Organizational Behavior

Assignment on Good side of behavioral pattern between management

Assignment on Good side of behavioral pattern between management

The study on: The Islam Garments Ltd. It is the part of Islam group. This garments established on 1982.

  • Their Products: Men’s, Ladies, Boy’s, Girls & Infant -Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Tank Tops, Shorts, Trouser, Fleece Jacket, Vest etc.
  • The units of the garments: weaving, knitting, yarn dyeing, sewing, woven dyeing, washing, quality control, product gallery.
  • Vision: The vision of Islam Garments and Group is utilizing the in house facilities to achieve and maintain the optimum quality standard and delivery garments at the shortest time possible for the minimum inventory level of our buyers.

Contact person:

  • Director: Md. Jaynal Hossain
  • GM: Sadhan Babu

Contact Address:

Islam Garments Ltd. A Group of Industries

House # 21 Baridhara, Road # 10, Dhaka-1212, and Bangladesh

Phone # 880-2-8816179, 8827770, 608280

Fax # 880-2-8816093

Email: [email protected]

Introduction: In the Islam Garments we were visiting for our assignment. Because of our topic is “Behavioral pattern in RMG industry of Bangladesh”. And we completed our assignment by asking some questions to the garments Director, GM & Labors. After completing the questioner part we finished our work.

Behavior: Behavior is a way or style of communicating with others. Almost in every organization there is an interaction of people. One of the important aspects of the interaction is the behavior. Their behavior affects the performance of others.

Management of the garments industry & the labor both are interred related to the behavior.

Objective of the study

RMG sector is a very big sector to earn the foreign currency for the Bangladesh. But somehow the labor & the management are clashed with each other. So in our objective we are presented—

  • To know about the relation between top level & lower level.
  • To check out the present condition of the practice of Management and Behavior pattern in Garments industry.
  • To investigate their problems.
  • To suggest some possible solutions for overcoming the existing problems.

Methodology of the study

By doing this assignment we were visited a garments industry name, “The Islam Garments Ltd”. We were talking with General Manager, Production manager, & other supportive labors. Most of our data collection policy was primary. But we also got some other information from the internet. After collecting the information, we all among 3 was getting together for sorting the information & preparing it into an assignment.

Limitation of the study

When we were searching the information, our first limitation was “Time”, then we felt that we could not collect the more primary data from the GM, PM & the labors. Because they were also busy with their activities.

Findings & Analysis:

Good side of behavioral pattern between management & labor:

Highly qualified Human resource department: In Islam Garments ltd. The employee who works in Human Resource, they are well qualified. And they always try to utilize their all resource for making more profit.

Well communication system: In this garments the communication between labor & management is good. Because when the labor falls on any problem, they communicate with the management team directly or their union leader. And in every month the management arranges a meeting for the workers to know about the workers problem.

Well disciplined: Discipline is one kind of rules which is strictly followed by the people. This garments worker, supervisor, production manager, general manager & other top level manager also follow the rules & regulation of the garments.

Mutual interest: The management of the Islam Garments ltd. shows the mutual interest to their worker. That’s why the workers are more motivated & they are satisfied with their activities.

Exact working time with two hours over time: The management teams are not pressurized their workers for more working in the industry. They only work 8 hours a day & over time only 2 hours in the six day of a week.

Timely wages payment: The workers are also satisfied the behavior of the management team. Because the labor get their wages in the proper time. So they do not feel any hesitation of their wages. In this reason the labor never attacks their garments industry.

Attendance bonus: Normally the worker who works in the industry they want the bonus. Because the wages scale of the labor is low. So making the motivation of the labor, the management team give the attendance bonus who is regular & timely join in his/her work & timely finish his/her work. This bonus is paying with their basic wages.

Allowance system: The workers also get some allowance, like house rent allowance & medical allowance with basic wages.

 Bad side of behavioral pattern between management & labor:

Long working hour: The workers regularly working almost 8-10 hours a day in the industry. They get only 15-20 minute break for launch & namaz. So they are in mentally pressure. It is not good for the workers mind.

Inflexibility: In the garments, majority of the workers are female. So they have an intention about their children. Because they are totally detached with them. So somehow they feel inflexible in working hour.      

Accommodation system is not suitable: The garments industry is not give the accommodation facility. Some of the garments worker comes to join his/her work place in late. And it makes a bad impression to the management.

Lack of efficiency in making decision: There are some lacks of efficiency in the management. Their decision-making process takes long time. There are employees who do not have proper skill and experience about their work. If they have intuition and experience maybe they can over come that kinds of limitation.

Labor is not insured by the insurer: Garments industry is one kind of fixed asset & its resources are also the asset. So the workers of the garments industry also the asset. Example, in the Islam Garments ltd. has 1800 hundred labors. Per labors produce 50 units a day. But somehow the industry will be burnt by the fire & some of the labors dead & injured. In this case, the production will loss because the gap of the labors. 

Check point list between management & labor behavior in The Islam Garments Ltd.

After visiting the Islam Garments ltd. we were success fully check the behavior pattern between Management & Labor. Now the check point list scale is showing below——-


In the check point list we agree. Because of discussing the good & bad side of behavioral pattern between management & labor, we ensured that there was no clash between them. This mean the labor were working properly & the management try to give them a little facilities in a proper time. So it is confirmed that the behavior pattern between labor & management is good in this garments.

Identified Problems


Low wages

Lack of ethical sense

Equal payment of all workers

Have not insurance facility

In flexible planning

Lack of psychologist in the working place

Training expense

Lack of special training for the supervisor

Have not security & accommodation for worker


To solve the problem, the recommendation, which the garments need to follow is discus bellow:

Low wages: Basically the worker gets the low basic wages. This salary is unable to meet the ones basic needs. So the garments should increase their workers’ wages. If the garments totally unable to increase the wages they should provide some extra facility like performance bonus, medical facilities or something like that.

Lack of ethical scenes: When the workers get the low basic wages which break their motivation. To reduce their poverty, they are involved with some non ethical activities which are not good for the industry. So they should increase the wages. Besides this they can provide a teaching program about ethical sense.

Equal payment of all employees: In garments industry workers are divided different segments. But most of the worker gets the same or equal wages which is not motivated them. So the wages should provide according to their work or performance.

Have no insurance facility: Some workers work in dangerous position. So there have a chance to occur an accident. If the accident occurred the owner should take the responsibility. But, if the owner did the insurance policy it helps to reduce the losses of uncertain events. So they need to take an insurance policy.

In flexible planning: Planning should be flexible. Because the future is uncertain. So there have an option to change the planning according to the situation and the planning should be understandable by the employee. Because they implement the plan.

Absence of psychologist in the working place: Only the psychologist has the ability to read the mind of the people. If the garments industry requite, it will bring a benefit to the garments industry & worker also.

Training expenses: Normally garments industry expense 3% of profit for the training program of all level of workers. This huge amount will be loss for the industry if some of the employee or worker will leave immediately after taking training. So the organization can make an agreement, which contain that the employee cannot leave the industry within one year, to avoid this kind of problem.

Lack of special training for the supervisor: In garments so many workers worked under the supervisor. The workers are not qualified or most of them are illiterate. So it is tuff for the

Supervisor to maintain their activities. For that reasons the supervisor need especial training to develop his or her supervisory ability and control power.

Less security & have no accommodation facilities for the workers: These two facilities are also needed for the workers. They have a poor security system and have no accommodation facility in Islam garments. So they should take a special security system for their employee’s safety and they should provide accommodation facilities for the workers, which highly motivate the employee.

Conclusion: After discussing all the part of the report we saw some positive & negative approach between the management & labors. And we try to recommend positively to the management & labor behavior pattern.

Bibliography & Appendix:

v To collect the primary data—–

  • To talk with the Director & General Manager of Islam Garments ltd.
  • To talk with the subordinate of the union leader.

v To collect the secondary data—–

  • www.islam garments
    • Ø Islam Garments Ltd. A Group of Industries