundamental move away from a 25 years legacy system of decentralized geography based branch banking model. The City Bank Ltd knows this transformation process and momentum is already in place. This would be completed by 2008 City Bank provides several customized SME Banking products namely City Muldhan, City Sheba, City Shulov, and City Munafa. SME asset size went up to BDT 4930 in 2007 and the number of borrowers in SME was 2825.


City Bank Ltd. has a dedicated Treasury team who is capable of providing all treasury Solutions. Through our foreign correspondent business partners CBL is providing a wide range of Treasury products. In CBL Treasury, there are four teams who are specialized in their own area to ensure the best possible solution to our customer requirement. CBL has following teams in the Treasury:

  • Foreign Exchange (Local & G7)
  • Money Market
  • Corporate Sales
  • ALM & Market Research



Financial performance of the bank

The City Bank Ltd is operating into private Commercial Banking 2 decades. It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country, which started their operations in 1983. The financial observation of the Bank will depict its various performance related parameter to review the financial and management strength.

Five years performance at a glace is given into the table below:

Particulars/ Year20042005200620072008
Authorized Capital400.001750.001750.001750.001750.00
Paid up Capital240.00480.00720.001080.001188.00
Statutory Reserve213.81378.42604.61896.95735.26
Other Reserve240.60240.62240.62573.10573.10
Retained Earning102.7878.4333.1734.5438.11
Total Share holder Equity797.211417.471958.402530.902874.37
Loans and Advance14778.5517027.8423326.3430789.0230789.02
Total Asset23698.5626375.5635303.7447445.7547445.75
Total Income2475.042707.843476.855217.435217.43
Total Expenses1799.171785.792227.993722.733722.73
Profit before Provision675.87922.051248.861494.701494.70
Total Provision472.4199.00117.93841.68841.68
Profit before Tax (after provision)203.46823.051130.93653.02653.02
Provision for Tax190.00442.79590.00413.00413.00
Net Profit after Tax13.46380.26540.93240.02240.02
Return on Equity (%)1.70%34.34%32.05%10.69%10.69%
Return on Assets (%)0.06%1.52%1.75%0.58%0.58%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (%)6.56%9.78%9.63%9.21%9.21%
Credit Deposit Ratio (%)74%77%76%78%78%
Earning per Share5.6179.2275.1322.2222.22
Book Value per Share329.37230.70272.00234.36234.36
Market Value per Share227.65877.75770.75390.00390.00
No. of Employees16921803182919891989
Number of Branch7777777878
AD Branch2020202222
No. of Shareholders32473486567882948294

Table: Financial performances over 5 year’s period



What is Customer service?

Customer service is the set of process that a business undertakes during its interaction with its customers. It can also refer to a specific person or desk which is set up to provide general assistance to customers.

CRM (Credit Risk Management) is system with which to identify and track customer’s needs. Four basic steps will help to ensure a greater effectiveness in your CRM system:

  • Establish clear and specific objectives regarding the CRM needs you wish to fulfill,
  • Plan a realistic strategy to accomplish the set objectives,
  • Identify a CRM software that matches up with set goals,
  • Evaluate on a regular basis to train and adapt your strategy to your progressive experience.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

It is the satisfaction of customers in terms of how they are satisfied with the politeness, knowledge and promptness of employees in handling busy customers. It also takes into consideration the perception of the customers as to whether the product or service is worth what they are paying for it.

Customers of The City Bank Limited have a good perception about the quality of service provided by them. From our survey we found that customers are satisfied with the overall service of CBL. All the offers provided by CBL are very beneficial for the customers. But in case of service benefit is not the alone factor that determines the level of satisfaction. There are many other things that take control over the overall satisfaction. For instance, service having attractive offers may fail only because of rude behavior or carelessness of the provider. So it is very important to ensure other factors that are related with the success of the service.

The five factors to measure efficiency: 

There are five major factors identified by the experts that are essential to assure the quality of better service that will lift the level of efficiency. They are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. These five factors determine the quality of interaction between customer and provider, the quality of: Physical environment quality and out come quality of the service which leads the overall service to the position of excellence of quality. From our survey we found that how these factors affect their satisfaction level.


It means ability to perform the promised service accurately. In case of banking reliability is very important. Because if the client pretends that the company  is not able to continue its service proper in the future they will not interested to banking with  PBL. From our survey we see that most of the customers choose CBL because they think it is reliable compare to others in case of providing various unique features (Bangladesh international). On the whole customers have a perception that CBL is capable to provide all the services they offered.


It is another vital factor that controls customers’ perception about quality of service. It means willingness of the employees to help the customers. According to the perception of customers responsiveness is very important to increase the quality of the service. Even the customers ranked the importance of responsiveness in banking 7 out of 9. If employees do not response immediately to the need of the customers, valuable time of the customers will be spent unnecessarily. Even the customer may become frustrated whether he will get the service or not. The customers of CBL replied that CBL responses promptly.


It means the knowledge and ability of the employees to develop trust in the mind of the clients about the completion of the task properly and on time. Customers have a great perception about CBL that they perform according to their promise. Assurance has a great impact on the quality of the service because if promises are not kept customers may switch to other bank.


To ensure better service it is very important for the employees to have empathy. Empathy means giving individual attention and taking extra care of the customer. CBL has young and energetic employees that interact with customers nicely and they continuously ask about their satisfaction and dissatisfaction of every individual.


Tangibles are very important factor because it directs the customer mind about the quality of the service. Tangibles are physical facilities, equipment etc used in the context of service company.  Interior decoration, sitting arrangements, temperature of the room, cleanness odor everything controls the perception of customers about the quality of the service. CBL has confirmed well interior decoration in all there branches and they try keep the standard of there services cape same all over the world. They use all the elements used in there company like chairs, carpet etc imported from Hong Kong and all of them are same for all branches.


SWOT Analysis

Both manufacturing and service oriented business organizations start to possess some weakness as time elapse. The weaknesses of an organization can be turned into opportunities if recognized on time. Moreover, overlooking any threat may result in loosing valuable business opportunities. For this reason, an assessment of every business organization is required to judge the performance from the aspects of its Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT).

SWOT Analysis of City Bank Ltd. is stated below:


  1. Superior Service Quality: CBL provides excellent and consistent quality service in each and every sector of its operations to the customers. It makes the customers satisfied.
  2. Top Management: The top management of CBL is very experienced and well-known in the Banking sector of Bangladesh. They are contributing heavily towards the growth and development of the Bank. Experienced bankers and corporate personnel have formed the management.
  3. Company Reputation: CBL has already created a good reputation in the Banking Industry of Bangladesh.
  4. Modern Facilities and Computer: From the very beginning, CBL tries to furnish its work surrounding with modern equipment and furnitures. For speedy service to the customer, CBL already installed money-counting machine in the teller counter. The bank has computerized banking operation under software called ‘PC Bank’. Moreover, computer printed statements are available to internal use and occasionally for the customers.
  5. Interactive Corporate Culture: The Corporate Culture of CBL is much more interactive compare to other local organizations. This interactive environment encourages the employee to work attentively.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction level of CBL is quite good. Informal conversation with customers about the service quality helps the management to provide services according to their choice which makes customers satisfied.
  7. Good Number of Branches: CBL already has 83 online branches all over Bangladesh to provide quality service to every level of customer.
  8. ATM Service: Some services of the bank are automated which attract large number of clients. For instance, the bank provides Automated Teller Machine (ATM) services in several locations.
  9. Online Banking: The bank recently introduced online banking which enabled it to automate all of its operations. At present, several banking functions are performed by computers.


  1. Limited Workforce: CBL, Mouchak Branch has limited workforce. There is shortage of people. As a result, many of the employees are burdened with extra workloads and work late hours without any overtime facilities. This might cause high employee turnover which is not good for the organization.
  2. Lengthy Loan Granting Process: The credit sanction and disbursement procedure is quite lengthy, because the loan granting process of the Mouchak Branch of CBL is very strict that sometimes effects negatively on customer’s mind.
  3. Centralized Authority: Delegation of authority is centralized which makes the employee to realize less responsibility. Thus, the employee morale is deteriorated.
  4. Lengthy Evaluation Process: The credit proposal evaluation process is lengthy. Therefore, sometimes valuable clients are lost and the bank becomes unable to meet targets.
  5. Less Use of Annual Confidential Report: No substantive use of Annual Confidential Report (performance evaluation form of the employee) to reward or to punish the employee. Hence the employee becomes ineffective.
  6. Less Promotional Initiative: The bank lacks aggressive advertising and promotional activities to get a broad geographical coverage.
  7. Few ATM Booths: The bank has only a few ATM booths and not in proper places. So, the scope of using ATM card is limited.


  1. Support from Bangladesh Bank: Bangladesh Bank has rendered its full support to the Banking sector for a sound financial status of the country as a representative of Government, as it has become one of the vital sources of employment in the country now. Such government concern will facilitate and support the long-term vision of CBL.
  2. Diversified Investment Opportunity: There is a great opportunity to take new dimension of Banking such as Specialized Banking and also there are many sectors where CBL can give special privileges.
  3. Evolution of E-Banking: Emergence of E-Banking will open more scope for CBL to reach the clients not only in Bangladesh but also in the Global Banking Arena. Although the Bank has already entered the world of E-Banking but yet to provide full electronic Banking facilities to its customer.
  4. Innovative Products: The bank can introduce more innovative and modern products and services for their customers.
  5. Micro Credit: The bank can offer micro credit business for individuals and small businesses.
  6. Diversified Portfolio: It can diversity its portfolio by taking new sector.
  7. New Branches in Remote Areas: Many branches can be opened to reach the bank’s services to the remote areas.
  8. Efficient Recruitment: It can recruit more efficient and experienced persons to give fast and efficient service to the customers.


  1. Contemporary Banks: The Contemporary Banks like, Dhaka Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Mutual Trust Bank are its major rivals. They are carrying out aggressive campaign to attract lucrative clients as well as big time depositors. The CBL should remain vigilant about the steps taken by these Banks, as these will in turn affect the Bank strategies.
  2. Multinational Banks: Due to the booming energy sector, more foreign Banks are expected to operate in Bangladesh. Multinational as well as the fast growing local banks with modern products and services are capturing huge market within short period a resulting to switch over the existing customers of the bank.
  3. Restriction from Bangladesh Bank: Bangladesh Bank exercises strict control over all Banking activities. Sometimes the restrictions imposed by Bangladesh Bank, can create barrier in the normal operations and policies of the Bank.


Analysis of responses

After getting all the data from the clients I have analyzed through the SPSS software using different statistical tools to find out the efficiency level of the bank branch. Mainly I have used the popular tools for measuring satisfaction of the customer, which measure customer satisfaction is standard deviation, frequency analysis, cross tabulation.


The transformation of raw data into a form that will make them easy to understand and interpret; rearranging ordering, and manipulating data to generate descriptive information.

Descriptive Statistics



NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. Deviation
How much do you satisfied with CBLs’ service of giving statement?51132.20.601
Valid N (list wise)51

Though there are five options for this question respondents were selected three answers. Those are highly satisfied, satisfied and moderate. Mean 2.20 indicates that more than half number of respondents (31) select satisfied answer. They neither highly satisfied nor moderate satisfied regarding CBLs’ service of giving statement. Standard deviation is .601 which means the distance of the respondent answer is not that much far from one respondent to another respondent.

Descriptive Statistics



NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. Deviation
How much do you satisfied with CBLs’ Service of updating statement?51132.04.599
Valid N (list wise)51

Here respondents were also selected three options among five. Mean 2.04 indicates that most of the respondent (33) goes for satisfied option. There percentage is 64.7.

Descriptive Statistics



NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. Deviation
What is your opinion scale regarding current service of CBL?51353.98.678
Valid N (list wise)51

All the respondents’ have selected 3 to number 5 option means average, good and excellent option. More than half number of respondents (28) gave their opinion good regarding current service level of CBL. Mean 3.98 almost 4 indicates the answer is neither average nor excellent and standard deviation .678 means respondents answer was not far distance from each other.

Descriptive Statistics

 NMinimumMaximumMeanStd. Deviation
Which section do you like most?51151.84.987
Valid N (list wise)51

Mean 1.84 is around 2. It means maximum number of respondents (cash – 23, General banking – 18) answered first two options. Their total number is 41 out of 51. Standard deviation .987 proves it perfectly. It indicates the answer from respondents were so close with each other.





The finding is based samples.

  • Clients of CBL are not dissatisfied and highly dissatisfied in any service of CBL;
  • Most of the clients in CBL are satisfied with CBLs’ service of giving statement. It’s a good sign for CBL;
  • Cash is most favorite section in CBL;
  • Business persons (27.5%) are more related with CBL then other five occupational groups. Students, household activities and self employed are in equal (19.6%) position whereas government service holder (5.9%) and private service holder (7.8%) are less relation with CBL;
  • Among the 51 respondents in different account most of the clients are from saving account (41.2%).
  • The majority numbers of clients (62.7%) get information about CBL from family or friends. Rests of all (37.2%) get information from advertisement, job/ Colleagues and others.
  • Nearest to home is the first choice of the clients (49%) to select this Mouchak branch of CBL.
  • Most of the clients (60.8%) based on my survey are involved with CBL from 1 to 2 years. It indicates with in two years many people open account in CBL;
  • Quick work clients (35.3%) want to see as an improvement in CBL;
  • Interest rate is an important factor for banks. Clients from saving and current account holder (23.5%) want to see interest rate higher;
  • Maximum number of male (21) clients opinion regarding current service level is “good” whereas only 7 female clients support this;
  • Only 13 in different account holder support current interest rate;
  • 20-30 age group clients want more interest rate;
  • No one from 50 – 60 age group mentioned excellent answer regarding current service level of CBL;
  • Out of 12 respondents from money gram only 3 like money gram section though they have more relation with money gram.



For acquiring more of the target market and managing the customer effectively, these may be a few guidelines for Retail Banking Division of the City Bank Limited:

  • Retail Banking units should employ one permanent representative each at its outside Dhaka branch to capture the opportunity of outstation market;
  • The Lending Procedure that is prepared has to be more simplified and if possible use a specific guideline linked with the Credit Policy Manual;
  • Security arrangements and documentation has to be performed carefully otherwise the claims on the security arrangements will be valueless;
  • The manager/officer(s) has to have a clear knowledge on what is going on in the industries for which they have extended the customer facility;
  • The manager/officer(s) has to have a clear knowledge on how the business is doing in the companies who are the customers of Retail Banking Service.
  • An independent market survey can be performed in every two years to know about the booming industry/business trend of the country;
  • Credit Scoring Model should be updated after every one year interval.
  • Relationship Managers should consult time to time with the bank lawyer about the legal issues,
  • Security arrangements can be a little more flexible for the customers having a good track record in the bank and
  • Security arrangements has to be more flexible for the customers having a good track record in the banking industry of Bangladesh;
  • RM’s has to have a regular contact with its customers;
  • Interdepartmental conflict should be resolved and communication with other department should be increased.
  • Regular training facilities for the managers have to be maintained in order to possess a competent management team.
  • Overall environment into the Bank should have to be in the highest standard to provide better experiences both for client and employee.
  • For faster lending process, The City Bank Ltd should facilitate online loan application submission and personal credit processing.
  • To reduce the share of non-working loan, the management should work on conservative strategies rather than aggressive strategies.
  • Finally, the City Bank should create and nurture a strong brand appeal to make market differentiation and acclaim highest clients’ satisfaction.



CBL has started its banking activities much earlier comparing to the other banks and due to that it has gained a lot of banking experience which has been proved very worthy for them. But that is a part of their job because our countries economic condition is yet to progress a lot. Time to time they are offering different attractive packages of program for customer like different types of account such as Current Deposit Account, Savings Accounting and Fixed Deposit Account etc from the given charts and tables we can see the various range of their deposits and other offers which remains on changing time to time. They also have adequate planning for compensation in various sectors like-they have a wide range of bonus- branch bonus, sales bonus as the percentage of individual performance etc. They also have some special incentives for specified performance which is really encouraging for the employees. But at the same time they have some drawbacks like- they do focus mainly on financial incentives and benefits and not on non-financial ones. But it is not wise on their part. So they need to consider the non-financial incentives a little bit seriously for the customers as well as for the employees also. They also need to increase the range of attractive offers with the increasing business. Another thing is, according to my perception, they require a much prompt guideline to operate their activities.

To summarize the whole situation, I would like to say that, this organization is giving a wonderful service to the people in general and of course for Army person of our country and at the same time they are also trying to educate our people about the world class banking procedures which is, according to my concept, a very worthy step and we should cooperate with them in this matter for our own benefit. The City Bank Ltd to manage the overall banking activities program and they will definitely progress with the modernization of business environment.