Annual Report 2004-2005 of Tata Motors

Annual Report 2004-2005 of Tata Motors

It is a broadly described annual report of Tata Motors in the year of 2004-2005. During the financial year, The Company’s Turnover, net of excise duties, increased 32.40% to a record high of Rs. 17,585.22 Crores from Rs. 13,282.12 Crores in 2003-04. Expenditure increased by 34.5% to Rs. 15,248.04 Crores from Rs. 11,341.42 Crores in 2003-04. The Company’s Profit before Tax (PBT) was Rs. 1,651.90 Crores which was an improvement by 27.8% over the PBT of Rs. 1,292.34 Crores in 2003-04. After making a provision of Rs. 414.95 Crores towards current and deferred taxes as compared to Rs. 482 Crores in 2003-04, the Company’s Profit after Tax was Rs. 1,236.95 Crores, which was 52.7% higher than Rs. 810.34 Crores in 2003-04. The Basic Earnings per Share improved to Rs. 34.38 from Rs. 24.68 in 2003-04.

The Board of Directors has proposed the payment of a dividend of Rs.10/- per share plus a Special dividend of Rs. 2.50 per share for the Diamond Jubilee Year (making a total dividend of Rs. 12.50 per share) on 36,17,51,751 Ordinary Shares and any further shares that may be allotted by the Company on conversion of Notes prior to 27th June 2005 for the year 2004-05 (previous year – Rs. 8/- per share).

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