Annual Report 2014 of Wata Chemicals Limited

Annual Report 2014 of Wata Chemicals Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Wata Chemicals Limited in the year of 2014. The company’s total tax payable (including interest) was Tk. 76,860,708 against which total tax was paid to the tune of Tk. 42,209,228 as per IT-30 (as per accounts payments Tk. 42596,132). Tax liability as per schedule was Tk. 76.860.708. Provision for Tax, calculating @ 27.50% on the net profit of Tk. 40,064,552 for the year 2014 covering from January’2014 to 31st December 2014 comes to Tk. 11,017,752.

The stock dividend for the year 2013 was approved in Annual General Meeting held on 27.06.2014 based on a recommendation of Board of Directors. Accordingly, 1,458,000 shares were issued against stock dividend 2013 of Tk. 14,580,000. The Board unanimously recommended the dividend @ 25% in stock (Bonus share) and 5% in cash of the paid-up capital of the company for the year ended on 31 December 2014, which would be taken into Accounts after approval at 33rd Annual General Meeting.

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