A Second Apple Store Files to Hold a Union Election

A Second Apple Store Files to Hold a Union Election

Employees at an Apple shop in Towson, Maryland, have formed a union and petitioned for a formal union election. Following shops in Manhattan and Atlanta, this is the third Apple retail site in recent weeks to take substantial steps toward becoming the first fully recognized Apple union. The union, known as AppleCORE (Coalition of Organized Retail Employees), claims to have the backing of the majority of the store’s employees and is backed by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).

AppleCORE’s letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook states, “We have come together as a union out of a profound love of our job as workers inside the firm and out of concern for the company itself.” “To be clear, the decision to create a union is about us as workers having access to rights we don’t have now.” AppleCORE hasn’t made any particular demands to Apple yet. Retail workers at Apple have been denied a decent wage, cost of living increases, and equitable stock options, according to workers at the Atlanta shop, who are represented by the Communications Workers of America.

The Grand Central Terminal store’s union, Fruit Stand Workers United, is demanding a minimum wage of $30 per hour, as well as more comprehensive benefits such as greater tuition reimbursement, longer vacation time, and better retirement alternatives such as larger 401(k) matching. Apple retail rates currently range from $20 to $30 per hour, plus some Apple stock. Apple retail employees are also eligible for health insurance and tuition assistance.

These unions must get more than 50% of the vote in an election organized by the National Labor Relations Board in order to achieve legal recognition (NLRB). The Atlanta store might be the first to unionize, with voting set to begin on June 2. Over 70 percent of the more than 100 employees at the Atlanta business had shown support for the union as of the announcement to register for an election.

According to a copy of the specified election agreement acquired by The Verge, Apple Store employees in Atlanta have struck an agreement with the firm to hold a union election on June 2nd. The announcement represents a significant step forward in the worker-led push to join the Communications Workers of America. The Cumberland Mall outlet will be the first unionized Apple retail location in the United States if the push is successful. It was the first Apple retail outlet in the United States to register for a union election in April. Workers at the Grand Central Terminal shop in New York, as well as those at the Towson Town Center store in Maryland, have started a union push.