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Assignment on Profile of Uttara Bank

Assignment on Profile of Uttara Bank


UTTARA BANK LIMITED is one of the oldest and largest Commercial Banks in the private sector in Bangladesh. It provides mass banking services to the customers through its branch network all over the country. This bank has been playing vital role in socio economic, industrial and agricultural development of the country.

The prosperity of country depends on its economic activities. Like any other sphere of modern socio economic activities, banking is a powerful medium of bringing about socio economic changes of a developing country. Without adequate banking facilities agriculture, commerce and industry can not be flourished.  A suitable developed banking system can provide the necessary drives for the economic growth of the country. Because banking system is linked with the whole economy of the country.

Uttra Bank Limited is a private commercial bank, offers a range of mass banking services and products in Bangladesh. Its deposit products include savings bank account ,fixed deposit accounts , short term deposit accounts , current accounts , pension accounts, and foreign currency accounts .The banks’ loan and lease  services are composed micro credit, SME financing, industrial loans, working capital financing., export credit, import credit , bill purchase , letter of credit , letter of guarantee, lease financing ,transport financing consumer loan schemes and house building loans . It also offers various remittance services including remittance of fund from abroad to Bangladesh

   2.2 profile of the UBL

Name of the organization:                Uttara Bank Limited

History:                                              1984, issued market share & named    Uttara Bank Limited

Year of establishment:                        1964, named Eastern Bank Corporation

Nature of organization:                       Private Commercial Bank.

Products:                                             Banking Services.

Shareholders:                                      Main shareholders include leading     

                                                            Industrialists and business magnets of the   

                                                            Country. The Board of Directors consists of 

                                                            13 members. Most of the directors are         

                                                            Owner of large business groups.


Total employee:                                 3562

Customers:                                         Business Enterprise and Individuals

Head office:                                       Uttara Bank Bhaban, 90, Motijheel Commercial                                                                  

                                                           Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2.3. List of the UBL Branches

UBL Networks

Corporate office


Regional offices


World wide affiliation


Total branches


Authorized dealer branches


Treasury and dealing room


Training institute


Number of employees



At first Uttara Bank Limited was established in 1964 named as an EASTERN BANKING CORPORATION. After liberation war it was changed to Uttara Bank. In 1984 it issued its share through stock exchange and named as Uttara Bank Limited. Uttara Bank is one of the largest and oldest private sector commercial banks in Bangladesh with years of experience. Adaptation of modern technology, both modern equipment and banking practice ensure efficient service to their customers. Within 207 branches at home and 600 affiliates worldwide create efficient networking and well capability. UTTARA Bank is serving both clients and country. It stared its banking business through opening of import letters of credit in favor of foreign suppliers on behalf of various import clients. After starting operation as a commercial bank from November 1, 1985 on words, side by side with the traditional products it also started providing all types of foreign exchange related services to its different categories of clients. As such the establishment of a strong international division was felt since the very inception of the bank. The division  has been managing  by executives and officers who are well conversant with foreign exchange related to operations so that branches dealing in foreign exchange related transactions could get all the supports from the head office , besides giving international trade related support to the branches the division is responsible for proper maintenance of the nostrum accounts for investment of excess foreign reserves , for ensuring proper compliance of the foreign exchange regulation by the branches handling foreign exchange business .


The vision of the uttara bank are given below

To establish and maintain modern banking technique to ensure the soundness and development of financial system.

Try to encourage savings in the form of direct investments.

Be one of the best banks in Bangladesh.

To contribute in the socio economic development of Bangladesh.

To establish relationship banking and improve service quality through development of strategic marketing plan.

To ensure optimum utilization of all available resources.


            Establishing banking through the introduction of welfare oriented banking system and also ensuring equity and justice in the field of all economic activities, achieving balanced growth and equitable development through diversified investment operations, particularly in the priority sectors and development areas of the country; encouraging socio economic uplift and financial services to the lower income communities, particularly in the rural areas


   Function of the UBL is based on profit earning (as commercial bank), social welfare and     development of the country. They usually perform the followings:

To maintain all types of deposit accounts

To make investment

To conduct foreign exchange business

To extend other banking services

To conduct social welfare , activities through banking

To finance in industrial sector s like BSB,BSRS,SME

To finance in house building

To make the life style easy through banking services

  Management structure


Vice Chairman


Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

General Manager


Senior Principal


Senior Officer


 Board of Director

Mr. Shah Habibul Haque


Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed

Mr. Faruque Alamgir


Col. Engr. M. S. Kamal (Retd)

Independent Director

Mr. Syed A. N. M. Wahed


Mr. Sk. Amanullah


Major General Prof. M. A. Mohaiemen (Retd)


Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim Mazumder


Lt. Col. Dewan Zahedur Rahman (Retd)


Engr. Tofazzal Hossain


Mr. Mohammed Farooq

Depositor Director

Mr. Muhammad Quamrul Ahsan

                                        Managing Director

Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed

                                      Executive committee


Mr. Azharul Islam

Managing Director & Ceo

Shamsuddin Ahmed


Mr. Shah Habibul Haque

Col. Engr. M. S. Kamal (Retd)

Lt. Col. Dewan Zahedur Rahman (Retd)

Vice Chairman  

Mr. Iftekharul Islam

 The Organization Hierarchy

Chairman Secretarial

Managing Director’s Secretariat

Board Department

Share Department

MIS and  Computer Department

Establishment Department

Stationary and Record Department

Transport Department

Human Resources Department

Personnel Department

Test Key Department

Disciplinary Department

Marketing Department

Business Development Department

Branch Department

Engineering Department

Public Relation Department

            Credit Risk Management Division

Credit Approval Department

Credit  Admin &Monitoring Department

Credit Marketing Department

Credit Recovery Department

            Central Account Department

Account Department

Reconciliation Department

           Internal Control and Compliance Division

            Audit and Inspection Division

Monitoring Department

Compliance Department

International Division

Treasury Division

                             Map of Bangladesh showing the branches district

 uttora bank map