Annual Report 2016 of Wata Chemicals Limited

Annual Report 2016 of Wata Chemicals Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Wata Chemicals Limited in the year of 2016. As the company shares are publicly traded the rate of income tax applicable for the year under audit is 27.50% less 10% rebate on tax in line with NBR’s notification as and when the company declares dividend @ 20% and above on shares. During the financial year the company’s turnover Taka.491,426,175, gross profit Taka. 143,258,030, net profit before tax Taka. 55,684,582, and net profit after tax Taka. 47,974,260. Earnings per share (EPS) has come to Tk. 6.08 for the periods from Jan’15-Jun116 (18th Month), Tk. 4.01 in the year 2015 and Tk. 4.63 in the year 2014 based on 7,897,500 shares.

The board unanimously recommended dividend @ 10% in Stock (Bonus share) and 10% in cash of the paid-up capital of the company for the year ended on December 2015, which would be taken into accounts after approval in the coming AGM.

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