Annual Report 2013 of Wata Chemicals Limited

Annual Report 2013 of Wata Chemicals Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Wata Chemicals Limited in the year of 2013. Gross profit has increased by 11.73% over the previous year due to an increase of turnover & sale price, in selling ratio of Zinc sulphate as well as magnesium sulphate comparing with thereof the previous year. The company earned an after-tax profit of Taka. 2.97.78 Lac in the year 2013. Provision for Tax, calculating @ 27.50% on the net profit of Taka. 77,369,705 for the year 2013 covering from January’2013 to 31st December 2013 come to Taka. 21,276,669 and there form rebate @ 10% on tax comes to Taka. 2,127,667 Therefore provision for tax (net of rebate) comes to Taka. 19,149,002.

The company provides @ 5% of net profit before tax as per provision of the company’s profit as and when it earns a profit. The stock dividend for the year 2012 was approved in Annual General Meeting held on 29.06.2013 based on a recommendation of Board of Directors. Accordingly, 810,000 shares were issued against stock dividend 2012 of Taka. 8,100,000 and Annual Return in respect of Share issued were also only submitted to RISC.

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