Customer Care Service of The City Bank Limited

Customer Care Service of The City Bank Limited

Customer Care Service of The City Bank Limited

Focus on Dhanmondi Branch

Now-a-days almost all the banks are similar to other customer making corporations. The outstanding service quality permits a bank to differentiate themselves from their rivalry, advance a bearable competitive advantage, and enhance efficiency. Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. Frequently, customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer, such as making a sale or returning an item. In Banks customer service includes processing cheque, cash and direct debit payments and withdrawals, setting up and maintaining customers‟ accounts, dealing with enquiries, promoting and selling financial products and services to customers, using a computerized system to update account details, general administration tasks such as maintaining records, opening post and sending letters to customers, operating overseas currency tills, helping customers with loan and mortgage applications.

This report is based on the learning of three months internship experience on The City Bank Limited. The report has been structured according to the outline provided by the supervisor. City Bank is one of the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Basically, the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 4 distinct business divisions namely-

  • Retail Banking (including Cards)
  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Treasury & Market Risks
  • SME Banking &

Under a synchronized online banking platform, these four business divisions are supported at the back by a robust service delivery or operations setup and also a smart IT Backbone. Such centralized business segment based business & operating model ensure specialized treatment and services to the bank’s different customer segments.


Grounds of the Study:

A research or report is designed considering some requirements. Though this research is conducted as a part of BBA program but this study might be very much useful for banks especially in the present banking environment. Now every bank has some competitive objectives of their own style. All banks are now facing more competition ever before and so for this all are wanted to offer more attractive service to their clients and trying to attain consumer’s satisfaction. From same point of view, customer service of a bank is the basic step to create differentiation from others.


Scope of the Study:

The City Bank Limited Dhanmondi Branch as the field of my study. To conduct this study, an overall knowledge of the total banking system is necessary because the departments of banking are linked to each other. The scope of the study covers the organizational background, objective, function, departmentalization and product and services of The City Bank limited as a whole. The main part covers the operational scenario of a branch of The City Bank Limited. This refers that how the bank helps the customers in general banking.


Purpose of the Study:

Broad Purpose:

The broad objective of this report is to get an idea about the wide operation and knowledge about branch banking which can improve the ordinary banking services style through applying fundamental finance aspects. Moreover this study tried to reveal the prospect of aptitude on bankers and emotional and brand value actions to the forthcoming retail customers.

Specific Purpose: There are some specific purposes as well and they are:

  • Applying the theoretical knowledge into practical field.
  • Analyzing the services provided by The City Bank Limited to the Customers.
  • Analyzing how a branch deals with its customers
  • How the different sections of a particular branch works
  • Having some practical knowledge about a banking corporation that can be helpful for future career growth.



The report has been prepared based on data collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary source consists mainly of personal observation during the attachment period, practical work experience in different desk of the bank, face-to-face conversation with the respective clients. The main source of the primary data collection of my report was my discussion with senior officers of the Customer Service of the City Bank Limited at Dhanmondi Branch & their opinions & comments. It helped me to collect the essential & vital information to make my internship report. The people of Customer Service sectors & their face to face information is my primary data. Data and relevant information are collected for this study through an unstructured questionnaire where customers and employees both were given the questions and responses were taken in the answer sheet. The respondents included clients from different occupation, age and gender. Most of the respondents were from the City Bank Limited, those who had account in the bank.

Secondary information came mainly from websites, annual report of the The City Bank Limited, various book articles regarding general banking, various brochures published by The City Bank Limited. Necessary data and information has been collected by the following sources:

  • General banking procedure manuals of the City Bank Limited.
  • Circulars, letters and memos issued by the Banks and regulatory organization i.e. Bangladesh Bank and Government
  • Prudential Guidelines on General Banking issued by Bangladesh Bank.
  • Annual report of city bank limited.
  • Internet and websites.


A Summary of the City Bank Limited

The City Bank Ltd. is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 1983 and now is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. The first branch was opened at B. B. Avenue Branch in the capital, Dhaka city. It was the visionary entrepreneurship of around 13 local businessmen who braved the immense uncertainties and risks with courage and keenness that made the establishment & forward march of the bank possible. Those sponsor directors commenced the journey with only Taka 3.4 core worth of Capital, which now is a respectable Taka 330.77 core as capital & reserve.

City Bank is among the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Instead the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 4 distinct business divisions namely Corporate & Investment Banking; Retail Banking (including Cards); SME Banking; & Treasury & Market Risks.

Under a real-time online banking platform, these 4 business divisions are supported at the back by a robust service delivery or operations setup and also a smart IT Backbone. Such centralized business segment based business & operating model ensure specialized treatment and services to the bank’s different customer segments.

The bank currently has 88 online branches and 10 SME service centers and 1 SME Agro center spread across the length & breadth of the country that include a full-fledged Islami Banking branch. Besides these traditional delivery points, the bank is also very active in the alternative delivery area. It currently has 83 ATMs of its own; and ATM sharing arrangement with a partner bank that has more than 550 ATMs in place; SMS Banking; Interest Banking and so on. It already started its Customer Call Center operation. The bank has a plan to end the current year with 100 own ATMs. City Bank is the first bank In Bangladesh to have issued Dual Currency Credit Card.

The bank is a principal member of VISA international and it issues both Local Currency (Taka) & Foreign Currency (US Dollar) card limits in a single plastic. VISA Debit Card is another popular product which the bank is pushing hard in order to ease out the queues at the branch created by its astounding base of some 400,000 retail customers. The launch of VISA Prepaid Card for the travel sector is currently underway.

City Bank prides itself in offering a very personalized and friendly customer service. It has in place a customized service excellence model called CRP that focuses on ensuring happy customers through setting benchmarks for the bank’s employees’ attitude, behavior, readiness level, accuracy and timelines of service quality.

City Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to have issued Dual Currency Credit Card. The bank is a principal member of VISA international and it issues both Local Currency (Taka) & Foreign Currency (US Dollar) card limits in a single plastic. VISA Debit Card is another popular product which the bank is pushing hard in order to ease out the queues at the branch created by its astounding base of some 400,000 retail customers. The launch of VISA Prepaid Card for the travel sector is currently underway. City Bank has launched American Express Credit Card and American Express Gold Credit card in November 2009. City Bank is the local caretaker of the brand and is responsible for all operations supporting the issuing of the new credit cards, including billing and accounting, customer service, credit management and charge authorizations, as well as marketing the cards in Bangladesh. Both cards are international cards and accepted by the millions of merchants operating on the American Express global merchant network in over 200 countries and territories including Bangladesh. City Bank also introduced exclusive privileges for the card members under the American Express Selects program in Bangladesh. This will entitled any American Express card members to enjoy fantastic savings on retail and dining at some of the finest establishment in Bangladesh. It also provides incredible privileges all over the globe with more than 13,000 offers at over 10,000 merchants in 75 countries.

City Bank prides itself in offering a very personalized and friendly customer service. It has in place a customized service excellence model called CRP that focuses on ensuring happy customers through setting benchmarks for the bank’s employees’ attitude, behavior, readiness level, accuracy and timelines of service quality. City Bank is one of the largest corporate banks in the country with a current business model that heavily encourages and supports the growth of the bank in Retail and SME Banking. The bank is very much on its way to opening many independent SME centers across the country within a short time. The bank is also very active in the workers’ foreign remittance business. It has strong tie-ups with major exchange companies in the Middle East, Europe, Far East & USA, from where thousands of individual remittances come to the country every month for disbursements through the bank’s large network of 99 online branches and SME service centers. The current senior management leaders of the bank consist of mostly people from the multinational banks with superior management skills and knowledge in their respective “specialized” areas. The newly launched logo and the pay-off line of the bank are just one initial step towards reaching that point.


Historical Background:

The Bank is registered under the Companies Act, 1913. The bank operates as a scheduled bank under a banking license issued by the Bangladesh Bank, Central Bank of the country. It has started operation on 27th March, 1983. It was launched then with the objective of serving the communities with the taking of deposits from the general citizens for interest to use these deposits for lending the small industrial sectors. But with the passing of time it has started its outset and has presented some unique, demanding and timely packages to the people.

The emergence of The City Bank Limited in the private sector is an important history in the banking arena of Bangladesh. During 1981-83, when the nation was in the grip of severe recession, government first declared and gave permission the establishment of banks in the private sector in order to make money supply more volatile and to reactivate the economy. After that government declaration some dynamic entrepreneurs marched and came forward for establishing a bank with a motto to revitalize the overall economic condition of the country.

The City Bank Limited is the first right hand in this front line. It first obtained fund from those of the promoters, which is subsequently augmented by the issue of share capital. It started with Taka 100 million of authorized capital and Taka 14 million of paid up capital in March 27, 1983.

The City Bank is working with the philosophy of serving the nationals as an ideal and unique financial house. Every organization has some objectives of its own. The primary objective of The City Bank Limited is to earn profit through undertaking the responsibility of providing financial help for the development of the country’s commercial and industrial sector.


Objective and Goals:

The City Bank Limited made a remarkable progress practically in every sphere of its functions. The activities of the CBL are very implicit and vast comparing to that of other banks in the country today. The theme of the bank is “For Relationship Banking”. The prime objectives of the CBL are to create a strong capital base, to earn good profit and pay satisfactory dividend to honorable shareholders with proper social commitments. To achieve the objectives the management is continuously working for the improvement of bank‟s assets quality by identifying potential depositors and good borrowers. Because it believes “The line of excellence never ends”. The strategic plans and business will be its strength in this very competitive environment.

Some other objectives are as follows:

  • The bank is committed to continue its activities in the new horizon of business with a view to developing service oriented industry and culture of morality and its maintenance in banking.
  • As the first and the largest private bank is committed to continue its endeavor by rapidly increasing the investment of honorable share holders into assets.
  • The objective of the bank is not only to earn profit but also to keep the social commitment and to ensure its co-operation to the person of all level, to the businessman, industrialist-specially who are engaged in establishing large scale industry by consortium and the agro-based export oriented medium & small scale industries by self inspiration.
  • The bank believes in building up strong based capitalization of the country.
  • City Bank Limited is always preoccupied to encourage the investors for purchasing its share by creating the opportunity of long term investment and increasing the value of share through prosperity as developed day by day.
  • It has been working from its very beginning to ensure the best use of its creativity, well disciplined, well managed and perfect growth.
  • The Bank is playing a vital role in Socio-economic development o Bangladesh by way of linkage with rest of the world by developing worldwide network in domestic and international operations.


Vision and Mission:

The vision of City Bank Limited is to be “The Financial Supermarket with a Wining Culture Offering Enjoyable Experience.”

By maintaining the vision they are trying the mission. Such as, “Offer wide array of products and service that differentiate and excite all customer segments; Be the “Employer of choice” by offering an environment where people excel and leaders are created and Continuously challenge processes and platforms to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.”


Services Provided by City Bank Limited:

The major behavior of the Bank is to provide all kinds of commercial banking, consumer banking, trade services, custody and clearing to its customers through its branches in Bangladesh. City Bank is among the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Instead the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 4 distinct business divisions namely-

  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Treasury & Market Risks &
  • Retail Banking (including Cards)
  • SME Banking


Analysis of the Customer Care Service

How and what type of services are provided by the Customer Care Division:

Account Opening: To open up an account both the customer care officer and the account holder have to go through a procedure. And the procedure is:

For individual introduction is needed by an account holder He/ She is required to fill up the specimen signature card. Application fills up the relevant application form in the prescribed manner. The authorized officers analyze the introduction and examine the document submitted. Account and FDR is opened issuance of deposit slip and the deposit must be made in cash. After depositing the cash one cheque book & pay –in slip book is issued. Before opening of a current or savings account, the following formalities must be completed by the customer:

With the main form it contains three other forms. They are individual information form, transaction profile, MID (Most Important Document). The following person can introduce an a/c opener an existing current/savings account holder of that branch patient. A respectable person of the society or locality who is well known to the manager/2nd man of the branch.

Furnishing photographs signed by the introducers and account holder in the backside of photo Account holder needs to sign in the backside of the nominee photo.

Banker will supply a set of printed forms required for opening the account, which will normally include, Specimen Signature Cards, Deposit Slip Book, Check book Requisition slip.

Steps in savings account opening

  • Customer should carefully read full-fill the application form
  • Putting specimen signature in the specimen
  • Any special instructions with regard to operation of the account should be noted on the relevant signature card boldly duly authentication by the account holder should be obtained
  • The required account number for the new account from the account opening register should be obtained
  • Obtained the signature & account number of the Introducer on the advice of new accountant the place meant for the purpose & gets the signature properly verified by an authorized official of the bank
  • The deposit slip properly filled in & signed by the customer
  • Then the new account number should be written at the appropriate place of the deposit slip and mark new account on both the copies of the deposit slip and request the customer to deposit the money at the cash customer
  • Place the signature cards, advice of new a/c , a copy of deposit slip , photographs & other necessary papers/ documents etc. in a file
  • Obtain approval of the authorized officers for opening the new account on all relevant papers. While giving approval for opening an account the Authorized official should be satisfied about of the Introducer
  • The Authorized officer on the advice of new a/c & on the specimen signature of the new a/c holder
  • After approval of the opening of the a/c , get the check book requisition slip signed by the customer
  • Deliver the check book to the customer after properly marking the account number name & place of the branch on each leaf of the checkbook
  • On completion of account opening open a file for the new a/c holder & file all relevant papers forms etc. Signature cards, copies of advice, Deposit slip, debit ticket etc is distributed to concerned department
  • To fill up the KYC (know your Customer) form.


Different Document’s are needed to open up different types of account:

For Sole Proprietorship:

  • Photograph of all authorized signature
  • Trade license & Tin Certificate
  • Permission under 18-A from Bangladesh Bank
  • Photo Identification National Id Card/ Current valid Passport /Valid Driving License.
  • Where Photograph is also attested/Employee Photo ID card of any multinational or listed company or organization.

For Limited Company:

  • Bank’s prescribed Account Opening application form,
  • Certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company,
  • Certificate of incorporation,
  • Certificate of commencement of Business (For Public Limited Companies only),
  • Extract of the Board resolution sanctioning the account opening and signing authority,
  • List of the Director with address in specified from,
  • Photograph of the signatories,
  • Copy of valid Trade License,
  • Introducer’s signature in the A/C opening form and at the back of the photograph(s) of Account holder(s),
  • List of names with Appointment letter and Specimen Signature of the Persons authorized to operate the Account, and
  • The personal identity of all the directors or beneficial owner(s) proprietor of the Firm has to be established by any of the documents as mentioned in Individual or Joint Customer category.

For Partnership:

  • Trade license & Tin certificate
  • Certified true copy of partnership deed of the partnership concern
  • Nationalization copy of partnership deed of the partnership concern
  • Certificate of registration of the partnership concern
  • List of partners with their address
  • Permission under 18-A from Bangladesh Bank
  • An explanation of the nature of the business or partnership should also be ascertained
  • 2 copies of Photograph & identification Document of all partners & all Authorized Signatories

Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Account:

Eligible persons can open Private FC/NFCD/RFCD accounts easily with any AD in Bangladesh by submitting account opening forms dully filled in, photo and other necessary papers like copy of passport, etc. Persons residing abroad interested to open Private FC/NFCD accounts can open account by sending necessary papers/documents from abroad duly verified by Bangladesh mission abroad or a reputable bank or any other person known to the AD in Bangladesh. However, submission of job certificate/certificate evidencing having business abroad is not mandatory for opening FC account by Bangladesh nationals residing abroad.

Besides the opportunity of opening and maintaining Private FC/NFCD accounts as stated above, non-resident Bangladeshis/other non-resident foreign nationals can invest in (i) US Dollar Premium Bond, US Dollar Investment Bond and Treasury Bond (in Taka) of Bangladesh Government (ii) shares/securities listed in stock exchanges through opening of Non-Resident Investor’s Taka (NITA) Account.

Non-resident Bangladeshis may also invest in Wage Earners‟ Development Bond in Taka.


Activating Dormant Account:

Dormant account is an account which is inactive. Under the City bank policy, if an account remains inactive for 3 months then accounts will be considered as a dormant account. If the account becomes dormant then account holder won’t be able to use it for transactions. For transactions customer needs go to the branch where he or she had opened that account and with certain process account can be active again.

At first account holder needs to come to the mother branch and then has to fill up a form named dormant account reactivation. Account holder needs to sign and fill up the form and submit it to the customer service officer. Customer service officer will verify the signature and sent the request to the head office through centralized system to reactivate the account. Then it takes 2 to 3 days for reactivate the account and then account holder can transact with this account. To active dormant accounts charges are applicable.


Changing the Nominee, Signature and Address:

There are several issues like nominee change, signature change, and address change etc. work regarding existing account. Nominee is the person who is the authorize person in behalf of the account holder.

Basically after the death or any such cases nominee will have the right to take any kind of decision regarding that account. To change the nominee customer needs to come to the mother branch of the account and then fill up a form named nominee change form.

In the nominee form, one copy of nominee photograph is needed and account holder has to sign the form that he or she wants to change his or her accounts nominee. Then files need to submit to the responsible officer and responsible person will verify the information and sign. This whole process takes 2 to 3 days.

For signature change, account holder has to fill up the signature change form and then needs to submit to the customer service department. Customer service officer verify the signature and the information with photograph change, in some cases account holder needs to provide a photograph of his or her own if the previous photograph is not match with the present photograph. This whole process also takes 2 to 3 days.

Again for name change, address change, and many other factors works as almost in the same process, except the address change process. For address change, account holder needs to provide the NID (National ID), which has to match with his present address then the account holder can change the address. The remaining process is same as other like has to fill up a form then submit it to the customer service department and then responsible officer will verify the account and signature passed to the head office. This process also takes 2 to 3 days as well.


Closing the Account:

If an account holder requests to close his or her account, it can be closed. After receiving an application from the customer to close an account, some procedures are followed by a banker. The customer should be asked to draw the final check for the amount standing to the credit of his account less the amount of closing and other incidental charges and submit the unused cheque leaves. The A/C should be debited for the account closing charges etc. and an authorized officer of the bank should destroy unused cheque leaves. In case of Joint A/C, the applicant for closing the A/C should be signed by all the joint holders.


Cheque Book Service:

A cheque is a document that orders a payment of money from a bank account. The person writing the cheque, the drawer, usually has a current account where their money was previously deposited. Cheque books are issued to the account holder only against requisition on the prescribed requisition slip attached with the checkbook issued earlier, after proper verification of the signature of the account holder personally or to his duty authorized representative against proper acknowledgment. The four main items on a cheque are

  • Drawer, the person or entity who makes the cheque
  • Payee, the recipient of the money
  • Drawee, the bank or other financial institution where the cheque can be presented for payment
  • Amount, the currency amount
  • For having a Cheque Book customer who opens a new account must initially deposits minimum required money in the account. When the account opening form is sent for insurance of a cheque book bank charges 130 taka from the account for processing the cheque book. Officer then sealed it with branch name. It normally takes 3 working days to produce the cheque book and deliver it to the ordered branch. When the cheque books reaches it destined branch in-charge officers enter the customer’s name & the account number in the Register. Account number is then writing down on the face to the cheque book & on every leaf of the check book including requisition slip. The name of the customer is also written down on the face of the cheque book and on the Requisition slip.


Card Service:

There are different types of card City Bank provides against depositary accounts, such as an ATM card or a debit card. Bank cards may be limited in their use; some can only be used at ATM machines or for certain purchases. In November, 2009 City Bank became the issuer of one of the world’s most prestigious credit cards, American Express Cards. City Bank has issued one type of American Express Credit Cards, till now, designed to satisfy customer requirements.


Money Transfer:

A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to his or her home country. Remittance can also refer to the accounting concept of a monetary payment transferred by a customer to a business. The city Bank’s Foreign Remittance unit meets growing customer needs for fast, secure & easy money transfers to an extensive range of destinations. Being a committed bank to its customers, they go all the lengths to remit money safely to the customers. City Bank Limited has 83 online branches across the country. Moreover, the Bank has a strong remittance network with other major banks of the country. Therefore, wherever the account is, they are able to send money instantly. A CBL account holder can visit any of the branches for foreign remittance service. Personnel will be there to help out. In this section customers open RFCD accounts.

In 2013, City Bank has recently opened in Malaysia its subsidiary company City Bank Limited Money Transfer Sdn. Bhd.‟ with the approval of Bangladesh Bank and the Central Bank of Malaysia. CBL Money Transfer Sdn. Bhd is the 3rd Bangladeshi bank owned Remittance Company in Malaysia. The company has started its operation with two branches – one in Kuala Lumpur and the other in Malacca.



Loans comprise the most important asset as well as the primary source of earning for the banking financial institutions. On the other hand, this (loan) is also the major source of risk for the bank management. A prudent bank management should always try to make an appropriate balance between its return and risk involved with the loan portfolio. Banks collects deposit for lending & investment, this function is performed by Loans & Advance Department Sanctioning of loan proposal starting from party’s request for a loan collection of necessary papers , information & financial statement, analyzing of those information, preparation of loan proposal, security analysis & valuation, inspection, lending risk analysis, setting terms & conditions have also known to us. City Bank follows a procedure for sanctioning loans. They are,

Step1: A customer who has willed to take loan from bank has to write an application along with the documents such as, Two copies of photographs, Valid trade license has to be deposited by the part. There must be description of collateral in the application.

The collateral must not be the home state land out of municipal or vacant land, Physical inspection of collateral must be done and market value from the locality has to be determined. It must be done by B.Ss Engineer, Confidential report from other banks is also needed, and Declaration and balance sheet form is needed.

Step 2: Proposal has to be sent to the Head Office by the branch along with the letter of hypothecation & other different types of certificate as per circular.

Step 3: Head Office confirms the sanction with some terms and conditions and if the party agrees with this, he signs on the duplicate copy.

Step 4: To legalize the collateral panel lawyer will complete the documentation and will give letter of satisfaction.

Step 5: After signing the charges documents the loan is created and the limit is ready for disbursement by giving the party a cheque book.

Step 6: After disbursement stock must be submitted by the party on monthly basis. In this case sudden inspection is necessary. In every 45 days the loan should have to be adjusted.


Critical findings from Customer Care Service:

The problems existing in this are many and explained as follows:

  • The present system is time consuming both for the bankers as well as the clients. For instance; in terms of bankers, the officers have to go through a lot of files in searching the details of a particular transaction, if it is backdated. In terms of clients, they have to wait in a long queue in order to let the officer find out the correct file.
  • In some cases not paying attention towards customers during a busy hour creates a negative situation.
  • Customers do not receive appropriate attention. Even though these customers aren’t a/c holders of the bank, the goodwill and negative word of mouth of the bank and its overall image of quality service are hampered.
  • Customers get impatient of waiting for a long time like half an hour or even more for receiving during peak times.
  • In case of foreign remittance there are times when the clients do not know which branch are they to receive their money from and thus going to branch to branch.
  • For a service business that is in operation for long term, these effects will negatively affects the goodwill in the long run, which seems to be hazardous.


Other findings:

  • Centralization: The Bank is too much centralized. For each and every move, branch office has to go for permission from the Head Office. The Head Office tightly controls each and every branch office. This sort of dependency on Head Office slows down the activities of branch office.
  • Lack of waiting place: In compare to customers the place for waiting/ sitting areas are not sufficient, as a result, customers have to wait by standing.


Some areas where improvement is needed:

The service of The City Bank Ltd. is competitive and efficient comparing to the others; but there is significant scope of improvement.

  • The bank needs to make significant effort to improve the employee relationship with clients.
  • The environment inside the bank needs to be improved significantly for efficient and pleasant banking activities for the customers.
  • Steps should take to improve employee job satisfaction.
  • More customized products and service should introduce.
  • Call center team often provides inadequate or incorrect information to the customers.
  • To increase customer satisfaction the bank needs to improve their service quality by providing more importance on customer’s preference.
  • Service charge is relatively high than others.
  • Branch needs more personnel to ensure smooth service.

In terms of the customers, environment of the bank is quite ok but the services of cash needs to more fast also more attention need to be given to the customers when they come for foreign remittance.


Critical Analysis of Customer Care Service


The people who take the service directly they can evaluate the service properly and that is why I have tried to take the response of the customers of Dhanmondi Branch to analyze the overall customer care service. I was given a questionnaire by the organization to take the feedback from the customers and from their feedback I have tried to evaluate the customer care service.



The survey has been prepared based on the feedback of the customers. As an intern I have to collect at least 20 survey paper filled up by the customers and sent them to the Service Quality Department so that they can evaluate the service. Here, I have taken the data of one month which means a survey of 20 customers and tried to observe how they actually evaluate the service and in which field the Branch needs improvements.

The Data has been collected by following way:

  • The respondents were the customers who agreed to give feedback and they were given a questionnaire consists of 5 questions.
  • The questions were about the overall service provided by the officers, the timing of taking the service, what are the features they like most and about the location of the branch.
  • They had read the questionnaire and choose the option according to them.
  • Al least 20 survey papers were collected from the customers in a month.
  • Lastly, sending the papers to the Service Quality Department.
  • The Service Quality Department keeps the records and work on it.


Purpose of the Survey:

The main purpose of the survey was to take the feedback from the customers and know about their satisfaction level and also know about the area of improvements.


Result from the Survey:

Whether or not the officers serve the customers according to their expectation:

For this question the customers were asked to give the answer in Yes/No. in this case amonu the 20 customers almost half of them said No and the rest of them Yes.


How the customers rate the overall service of the Branch:

In this question they were asked to evaluate the service in 3 criteria and they are: Good, Average and Poor.

In this age of competition no service oriented organization can run successfully by providing average service. City bank limited should take it in the consideration and according to the want of the customers they should try to move their service from average to good.


How the customers evaluate the timeliness of receiving the desired service:

In this question they were asked to evaluate the service in 3 criteria and they are: Good, Average and Poor.

Sometimes the customers have to wait for a long time to take a small service because the number of customer care officers is not sufficient enough to take the pressure of a large number of customers at the same time. If the bank carries on with this level of service then the number of dissatisfied customer will increase.


How the customers rate the premises of the branch:

In this question they were asked to evaluate the service in 3 criteria and they are: Good, Average and Poor.

City Bank has a good number of branches around the country; especially in Dhaka city. The target group of the customers is the people who live of work in Dhanmondi area. The Branch is situated in a location where all the people of Dhanmondi area can access easily.


The best thing that the customers like about the product/feature:

The products/ features the customer had to choose from are: CA/SA (Current Account/Savings Account), FDR, Loan and Amex (American Express Cards).

Majority Customers had chosen the American Express Card as the best product because this particular product contains various offers and there are different varieties of this product.



City Bank should start strategic planning to increase the infrastructures and also important constructs needed to support its large customer base. So, considering the service sector of Bangladesh, the bank should be more conscious to deal with its customers as the customers have now more choice to bank with and there are institutions that are intensifying competition by focusing more on superb customer service.

To identify these bank needs proper information system is required badly. Customer feedback can make value to increase right services and relations to the right customers and increase precise commitment, loyalty, trust and satisfaction to become with huge good relationship. City Bank has several services gap to authentic of considerate the consumer behavior and their potential attitude, which made them deficient in modern banks. City Bank has to minimize their service gap though strong study on customer objection, expectation, perception and critical internal marketing aspects. Steps should be taken to implement the new process in order to ensure a smooth service as promised to customers.

  • Employees are needed to give adequate training to work and handle clients under pressure. In this case both the branch authorities and higher authorities can persuade each other to train the employees.
  • City Bank should increase more Consumer Banking activity. Their Consumer banking activity is quite satisfactory but it will be better if they can put attention on individual customer.
  • They should invent other type of deposit to attract more customers which is different from other banks.
  • City Bank should maintain more cash and deposit balances with other banks. Because it is desirable that banks keep their cash and balance with other bank to such extent so that it can minimize the chance of liquidity crunch.
  • Should develop more strategic planning as to compete with its rival banks.
  • Increase the merchant locations of ATM cards.
  • As most of the customer’s of the bank are aged between 21 to 30, the bank should consider the products and services with fewer service charges that are suitable for that age group. The products should also be developed mostly for customers with income more than 30,000 and particularly jobholders.
  • Problems regarding IT and internet link should take seriously.
  • Should increase the number of ATMs and ensure their smooth operations.
  • City Bank should recruit more capable & experiences employees to explore the products all over the country.
  • City Bank should maintain errors-free customer’s record & database which will help to identify the major customer’s facility requirements.
  • Employees should get proper knowledge on products & facilities to deliver the customer regarding right time, right facilities as per their requirements.
  • Customers are confused about the loan pricing & hidden charges, so City Bank should informed the customer about the different fees & installment size of that particular product.
  • Customers are demanding more SME Service Center & Branches in their locality which will help them regular transaction with them.
  • Agriculture is the backbone of the country. As per Bangladesh Bank policy; City Bank Limited should increase their more concentration on Agri loan.
  • As per customer response, City Bank is taking long time to process & disbursed the loan. More easy way should find to minimize the duration for loan process.
  • City Bank is needed to reach the brand value to the customers for building up ideal relationship to create loyal customer.



In recent times the private Banks are doing an outstanding business, so it is clear that the modern people are more concerned about securing their valuable assets and get high-quality and timely services. For this reason lot of new commercial bank has been established in last few years and these banks have made this banking sector very competitive. So, now banks have to organize their operation and do their operations according to the need of the market.

Banking sectors no more depends on a traditional method of banking. In this competitive world this sector has trenched its wings wide enough to cover any kind of financial services anywhere in this world. The major task for banks, to survive in this competitive environment is by managing its assets and liabilities in an efficient way. City Bank is the most promising bank in Bangladesh.

Every day City Bank endeavor to increase their product and services although they provide a wide range of product of services to their customers. City Bank is helping the economy of Bangladesh by remitting of funds both local and foreign. For helping the people the bank provides bridge financing loan, working capital loan to its corporate clients. As modern function City Banks provides credit card facility, ATM card facility and any branch banking facility to its customers.

This project concentrated mostly on the customer services of the Dhanmondi branch and identified some valuable information that could make the services more attractive and also enhance the banks reputation among the customers. With the current performance of the Bank and with little improvement here and there will certainly make City Bank one of the best Private Bank in Bangladesh in the near future.