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Corporatre Social Responsibilities of Bata Bangladesh Limited

Corporatre Social Responsibilities of Bata Bangladesh Limited

Company Background:

The Bata Shoe Organization was founded in 1894 by Czech businessman Tomas Bata in the city of Zlin, what was then Czechoslovakia. Coming from a family of shoemakers with a long heritage of eight generations and over three hundred years, Tomas Bata capitalized on knowledge, expertise and skills to propel his newly founded company forward. The introduction of factory automation, long distance retailing and modernized shoe making ensured the profitability of the company from the very beginning. It is now the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of footwear operating across the globe.

Today the Bata Shoe Organization is a sprawling geo-centric company encompassing operations in more than 70 countries around the world and is managed by 4 regional commercial business units (CBUs) across five continents. It serves 1 million customers per day, employs more than 50,000 people, operates 5,000 retail outlets, manages a retail presence in over 70 countries and runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries.

In Bangladesh, Bata started its operation in 1962. The company is one of the largest tax–paying corporate bodies contributing Tk. 1.2 billion (year 2009) which represents approximately 70% of tax paid by the entire footwear sector of Bangladesh. Currently Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited operates two manufacturing facilities – one in Tongi and the other in Dhamrai. With a production capacity of 110,000 pairs of shoes daily, the company also has a modern tannery facility with an output of 5 million square feet of leather annually. Annual shoe sales currently stands at slightly more than 30 million pairs with a turnover for the year 2009 of Tk 5 billion.


Fashion would never be complete without a well designed pair of shoes. This marketing

insight has prompted Bata to introduce a number of designers’ collections for men, women and children. Internationally renowned brands such as Bata Comfit, Marie Claire, Hush Puppies, Scholl, Bubblegummers, Sandak, Weinbrenner and  B’first. Power, etc. Uncompromising quality with striking designs have put Bata shoes in a key position to appeal to different segments of consumers.


To ensure availability for consumers Bata Bangladesh Ltd. has 277 outlets (up to 2008). Bata has a network of 242 retail outlets located strategically in different parts of the country. These retail outlets are an integral part of our brand marketing. This extensive retail network is supplemented by an equally extensive network of depots and dealers.

Since its inception, Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. has strived towards one goal – customer satisfaction. With the vision of building a worldwide family of satisfied customers and dedicated workers the legacy of Tomas Bata continues strong and unabated to this day – the tradition is safe.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of  Bata Bangladesh Ltd.

As one of the largest shoe manufacturer in the world as well as in Bangladesh, Bata Shoe Organization is contributing the society in various ways under their corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) all over the world. In Bangladesh also under the shade of Bata Bangladesh Ltd. this organization is contributing in society and working for social development.

Corporate Social Responsibilities played by Bata Bangladesh Ltd. are as follow:

1. Bata Children’s Program (BCP): Bata has a BCP project which deals with the helpless children (orphan, street children, etc.). Under this project in many countries Bata Shoe Organization is helping the helpless children. Some recent activities under this project have been taken by Bata Bangladesh Ltd. are,

–          On 19.05.2011, Bata Bangladesh Ltd. organized a training program on product knowledge, customer service, etc. of four apprentices from ‘Maer Achol Shelter’, Mirpur, Dhaka (a concern of Street Children’s Partners, France). They are working in different stores now and will get job in Bata.


–          On 21.05.2011, Ms. Nicole Voillat, Director, Bata Children’s Program (BCP) Foundation recently visited Bata Bangladeh and handed over a television to  ‘Maer Achol Shelter’ for recreation of  children.


–          She also visited Korotia Hub at Tangail under Bata’s ‘Rural Sales Programme’ with Care Bangladesh. Bata is working with Care Bangladesh to improve the lives of rural women and their families since 2005. The Rural Sales Programme (RSP) is an initiative of Care Bangladesh, Economic Development Unit (EDU) to generate income and employment opportunity for the rural poor women. Around 1,800 sales women called ‘Aparajita’  are involved with this project. The women groups buy from designated nearest Depot on cash payment through hubs. Bata products are offered at wholesale price.

–          Bata Bangladesh has recently introduced water based adhesive system instead of  solent-base adhesive system (which has high volatile organic, VOC, which harm human life as well environment). To reduce environment they did this.

–          To save the environment Bata Bangladesh Ltd. use bags of paper which is recyclable and environment friendly. They also try to raise public awareness by writing ‘Keep Your City Clean’, ‘Save Environment’, etc. in bags.

–          Bata Bangladesh Ltd. donated 40 pairs of Bata school shoes for poor students of the Geramara Govt Primary School of Sherpur.

–          In modern world of outdoor sports ‘cricket’ is very popular. The national cricket team of Bangladesh is doing good day by bay and Bata Bangladesh Ltd. is the official clothing sponsor of Bangladesh Cricket Team.


–          Bata Bangladesh Ltd. for last 24 years is the sponsor of ‘School Handball Tournament’ which has become a great scope for our young handball players.

–          Bata Bangladesh Ltd. with other social organizations play a role to raise social awareness in Bangladesh like, eve teasing, anti-smoking, etc. factors.


Future activities (CSR):

1. BataVillage: To contribute in society and it’s employee Bata Bangladesh Ltd. has plan to setup BataVillage in Bangladesh like other countries of the world.

2. Tannery development: Bata Company has a modern tannery facility with an output of 5 million square feet of leather annually. They will try to setup another modern tannery to increase output of production and decrease unemployment. It is also help the reduction of environment pollution.

3. Different NGO (Non Government organization):

Bata shoe organizations will try to link with Assistance for social organization and development (ASOD) to create awareness of the hardcore poor people of the Monga affected areas on locally available resources, services and their rights for realizing their entitlements.

Center for women and children development (CWCD): Bata shoe organizations will try to link with Center for women and children development (CWCD) to involve the community people and other local institutions for improving the condition and position of the women & children and for increasing women’s participation in the decision making at family and social levels.

3. Blood donation: Blood is the valuable things for every people. It is also a great virtue. Following this concept they are motivated and will try to arrange blood donation project to active their hand.

4. Social awareness: Raising social awareness (anti-smoking, eve teasing, etc.) among people are CSR played by Bata Bangladesh Ltd. They are planning to raise voice against Environment Pollution.

Our Suggestion to extend CSR in Bangladesh:

1. Tree plantation project: There are large numbers of people in Bangladesh. Every day they cut down huge number of trees for their own use and other purpose. This is effecting our environment very badly. In this situation as a world wide organization Bata company can take steps for tree plantation project under their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

2. Student scholarship: Education is the backbone of a nation. Many meritorious but poor student lives in the rural area of Bangladesh. They can not continue their studies due to financial insolvency. Bata Bangladesh can create fund for help them.

3. Social awareness raise through advertisement: Bata Bangladesh Ltd. is raising social awareness (eve teasing, anti-smoking, etc.) but it will bring maximum success  if they do advertisement in this sector.

4. Senior Citizen: Bata Bangladesh Ltd. can set up a place for old and helpless senior   citizens of the country, where they will be provided with care, medication, etc. things.