Recruitment and Selection Process of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd

Recruitment and Selection Process of  Mutual Trust Bank Ltd

Executive Summary

There is a great supportive role of banking system in the human society. It plays vital role for the economic development of a country in the modern world. The banking system in Bangladesh is backward, compared to many other nations. The local banks, which are rendering services to the masses of people of our country, are following the traditional system that is no longer followed by banks in other developed countries. There are some private commercial, multinational and joint venture banks, which have established state of –the art services for their clients. MTBL is one of them. The main objective of this report is to learn the functions of MTBL, which is operating as commercial bank in Bangladesh. Considering the “Requirement and Selection Process of MTBL” this paper is prepared & has been divided into several parts such as Introduction, Company profile, HR department in MTBL, concept about recruitment And selection,  job description of MTBL,   recruitment and selection Process of MTBL . Analysis of requirement and selection process of MTBL, I have come across some findings that is they recruitment the age should be   22-35 years of candidate at least graduate level. For that they use external media. I have tried our best to learn almost all the functions that MTBL performs and I prepare this report based on the knowledge acquired through the group activities.

Part: 01


Background of the Study

It has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure. As our educational system predominantly text based, inclusion of practical orientation program is an exception to the norm. From practical knowledge, we will be able to know real life situations and start a career with some practical experience. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a professional course. The course is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspects. After completing BBA, certain times are preserved for internship.

As a student of BBA, internship is an academic requirement. For internship every student is required to work in a selected institution to enhance ones practical knowledge and experiences. For the requirement of my course I was assigned to Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB), Pallabi branch for my internship. In this situation I was assigned to prepare report on “Recruitment & selection process of Mutual Trust Bank Limited.’’.

Basically, this report is highlighted on Recruitment & selection process of the bank,.


This internship report is an important partial requirement of four years BBA graduation program. This is because knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. By this internship program students can establish contacts and networking. Contacts may help to get a job in practical life. That is, student can train and prepare themselves for the job market. A poor country like Bangladesh has an overwhelming number of unemployed educated graduates. As they have no internship experience they have not been able to gain normal professional experience of establish networking system, which is important in getting a job. Therefore, it is obvious that the significance of internship is clearly justified as the crucial requirement of four years BBA graduation.

 Scope of the Report

As I was assigned to the Mutual Trust Bank Ltd, Pallabi Branch, there is enough scope of the study. The report covers the topic “Recruitment & Selection process of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.”  To conduct a study on Recruitment & selection process of Mutual Trust Bank, I have gathered valuable information from MTB, Pallabi Branch and I have also got some information from website of Mutual Trust Bank.

Despite this topic there are many sectors for working and analysis, like:

  • HR Department in MTBL
  • Concept about recruitment and selection
  • Job description of MTBL
  • Recruitment and selection of MTBL

Objectives of the Report

 General objective

The prime objective of this report is to analyze the “Recruitment & Selection process of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.’’

 Specific objectives

There are some specific objectives also:

●    To understand the HR policies of Mutual Trust bank.

●    To understand the mode of recruitment of the bank.

●    To understand the selection criteria of the bank.

  • To understand the banking environment of private commercial bank in Bangladesh.


Methods followed to perform a job or conducting activities to complete a task is called methodology. In conducting this study the following methodology was adopted in collecting data & information, preparation of reports etc. The methodology of report is given below:

Research Type:

This is a Descriptive Research, which briefly analyzes the “Recruitment & Selection process” of Mutual Trust Bank.

 Sources of Data

To prepare this report all the necessary information collected from both primary and secondary sources of data.

  • Primary sources
  • Secondary sources

  Primary sources of data

In the preparation of this report, data was collected from different primary sources. Different questionnaire for the HR officer and Some data were also obtained by my day-to day activities in a bank. Recruitment and selection related data were collected through discussion with the employees of HR department.

Secondary sources of data

Secondary sources of data are of two kinds:

Internal: Annual Reports of Mutual Trust Bank, Other published documents of the bank, Mutual Trust Banks Website.

External: Books, Articles, Journals, Newspaper, Web browsing.


Though I have given utmost effort to prepare this paper but there are some limitations of the study. Such are as follows-

  The main constrain of the study was insufficiency of information, which was required for the study. There are various information the bank employee can’t provide due to security and other corporate obligations.

  Due to time limitation many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report. Learning all the functions within just 90 days is really tough.

  Since the bank personnel were very busy, they could not provide enough time to me. Lack of opportunity to visit more than one branch.

  The functions and activities of Mutual Trust Bank are too vast, so they change their strategy day by day. As a result I can’t collect update information & strategy.

Part: 02

Company Profile

Name of the company        Mutual Trust Bank Limited

Legal form                           A public limited company incorporated in Bangladesh on September 29, 1999 under the Companies Act 1994 by shares for carrying out all kinds of Banking activities with authorized capital of BDT 200 million divided into 2000000 ordinary shares of BDT 100 each.

Date of Commencement       October 05, 1999.

Registered Office                   MTB Centre, 26 Gulshan Avenue

                                                 Plot- 5,Block SE(D),Gulshan-1,Dhaka-1212.

Telephone                               880(2) 882 6966, 882 2429

Telefax                                    880 (2) 882 4303

SWIFT Code                          MTBL BD DH


Web Page                      

Auditors                                  Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & co. Chartered Accountants BTMC Bhaban

                                                 (8th floor). 7-9 Karwan Bazar C/A

Tax Consultant                      M/s. ACNABIN.BSRS Bhaban (13th floor)

                                                 12 Karwan Bazar C/a, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh

Managing Director                 Mr. Anis A.Khan

Company Secretary               Mr.Quamrul Islam Chowdhury

Number of Branches                49

SME center                               5

MTB Securities limited            14

 Background of the Bank

The importance of commercial banks after the ravage of the liberation war to develop a better economy was severally needed and it is needed now and will be required in future also. In time to time Government of Bangladesh agreed to permit the private commercial banking in the country.

The Mutual Trust Bank was incorporated as a public limited company on September 29, 1999 under the Companies Act 1994. The Bank started its commercial operation on October 05, 1999 with an authorized capital of BDT 200 Million divided into 2,000,000 ordinary shares of BDT 100 each.  Aiming at offering commercial banking service to the customers’ door around the country, Mutual Trust Bank Limited establisher 49 branches up-to this year. This organization achieved customers’ confidence immediately after its establishment in domestic and international markets. Mutual Trust Bank is one of the few banks permitted by the Bangladesh bank in the early 90s; the other banks permitted earlier were Dutch-Bangla Bank, Al-Arafah Islami Bank, Prime Bank, Dhaka Bank, Eastern Bank. These banks are known as the second generation banks and fortunate to remain immune from the bad loan culture. However, the performance of these banks are not the same, the Mutual Trust Bank Limited remained as one of the top performers among them. The emergence of Mutual Trust Bank Limited at the junction of liberation of global economic activities, after the URUGUAY ROUND has been an important event in the financial sector of Bangladesh. The experience of the prosperous economies of Asian countries and in particular of South Asia has been the driving force and the strategies behind operational policy option of the Bank, We will continue to aim for sustainable increase of business functionalities, linking profitability, capital base, risk adjusted assets and investment for growth. Mutual Trust Bank Limited has been licensed by the Government of Bangladesh as a Scheduled Bank in the private sector in pursuance of the policy of liberalization of banking and financial services and facilities in Bangladesh. In view of the above, the Bank within a period of 11 years of its operation achieved a remarkable success and met up capital adequacy requirement of Bangladesh bank.

 Company Vision

Mutual Trust Bank’s vision is based on a philosophy known as MTB3V. We envision MTB to be:
One of the Best Performing Banks in Bangladesh
The Bank of Choice
A Truly World-class Bank

Company Mission

We aspire to be the most admired financial institution in the country, recognized as a dynamic, innovative and client focused company that offers an array of products and services in the search for excellence and to create an impressive economic value.



Shareholders- Create sustainable economic value for our shareholders by utilizing an honest and efficient business methodology.

Community – Committed to serve the society through employment creation, support community projects and events and be a responsible corporate citizen

Customers – Render state-of-the-art service to our customers, offering diversified products and aspiring to fulfill banking needs to the best of our abilities.

Employees – Be reliant on the inherent merit of the employees and honor our relationships as a tribute to be a part of this renowned financial institution. Work together to celebrate and reward the unique backgrounds, viewpoints, skills and talents of everyone at the work place, no matter what the job in.


As a bank, we are judged solely by the successful execution of our commitments; we expect and embrace that form of judgment. We are accountable for providing the highest level of service along with meeting the strict requirements of regulatory standards and ethical business practices.


We can see things from different perspectives; we are open to change and not bounded by how we have done things in the past. We can respond rapidly and adjust our mode of operation to meet stakeholder needs and achieve our goals.


We value mutual trust, which encompasses transparent and candid communications among all parties.


MTB people, products and processes are aligned to meet the demand of its discerning customers. Its goal is to achieve a distinction like the luminaries in the sky. Its prime objective is to deliver a quality that demonstrates a true reflection of its vision – MTB3V

 Strategic Objectives

  To ensure inflow of funds at combination of least possible cost.

  To maintain a discreet credit policy.

  To enhance versatility and diversification through the penetration of new market segments, thereby fulfilling unmet needs.

  To extend financial assistance to the citizenry, living at dispersed locations by expanding the network of branches.

  To practice stronger IT- driven initiatives that will meet the challenges and requirements of the bank and its clientele.

  To improve administrative and organizational structures in order to prepare the platform for best practices of corporate governance.

  To enrich the banking sector with improved awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility.

  To provide extensive career opportunities through competitive pay and a flexible environment.

Management Structure of Mutual Trust Bank

Source: Annual Report 2010(Mutual Trust Bank)

Organization Structure of Mutual Trust Bank

Designations are in ascending order-


Board of Directors

 Executive Committee

Managing Director

Additional Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director

Senior Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Senior Assistant Vice President

First Assistant Vice President

Assistant Vice President

Senior Principal Officer

Principal Officer

Senior Officer

Probationary Officer

Junior Officer

Assistant Officer

Source: Mutual Trust Bank website (

 Capital Structure

The capital structure of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. is quite strong. At present, Authorized Capital of the company is BDT 10.00 Billion (BDT 1000.00 crore) divided into 100,000,000 ordinary shares of BDT 100 each.

                                                                                                              (Amount in million)

YearAuthorized CapitalPaid up Capital

Source: Annual Report Mutual Trust Bank (Year 2006-2010)

From the graph it is seen that in2006 the authorized capital was 1000 million and paid up capital was 950 million. The authorized capital and paid up capital both are increased year by year. In 2010 its authorized capital increased by10000 million and paid up capital also increased by 2119.58 million.

Part: 03

HR department in MTBL

Like other departments Human resource department is very much essential. Human resource department mainly deals with job recruitment, different types of promotion, raising salary policies, various types of packaging. The aim of this department is to create a dynamic environment by active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. Monthly meeting is held up in every month in the Head Office where bank and employee related issues are discussed and solutions are made to develop the mentioned factors and it is maintained by the Human Resource Department.

Human resource department mainly focus on the functions:-


By staffing the HR department mainly focus on the planning, recruitment, selection, posting & promotional procedure.


Administrative portion of the human resource activities also maintained i.e. HR department also maintains paper works.

Compensation & Benefits

Maintain the compensation and benefit packages of the employees.

Training & Development

HR department at first find out the necessity of the training of the employees and implement the training and development program according to the employee’s performance.



Head Office makes the organ gram of Human Resource Division.

Part: 04

Concept about Recruitment & Selection

Meaning of Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment.

According to Decenzo and Robbins, “Recruitment is a matching process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies or from another perspective, it is a linking activity bringing together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.

According to John Douglas, “Recruitment is understood as the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs, from among whom the right people can be selected.”

 Objectives of Recruitment

■ To find and employ the best potential candidates.

■ To retain the innovative, energetic and promising persons.

■ To provide facilities for growth and development and also career security.

■ To minimize the cost and reduce scope of favoritism, nepotism and malpractice.

Functions of Recruitment

■ Assessing recruitment

■ Fixing standards

■ Advertisements and policy

■ Making initial contact with prospective candidates

■ Preliminary perusal and assessment of applications

■ Short-listing of probable candidates for selection

■ Selection process like interviewing or testing

■ Recording and documentation

Factors Affecting Recruitment

There are many factors affecting recruitment. These factors may be considered into two broad groups: Internal factors, External factors.

Internal factors

► Image of the organization

► Image of job or attractiveness of job

► Size and growth potential of the organization

► Internal policies

► Trade union requirement

► Recruiting budgets

External factors

► Demographic factors

► Government requirements

► Industrialization

► Labor market

Sources of Recruitment

The ways of finding recruits are sometimes referred to as channels. There are basically two types of sources from where potential candidates can be drawn: These are internal sources and external sources.

Internal sourceExternal source

● Employee referral


● Hiring employees the second time around

● Job advertisement in newspaper, internet etc.


● Walk-ins and Write-ins


● Educational institutions


● Labor Union


● Private placement agencies


● Voluntary organization


● Professional or executive search firms


● Leased employees


● International recruiting


● Open house



Advantages, Disadvantages & Utilization of Internal Recruiting


□ It is a good public relation

□ Promotion from within motivates employees.

□ It is often much faster.

□ It improves the probability of a good selection, since information on the individual’s performance is readily available.

□ It is less costly than going outside to recruit.

□ Those chose internally already know the organization

□ When carefully planned, promoting from within can also act as a training device for developing middle and top level managers.


It can become very political and competitive, particularly when coworkers apply for the same position. Dysfunctional conflict may result and interpersonal relationships can be strained.

□ Those employees not selected for the position can suffer from diminished morale and performance, particularly when they feel equally or better qualified than the candidate selected.

□ The organization can become inbred through excessive internal recruitment.

□ Excessive internal recruitment can cause inefficiency by creating multiple vacancies.


It is probably best utilized when the organization pursues a strategy related to stability, faces few major threats from its external environment and is concerned with maintaining the status quo relative to its operating system. When time and money are limited, internal recruiting can be beneficial.

Advantages, Disadvantages & Utilization of External Recruiting


◘ It facilitates change.

◘ It can allow an organization to expand its knowledge base beyond that of its existing employees and bring in new ideas and viewpoints.


◘ It can be expensive and time consuming.

◘ Employees from outside the organization often need a longer socialization period to know the organization, its products or services, coworkers and customers.

◘ External recruits are also unknown entities in that the organization has no experience working with them.

◘ It can have detrimental effects on the morale of those employees who have applied for the job internally, but have not been selected.


◘ It is utilized when need for change is seen in the organization

◘ It is useful when external environment is volatile.

Meaning Of Selection

Selection is the process of gathering information for the purposes of evaluating and deciding who should be employed in particular jobs. It is the technique of choosing a new member of organization from the available candidates.

According to Dale Yoder, “Selection is a process by which candidates are divided into class-those who will be offered employment and those who will not.”

 Selection Process

The selection process is a series of steps through which applicant pass. If anyone fails to qualify for a particular step is not eligible for appearing for the next step.

Factors of Selection Process

The selection process needs to consider the following two factors:

Individual Factors & Situational Factors:

1)      Individual Factors

■ Technical ability

■ Cross-cultural suitability

■ Family requirement

2)      Situational factors

      ■ Country-cultural requirements

      ■ Language

      ■ MNE requirements

It also includes some other factors:

1)      Dual career couples

□ Finding employment in the same company

□ Intercompany networking (Support for commuter marriages)

□ Job haunting assistance

2)      Family consideration

□ Children education

□ Children marriage

□ The problems of single parents

3)      Work permit refusals (particularly for other members of the family)

A Combination of Recruitment & Selection

Finding out vacancy: It may be either by replacement or new creation.

 Job Analysis: leads to the writing of a job description and a person specification.

  Attracting a field: applicant’s choice of a appropriate field

 Short listing: sorting out candidates by comparing applications with requirements

 Selection: by interview or by test

 Offer & Acceptance: Offer comes from the employer to the successful candidate. It may be accepted or not.

 Induction: It means the introduction of new recruit into the organization.

Part: 05

Job Descriptions of Mutual Trust Bank

The job descriptions of MTBL are given below:-

Executive Vice President & Branch Incumbent

As Branch Incumbent, he / she will supervise all related works of the Branch and overall supervision of fellow colleagues/officials & staff of the Branch. Investment, procurement of deposit and new business for the Branch, maintaining liaison with Head Office and local elites & good customers of the Branch will be in his purview. He / she will also seat with the colleagues for conveying and guiding about different message & to have the position of business.

 AVP & Deputy Manager

He / She will hold the charge as deputy manager of the Branch. He / she will supervise the works allotted to the officers / staff as per this office order. He / she will pass vouchers with joint signature of In charge of different departments.  He / she will also supervise the day-to-day activities of General Banking, Investment and Foreign Exchange department of the branch. He / she will keep records of the meeting position, decisions & implementations along with recent incoming and outgoing statements.

Senior Executive Officer

He / She will perform duties in Investment department & will be the in-charge of this department. He / she will supervise the works attached to respective officers as per office order. He / she will pass vouchers/cheques as required and shall ensure sending of all periodicals / statement such as daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, returns etc. to Head Office, Bangladesh Bank etc. He / she will

Also look after foreign exchange transactions, which may finally held in investment purview. He / she will also supervise VISA Credit Card related job done by the concerned official.

Executive Officer

He / She will be the in-charge of this department. He/she will supervise the works attached to respective officers/staff of his department. He /she will pass vouchers/cheques related to Foreign Exchange Department and shall ensure sending of all periodicals statement such as daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, returns etc. to Head Office, Bangladesh Bank etc. He / she will also supervise all sorts of investment related to Foreign Exchange and shall follow-up monitoring and their recovery. He / she will ensure timely follow up of terms & conditions of related approval.

 First Executive Officer (General Banking)

He / She will be held responsible for duties of Muraqib as assigned by Head office. He / she will also co- operate in different activities associated with branch banking of different desk. He / she will be involved in different issues for making decision regarding Islamic banking and right direction from the view if shariah and supervision thereof.

First Executive Officer (Investment Division)

He / She will be the dealing officer of investment section. He / she will prepare proposal for Investment both for Head Office & Branch sanctions. He / she will also maintain all the related files, registers etc. of Investment. He / she will also prepare vouchers, calculation of profit and posting thereof. He / she will also ensure submission of all periodicals, returns, statements etc. to Head Office & Bangladesh Bank timely.

First Executive Officer (Foreign Exchange)

She/he will work in Import department under supervision of Foreign Exchange in charge of EO. He/she is entrusted to open letter of credit after completing required formalities. He/she will maintain IRC, TIN VAT, LCAF and related charge documents related to opening of L/Cs (local, foreign, BTB etc) and amendments if required. He/she will prepare all statements, returns; periodicals etc. and ensure submission of those statements to Head Office / Bangladesh Bank timely.

 Senior Officer (Investment Division)

He / She will be the dealing officer of investment section. He / she will prepare vouchers and also maintain related files, registers and stationeries etc. of Investment department. He / she will prepare proposals of Investment both for Head Office & Branch sanctions. He / she will ensure to maintain all types of Investment security/Document file jointly In-charge of Investment Division.

Senior Officer (Foreign Exchange Division)

He / She will perform the duties in Export department under supervision of Foreign Exchange In charge, EO. He / she are entrusted with the responsibility of export (foreign) bill scrutiny, issuance of EXP form etc. He / she will also work in the foreign remittance. All security documents of Foreign Exchange must be preserved under his direct control.

 Senior Officer (General Banking)

He / she will perform duties in General banking department & will be the In-charge of this department. He / she will pass Cash / transfer vouchers jointly with 2nd man/ Branch Incumbent. He / she will control expenditure of the branch and pass related vouchers jointly with Deputy Manager / Manager.

 Officer (Foreign Exchange)

He / she will work at foreign exchange department under supervision of Foreign Exchange In charge, EO. He / she are entrusted with the responsibility of scrutiny of Import documents, lodgment and retirement etc. He / she is also entrusted to prepare vouchers & posting of the same in respective Registers and computer. He / she will engage in opening of FC A/C, TC & Foreign currency cash handling.

  (Officer (Investment)

He / she will work as IT In-charge of the branch. He will open PC server machine every day in time & shut down the same after completing day to day work of the branch. He / she will post all cash cheques / vouchers and cancel cheques up to Tk.50,000/= singly and above Tk. 50,000/= jointly with another authorized signatory & if exceeding Tk. 5,00,000/=  Manager’s cancellation required. He / she will also ensure online transactions including getting authorization if required.

Officer (General Banking)

He / she will work in Accounts department under supervision of General Banking In charge. His / her prime duty is to cheek of Daily vouchers with Supplementary sheet  & preservation of the same in safer place under locks & key. He / she will issue PO, DD, TT, MTDR etc under supervision of general banking In-charge and balance the same in time. He / she will prepare weekly telegram and calculation of IBTA profit etc. He / she will also prepare vouchers related to account closing, bills for Courier service/ Nursery/ Security service etc and posting thereof.

 Junior Officer (Foreign Exchange)

He / she will work in Import department under supervision of Foreign Exchange In charge, EO. He / she is entrusted to maintain Local Export Bills and related charge documents including opening of L/Cs (local, foreign, BTB etc) and amendments if required. He / she is also entrusted to prepare vouchers & posting the same in respective Registers and computer.

. Junior Officer (General Banking)

He / she will be the dealing officer of clearing section under direct supervision of General Banking In charge.  His / her prime duty is to receive as well as post of all clearing (inward & outward) instrument such as cheque, DD, PO etc. He will also maintain OBC & IBC and maintain the related files. He /will prepare of weekly Meeting position & Daily position for HO.

Trainee Junior Officer (General)

He / she will work in general banking department under supervision of General Banking In charge. He / she will sit in front desk and will open of all types of account & posting the same in computer with full particular. He / she will issue of all types of cheque books including issuance of thank letters to the account holder/introducer invariably. on the date of opening accounts. He / she will also maintain of all types of account opening forms, SS Cards etc. He / she will be the Custodian of all cheque books Along with other security instruments. He / she will ensure of dispatching of letters in time & maintenance of inward and outward register with preservation of all memos of courier / postal service.

Trainee Junior Officer (Cash)

He / she will receive cash in counter and shall prepare statement in this regard. He / she will maintain cash balance book, cash analysis book & vault register with proper authentication.

Part: 06

Recruitment & Selection Process of Mutual Trust Bank

Personnel management is by far the most important element of an organization. This is particularly true for a service organization like a commercial bank. Progressive companies pay special attention to recruitment, selection, training, orientation, evaluation, promotion and compensation of its members of staff.

The success of a commercial bank depends largely on the quality of services rendered to the clients. Quality depends on the competence and the quality of officers and executives. Mutual trust Bank limited believes in paying competitive salary and emoluments to its employees and to get maximum services out of them. Therefore, the authority of the bank has to be careful in recruiting the right person for the right job.

Recruitment Procedure of Mutual Trust Bank

It should be the duty of the management to analyze the manpower requirement of the organization at the end of every year in each category for effective operations of the bank. The Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Management will be the supreme authority to sanction or to create additional post. Creation of a post implies commitment of fund for long term. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the management to examine the work load and do the job analysis and to look into the real requirement of employees under various categories and to see whether an additional hand is really necessary. Mutual trust bank must recognize the importance of manpower estimation and accordingly an organ gram should be prepared for Head Office, for each Division & for each Branch. Subject to review from time to time, the competent authority as per power delegated by the Board will give the appointments.

In forecasting requirement for each recruitment the following points shall be borne in mind:

  • Sanctioned strength
  • Actual strength

●     Vacancies

  • Additional requirement

After the requirement of personnel is determined, action for recruitment is to be initiated and processed.

 Sources of Recruitment of Mutual Trust Bank

Recruitment means giving publicity to the availability of the jobs in the Bank and inviting applications from prospective candidates. Recruitment covers talent hunting. Therefore, recruitment policy should aim at right kind of talents. For recruitment of Probationary Officer, Management Trainee Officer, Trainee Junior Officer and Trainee Teller PBL generally go for press advertisement in 2 (two) national dailies. The Human Resources Division handles all matters relating to recruitment and selection of staff function.

Other sources of recruitment

■ Employee referral

■ Job posting on the internet

■ Walk-in interview

 Recruitment of Officer at Entry Level

Probationary Officer, Management Trainee Officer, Trainee Junior Officer and Trainee Teller shall generally be appointment by direct recruitment at the entry points. They shall be on probation for a period of 1(one) year which may be extended by the competent authority if an officer fails to show satisfactory performances during the period of probation.

On satisfactory completion of probationary period, they will be eligible for appointment/confirmation to respective post as follows:

Management Trainee Officer > Senior Officer

Trainee Junior Officer > Junior Officer

Trainee Junior Officer (Cash) > Junior Officer (Cash)


RankAcademic BackgroundResult









Management Trainee



Masters preferably in Business

Administration, Economics, Finance,

Banking, Marketing, Management,

Accounting, Statistics, Computer Science,

Physics and other related subject


BBA from reputed institutions.


Two first division / class or

Equivalent no third division /

Class. CGPA 2.75 for BBAs.


Trainee Junior Officer

Masters in any discipline

One first division or

Equivalent without any third

division / class / BBA 

Trainee Junior

Officer (Cash)

Masters in any discipline 



a)      MBAs from IBA, NSU, JahangirNagarUniversity, KhulnaUniversity, IUB and MBMs from Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management will be eligible.

b)      Candidates must be of exceptional promise and aptitude to face the challenge and hard work needed for a successful career in the Bank.

c)  Candidates having no past Banking experience must not be over 30 (thirty) years as on the date of application.

d)  All new employees should have minimum computer knowledge.

Operational system           : DOS & Windows

Word Processing               : MS Word

Spread Sheet                     : Lotus or Excel

e)   Junior Officer: (Computer/Type)

Junior Officer to be recruited for type / computer operation should additionally possess     Key Board speed of 40 words per minute for MS Word / Typing Job.

Recruitment of Trainee Teller

Tellers will have to go for an aptitude test to be conducted by Human Resource Division of the Bank. After short listing of the candidates, the selection will be dined through an interview to be conducted by the Recruitment Committee”. No written test will be necessary as in the case of other officers.

Recruitment of Senior Executive / Senior Officers

Mutual Trust Bank being a new bank will need time to develop its own manpower through training process. It will, however, need quality human resources to run its operations and expansion program which cannot wait. It must therefore; recruit experiences bankers from other banks.

Accordingly, as per requirement of the bank experienced Executives/Officers may be appointed from time to time. After proper scruitinization of the application received from the eligible candidates they will be interviewed by the Recruitment Committee with clear stipulations that the following minimum qualifications and experience as shown against each post must be ensured, Exceptions may, however, be made in case of extra ordinary capable candidates. This means that for such cases educational qualification may be relaxed and length of experiences may also be reduced considering candidate’s special training and experiences in particular field of banking business. The cases of selected candidates are placed before the competent authority for approval.

SLName of the PostRequirement/Criteria

With minimum qualification B.A/B.Com./B.Sc.With higher qualification1DMD5 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 28 years4 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 25 years2E.V.P.7 years as DGM/3 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum

length of service 22 years5 years as DGM/2 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 20 years3SV.P.5 years as DGM/1 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum

length of service 20 years3 years as DGM/1 years as GM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 18 years4V.P.2 years as DGM/5 years as AGM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum

length of service 18 years1 year as DGM/3 years as AGM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 16 years5F.V.P.3 years as AGM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 16 years2 years as AGM or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 14 years6A.V.P.2 years as AGM/4 years as SPO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum

length of service 14 years1 year as AGM/3 years as SPO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 12 years7F.A.V.P.3 years as SPO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 12 years2 years as SPO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 10 years8S.E.O.3 years as PO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 10 years2 years as PO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 8 years9E.O.3 years as SO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 8 years2 years as SO or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 6 years10F.E.O.4 years as Officer or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 6 years3 years as Officer or equivalent position in any scheduled Bank & minimum length of service 4 years11Senior officer3 years as Junior Officer or in other similar position in any scheduled Bank2 years as Junior Officer or in other similar position in any scheduled Bank12Junior officer2 years service as Assistant Officer or in other similar  position in any scheduled Bank1 year service as Assistant Officer or in other similar  position in any scheduled Bank


The recruitment committee will follow a marking system as follows:

a)      Education                          16 Marks

b)      Interview Performance     34 Marks

c)      Written Test                      50 Marks


       Total                                100 Marks

 Mode of Recruitment & Selection of Mutual Trust Bank

a)         All fresh recruitment shall be made through advertisement in National Dailies mentioning the eligibility criteria as mentioned.

b)     Every candidate will appear for a written test. The subject matter of test should be General Knowledge, Mathematics, English etc., Management from time to time may decide Economics/ Banking as. For this purpose, Premier Bank Limited will take the help of outside experts such as IBA, DhakaUniversity or similar institutes for setting the questions, supervising the examination work, examining and marking the answer   scripts and preparing a merit list of the candidates.

c)      A candidate must secure minimum 60% mark in written Test to be eligible for VIVA/Interview. Total number of candidates to be called for VIVA will be 4 times the numbers of employees to be recruited provided they meet the 60% minimum mark criteria. The appointment will be made according to requirement on the basis of a panel to be prepared in order of merit by the Recruitment Committee and after approval of the competent authority.

d)     All people to be appointed by the bank will have to undergo a medical test by the Bank’s approved Physician/Medical Officer so as to ascertain that they are physically and mentally in sound health. In other words no person shall be appointed in the service of the Bank unless he/she is declared physically and mentally fit by a medical officer of the Bank or by any other Medical authority specified by the Bank in this behalf.


a)      All employees must be a citizen of Bangladesh unless specifically waived by the Board of Directors

b)      During the probation period of one year the employees will get consolidated salary as prescribed by the Board without any other facilities and benefits.

c)      The Bank may take written test for confirmation of an employee in the regular cadre after the probation period is over. If no written test is taken the Recruitment Committee before confirmation will interview them.

d)     During the probation period, the service of an employee may be terminated by giving one-month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof if the service of an employee is not found satisfactory. The Bank may also extend probationary period for the same reason.

e)      All officers recruited through written test shall serve the bank at-least 2(two) years of continuous services. If an officer decides to leave earlier on his/her own then 50% of basic salary to be refunded to the Bank before release. Officers who are drawing consolidated salary; the basic salary shall be the basic of his grade where he is supposed to be absorbed.

f)       At the time of joining, candidates shall bring 3(three) copies of recent passport size photographs, copies of all academics certificates along with the original ones for verifications.

g)      All employees shall give names of two respectable persons from whom written reference may be obtained.

 Restrictions about Recruitment in Mutual Trust Bank

The following categories of employees from other bank will not be employed:

(a)    Employees against who there are pending charges or who are dismissed, discharges, terminated and forced retired. An employee who has retired in the normal course may, however, be recruited on contact basis.

The policy formulated above shall be followed for recruitment of fresh officers in the post of Probationary Officer, Management Trainee Officer, Junior Officer and Trainee Teller, Senior Executives and experienced Officers also. Any deviation will require approval of the board of directors.

Part: 07

Major Findings, Recommendations, Conclusion

Major Findings:


● MTBL gives high emphasis on recruitment and selection of job candidates.

● MTBL offers a competitive remuneration, good environment and favorable organizational culture in order to offer suitable candidates.

● At the time of selection, MTBL takes all the necessary steps which will ensure that it will have efficient and skilled labor.


● MTBL hire employees on the basis of contract of two years which is also long time and is obstacle to attract suitable candidates.


● The banking sector is growing at a great pace.

● Government is favorable to financial institutions

● International expansion is possible by opening up of overseas remittance branch


● Over competition among banking sector

● Instable stock market

● High call money rate


The following recommendations may come in handy in this context traditionally:

  1. MTBL don’t use “Graphology” for recruitment
  2. They should give more concentration to the competitors.
  3. All the resources should be given same preference.
  4. MTBL prefers “External Source” for recruitment.
  5. Sometimes they rehabilitate employees after physical or mental depression.
  6. Recruitment cost is little bit high.
  7. In employment test they mostly focused on employees ability & aptitude
  8. So far no candidate will faced any type of discrimination during recruitment process
  9. In the case of interview they didn’t ask any non-job related question.
  10. Sometimes they use recruitment alternatives.
  11. For internal search sometimes they use inbreeding process for recruitment.
  12. Their “Educational Requirement” is minimum “Graduate”.
  13. In Bangladesh they follow advertisements for recruitment, but in abroad they mostly use cyberspace recruitment.
  14.  MTBL always prefers that candidates whom ages fall into the category of   22-35
  15. For recruitment they like those candidates who have 2-3 years job experience.

These were some of the recommendations we came up with. We hope that someday in future the bank’s’ administration may consider this recommendations and put them in the action.


Banking sector is growing in Bangladesh as like as all over the world. This industry always tries to provide better service their customer and develop their operational system. MTBL Bank is one of the significant banks in our country. These banks are comprehensive of other modern banking system. The bank use modern banking system and always try to introduce new banking system of us. One of the new practices of the MTBL bank is E-Recruiting process of their banking system. Most of the bankers executives are agree that Recruiting and selection system introduces the MTBL Bank as a modern bank.

Eventually we say the gradual and successful globalization of electronic banking coupled with growing awareness of the people about its financial and social benefits makes it clear that the next century is going to be the century of MTBL.


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